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The Unknowns [WIP] [idea]

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The Unknowns [W.I.P]


The unknowns are a group of survivors that will do anything it takes to survive and have been taught to gain no feelings. They are trained with guerrilla warfare and how to survive in the world they live in today. Most of the men and women lived there lives like everyone before the apocalypse. They had jobs, family's, and a life. All that is changed and they are taught to be hidden, to fight, and to survive. They are a neutral group and will do whatever it takes to survive.


The unknown was founded by Devin Bauman. Devin was a normal American soldier that was sent to Chernarus to help gain control against the infect but all failed. Devin was the only survivor out of his group and knew no one else on the land. When all the hate for the American military was going around and he knew that there was no leaving he decided to start new. He taught himself how to survive in the new world he lives in and has changed. Devin was always about helping others and when he met the Brotherhood Of Steel that's what he devoted himself to. Help others.

The Brotherhood Of Steel was ran by a couple of men but one stood out to Devin and really became a friend, leader, and mentor to him. John Stryker was a leader of the BoS and taught everyone how it was the right thing to help and protect others. Devin join the BoS from the beginning and was there till the end. He met a lot of people and help lots of people. He had never robbed an innocent person for his stuff or for personal pleasure. The BoS had then started to fall and the members have started to become rogue. Devin had keep his promise and still was trying the best of his ability to survive. When BoS had finally disbanded he had met a man named Victor Cruz. Victor was the leader of a Cartel group and was a very dangerous man.

Devin began to hang out with this dangerous man and Victor had taught him many things. Devin had began to see a new side of himself, a dark side. He had met a lot of other men and women that were dangerous just like Victor. Devin started to adopt the dangerous ways and lost his helpful ways. He was robbing people left and right. If there was something he wanted he got it and had would never think second about killing someone. One day Victor had brought a man with a bag over his head to Devin. Victor had then removed the bag and Devin was now looking in a mans eyes he had been best friends with for a long time. Victor told Devin "prove to me you are a loyal man and kill this scum". Devin looked long and hard at the man and had no memory of him so without hesitation killed him.

A couple months later the cartel had disbanded and Devin had went missing for 4 months. During this 4 months he lived in the woods learning, adapting, and training. Devin spent the last 4 months watching men and recruiting them. He trained them to become the ghost of the land. He trained them to fight in any situation that came to head. He trained them to survive. Now with his men he is ready to come out of the shadows.


•Find supplies at any means necessary even if it means taking it from others.

•Create a 'Home Base'.

•Help some people.

•Recruit more people.

•Keep each others identity.


•Keep your identity! Do not give your real name. Give a nick name or fake name.

•Do not give others identity.

•Do not rob without confirmation from a higher up.

•Do not announce the secret goals to any outsiders

•Never announce yourself as an unknown while face is revealed

Dress code:

The leaders will wear this mask:


The trusted wear any face wear of choice and the Recruits wear welding mask or helmets.


The Leaders:

The Trusted:

The Recruits:

ig name:
Summary of how you met The Unknowns:
Are you active?:
How active?:
Time zone:

Send all apps to me through pm.

ooc information: the unknowns are a group of guys from the mod that have came over to the stabdalone and are looking to have good RP.

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Cute raccoons~ *giggles*

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Good idea but you should relook over your stuff one more time ?

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Also Devin for the SA lore, its set only a few weeks after the infection his so I don't know if your story goes with the lore bro...

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Also Devin for the SA lore, its set only a few weeks after the infection his so I don't know if your story goes with the lore bro...

Yeah you are right haven't read that. The whole point of the clan is a kind of a sneaky and stealth.

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May i have this closed and removed please

/archiving as requested

Let us know if you want it revived

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