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Guest Grumby

Trolling on forums - 2 Day TS Ban

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Guest Grumby

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

<02:38:45> You were banned for 2 days from the server by "Rampage" (Trolling on forums)

Why the verdict is not fair:

Every time I tried to ask the question, a different question was asked before I had the chance to finish. Due to this I turned to the community to gather some opinions on the topic. I understand that the thread was worded elaborately and over the top but that was only for humor purposes that I'm sure some members of the community that weren't present for the conversation could have gotten a chuckle out of. The question in the thread was still clear if people took the time to read it.

The thread was closed and solved in seconds. I joined the helpdesk to ask why, was told it was a troll post and that my question had been answered, which I felt it hadn't. I repeated my question to hopefully get an answer but was met with the same interrupting answers to different questions as the last time I was in the channel. When I eventually did finish the question, I was answered with a prolonged silence leading to my ban.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

There was a question in the thread, staff just didn't see the humour in the exaggerated post and thus considered it trolling. Also, I found it rather strange that "Trolling on forums" lead to a 2 day teamspeak ban.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Removal/reduction of teamspeak ban.

What could you have done better?:

Been more clear with the question thread/Not asked staff in the first place.

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No Grumby.

WarMachine, Rampage and I gave you an answer. Multiple times. I dont really see what you are trying to achieve with this behaviour in TS and on the Forum. You had your answers and you did go on with your trollish attitude.

You joined TS. First you and Shakya asked about Alfie´s Ts ban. We told you multiple times to stop it. Then you asked your question. It got answered by me and Warmachine.

Then Rampage joined and you asked the same question again. After that, maybe because you were not happy with the answer, you made a thread about the same question, which was already answered 3 times.

We had warned you to stop the behaviour in TS multiple times. You did not.

You should not test my/our patience.

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Appeal Denied


Based on the fact of the situation it is obvious you were wasting the time of the staff team that were speaking with you. If you wish to have a joke then keep it in off topic and stop trolling the forums and teamspeak.

You can wait out your ban.


No action taken.

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Also, since you were one of the people who got amnesty after SKA incident and you were conditionally accepted back into the community, I would suggest that you ask yourself - are you here to contribute to the community and behave decently or not? If all you want to do is fool around and waste our time we can quickly resolve this problem once and for all.

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