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Kali's Story

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I am Reed but most people call me Kali, i am a Russian born fighter and love to get into brawls. I tend to try and find groups i like and stick with them till they all parish (from unknown reasons). my job before the outbreak was a medic for the Russian militia and try and help any sick and wounded i can (even at my own risk) the reason i was in the Russian militia was because my father had not paid the taxes to the militia so they killed my mother and my sister Mary and took me to be trained to become a soldier. early on in training they learned i was not a fighter and the only use they found for me was to help heal the others after we all got into a tussle, that was the only fighting i ever did i could not shoot a gun strait to save my life. after i grew up when i was roughly 23 the outbreak started and Moscow isn't the place to be, so i fled to Chernarus in hope of a lower population and maybe a chance for their to be no infection. after 2 and a half weeks of being in Chernarus i learned its not the infection i need to worry about, its the ones without it.

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