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DayzRp Mod - Camouflage nets


Would you like Camo Netting to be avaliable in DayzRp Mod?  

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Deployable Camouflage nets, What are these you might ask. You ever wanted to hide a vehicle or tent and think damn these trees just are not good enough. Ever thought damn why the hell is my car so white or red it makes it so much harder to hide. Well now you can solve your problems.

A deployable Camouflage net is a sort of tent that you can place around an area lets say in this case in a forest around your vehicle of choice. This neat object will allow greater protection in hiding your vehicles or tents when you have to go out hunting or are in need of a rest as they are less likely to be spotted.

One of the best features of these tents however is its effect over helicopters. Helicopters have such an easy time spotting vehicles and tents in forests as at higher altitudes the graphics change and wither providing a much larger vision of objects to the sky, where in reality this would not be the case. With nets covering the tents and cars it will hopefully give pilots and crew members a much tougher time looting and stealing everything you own when you are away.

It can be added in as a rare thing to find in tents or barracks as military grade loot as that is where it is most likely to be found.

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If they are the same ones used in wasteland then it should be no problem, those ones can be knocked over by an atv tapping them as well repacked again to be used elsewhere. Also on an extra note there is the same type of Camo netting in Stary Sober at the tents which also is knocked over by a slight bump and proof that these nets do work in DayZ.

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Guest Jamie

I like the idea.. But i still think the dev's should fix the mod fully before we start thinking about adding more stuff.

Its on the eventual todo list, so it will be in soon hopefully ;)

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