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First day alone in the Wasteland

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This was my first time playing DayzRp today (On a fairly full server 40/50 people).I appeared in Elektro and spent some time wandering around.. I was hoping to run into someone and maybe make a friend (or an enemy hehehe) but alas I found no one. When looting I somehow lost my pants which left me with no space to hold anything I found, and I lost my one most treasured possession..... My battery... I found myself a new pair of canvas pants and a pickaxe and decided there were no supplies left so I travelled to staroye. I arrived nearly starving to death when I found salvation, the police station had three cans of peaches! After a feast and still no player contact I decided I would slowly make my way to NW airfield. I walked for some time and in Stary Sobor and got myself a magnum and a radio. I wanted human contact so I spent 15 minutes surfing radio frequencies and reading a copy of the new testament I found, still no contact. Finally I made it to my destination NW airfield. I was cautious, I thought there must be someone here probably bandits, so I got my trusty magnum out to show I meant business. I stuck to some bushes and looked through my binoculars to scout the Airfield and saw nothing. I decided it was safe and looted the whole airfield. I got all the gear I needed including a nice pair of shiny black boots and an SKS. I had accomplished much of what I wanted but still had not met anyone so again I surfed radio frequencies there was nothing. Tomorrow will be a new day and I will find someone, there must be someone in the hell that is Chenarus!

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Dem radios will only work properly in 0.51. As of now, they fixed the frequencies etc but you still cant hear other ppl unfortunately, so we gotta wait until the current experimental build goes live and gets pushed on stable.

Good luck to you though. May you find a group of strangers and have some peaches with them.

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