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First impressions from a totally new guy, also, Hi!

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Hey guys!

So I've just started trying dayZ, and after getting gunned down straight away in some public servers, I decided to try to play here, with a few friends of mine.

Let me share an anecdote that has kind of shaped my first impression of this:

Yesterday, I was running around like the lost fool I am, trying to find some supplies, when I got beaten up by some dead guy. I fled, and started to run out of water. Thirsty and hungry as hell, i start to head north by the closest road after patching myself up with my last bandage.

Soon, my vision started to blur, and I knew I was in real trouble. At last I got a hold of one of my friends on the radio, and he started heading in my direction immediately.

He finally found me on the brink of death, and managed to patch me up and everything felt alot better. He also informed that I had apparently strayed into a very dangerous area, next to a large air field. After some arguing we decided to check out a barracks that was very close by.

We snuck up to the barracks, avoiding the dead guys, and inside we didn't find much, it might have been looted recently by someone... And then we heard it, "drop to the ground and don't move!" or something of the kind.

So I was being robbed just minutes after almost dying, my luck! Me and my friend were told to drop our backpacks and weapons [[being new this took a while for me, confuuuusing inventory system]], and so we did. I thought I heard one of the robbers say "Really, we're robbing them?" which made me think they may spare our lives at least. They made us exit the barracks, and while we did, a horde of dead guys came at us all. In the calamity I got gravely injured, but to my surprise I woke up to one of the robbers reviving me, I found that strange. Still dizzy from the chock, we got told to run for Vybor and not look back, and so we did, shaking all the way.


So all in all, was a fun experience, and I felt more of a rush being robbed than I had expected, I still think those guys were dicks, but reasonable dicks, since they even gave me a transfusion to save my life. I'm looking forward to more encounters, but I hope some people have friendly intent, because I know I will!


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To be perfectly fair, you had no business in that barrack. The bandits almost certainly detected that fact and took pity on you. Smart bandits generally keep their victims alive though too - that way, you do the looting for them, and they just collect from you.

My recommendation: stay near shore for the time being. Find a TOR member to show you the ropes ... I'd be glad to given the opportunity; if I'm on, I'm usually in teamspeak.

Glad you've found our community and found it to your liking. Fresh meat is always welcome ;)

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First time i played dayz i went for stary first then nwaf! Gotta risk it to get the biscuit!

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