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Gabe Guadalupe - BadRP 3 days

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I responded in an appropriate in-character way to the situation at hand as I knew it in-game, not out of character. Hence the mis-identification

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

As I had explained in the report: We had just initiated on a man who had attempted to do inappropriate things in game and taken him hostage. He tried pulling out a weapon so I had knocked him out with my fists. At this time he was hot-micing and we heard him say, "There are two of them inside, one upstairs. You gotta get here and kill them. Come to the building now." To stop the hot-micing, I played it off IC that he was trying to give away our location so I shot him and ended up killing him in an attempt to stop his voice comms.

Not two minutes later, multiple people had approached the compound talking to us inisde. One of them, Jcastle or Abram, wore the same clothing as Dan Hardcastle, the man who our hostage had spoken to on TS and was still in the area. We used our IC information and had to make a choice: risk being shot by the men outside who could have been allied with our hostage, or take action. We took action, a reasonable decision. Jcastle was killed.

As seen in Alan Baker's video, the man with the pistol who was speaking to Alan was with their group and became involved in the situation and proceeded to gun down Mykoli (Morgan) in turn giving us KoS rights on him and his group. After we exchanged some conversation, we decided to gun down the group when they gathered around Jcastle's body not confident that we could take all of them hostage when it was 2v3 and I had a single shot rifle and Devin had few rounds left incase they resisted. So, fueled by our character's rage, we executed as many as we could on the spot. One of the two escaped.

We spoke to Dan Hardcastle in TS afterwards and he said he hid in one of the single person sniper towers and observed the whole ordeal. He even agreed that Jcaslte wore the same clothing as he and understood how they might get mixed up.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I wish to be unbanned and removed warning points because I had legitimate reason to do what I did based on IC knowledge and recent events. I do not see how it is BadRP as we did communicate and Role Play with them in-game during a firefight

What could you have done better?:

Perhaps attempted to get more information out of the group before taking action. Trying to take them captive was not a viable option in our situation unfortunately

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I don't see how you could get Jcastle mixed up, he showed you his ID by "placing it on the window" most of you were behind a closed door and there was plenty of ways you could've communicated with Jcastle outside without having to gun him and his friends down.

You showed no attempt to RP this out but decided to go with quick executions which led to your miss ID and RDM punishment.

Appeal denied

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