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Infraction Appeal

Guest Disrespectful Flamingo

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Guest Disrespectful Flamingo

It's about this thread.


I's appealing to this because I really do not see the point Livs used.

I should have more control during robberies?

If you announce a robbery and the guy getting robbed turns and looks for you, you need to take the chance?

The only GM I could find to discuss this with was Tazoo so I'll post that convo here as to show my point of view and why I think Livs's judgement is nothing but wrong in this matter.

<20:36:41> "Frontal": can we talk?

<20:37:23> "Tazoo": Do you mind text?

<20:37:43> "Frontal": http://www.dayzrp.com/t-kos-stary-sniper-hill

<20:37:46> "Frontal": its about that

<20:38:07> "Frontal": I rob someone they turn towards me and go against the robbery message as soon as they read it

<20:38:13> "Frontal": and I can't take any action

<20:38:21> "Frontal": do I just need to let them kill me next?

<20:39:05> "Frontal": I'm just asking because in a game like arma II where 1 bullet kills you you cant afford to take teh risk

<20:39:25> "Frontal": and I'm just asking because if I can't roleplay a proper bandit I just won't bother

<20:39:42> "Tazoo": I agree and I will discuss this with Livs

<20:40:45> "Frontal": I even positioned myself right behind the 2 guys so that they weren't facing me

<20:46:12> "Frontal": thanks for the time

I'm Frontal in that convo for those that didn't get it.

Pretty much:

1) I send a robbery message to 2 guys

2) one of them doesn't comply and as soon as he reads the message he starts running and looking for me.

3) Arma II is a realistic game where a single bullet kills you, you can't risk getting shot when the adversary is doing 2)

4) The guy I killed was the one I was aiming for first if they did anything hostile. When his friend did it, he died and tehn I tried to kill his friend.

5) I had no idea there were 8 s-gru around. I didn't even know 8 people groups played in this server.

6) I really want to be sure of this because if that report does give me the forum infraction points for doing nothing wrong, then I'll have to decide if I'll keep playing on this server because you obviously cannot roleplay a bandit if every time you rob someone you have to give them 20+ seconds for them to decide if they want to insta pop you (since they can turn towards you it seems)

7) Thanks for the time.

Might as well use this thread to ask about this too:


So It's against the rules to aggro zombies when around other people with voip.

Everyone that has ever played in any zone with zombies knows how screwed up voip is with the zombie aggro.

The rules don't say anything about using voip, only sending the message.

Yet a GM comes to the thread and say next time I rob someone without shouting at him over voip AND typing the message that I'll get a warning+.

Everyone I asked said that no. I shouldn't talk over voip as it's neither against the rules nor does it make any sense what so ever. Actually it's the opposite as the zombie aggro is broken.

So yeah, wanted to clear that out.

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Considering the long message you pretty much macroed in there, you would expect people to get more time to respond to it?

I'm one of many that dislikes the use of macros, and this is a good example why.

The time it takes to read that, and then do what it says is way to long compared to the 5 second comply timer.

And I agree with Livs did here, considering you got a small warning.

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Guest Disrespectful Flamingo

message starts with ROBBERY:

If you don't know that you cant start running and aiming your saw at every tree where the robber can be at in a robbery then I guess that clarifies the question of "is it possible to roleplay a bandit in this server".

The answer being no.

The message is only long so it covers everything. Because just like I've been proven, if you don't mention everything someone will make a report saying that you didn't mention it. But if you mention everything, it's because it's too big. Again proving that it's impossible to properly roleplay a bandit on this server.

I like how you only mention the 5 second timer thing, like that was the reason I even shot the guy. He could have taken a minute to comply for all I care, as long as his friend didn't start running as soon as he read the robbery word and started aiming for me.

Have you ever robbed anyone tosme?

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Yes I've robbed someone, did I cover everything needed in one go? No.

Simply said "this is a robbery", and went on from there.

And there's more bandits on this server than you think from the looks of it, many of them are doing good too.

I mentioned the 5 second timer "thing" because it's true, not because it was the reason.

And there was 8 people around in that area, just like it said in the report, too many for one guy, and one moved.

Again it's just a warning.

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Guest Disrespectful Flamingo

I'm sorry but if you're robbing someone and actually type during the robbery in a game where typing disables your aiming and shooting capabilities, then no, I don't think that's a good idea.

And it's not only a warning, it's a matter of principles. If I'm robbing 2 guys that are together and one of them makes a hostile movement I will shoot them both or die trying. I won't change that as I value my life over theirs in that situation any day. If I got warnings from such a ridiculous situation, I'm pretty sure they would add up to 100%.

I see that I have 0% warning now, so I guess the message I'm trying to get through was received, so I'm satisfied.

Thanks for the time.

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It appears that the time set on your warning was wrong, that's all.

Flamingo you're gonna receive a 5 point warning on your forum account, which is a warning that should show you that during robberies you need more control.

This reason still stands.

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Guest Disrespectful Flamingo

Then I guess I'm not satisfied.

I wanna hear more GMs about this, possibly non hero ones.

So tell me Tosme. If you robbed 2 people and one of them started running looking for you. What would you do?

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You cant discriminate against Tosme because he is a Hero, he has robbed people before or experienced robberies and you got the warning points for lack of control (your inability to notice the other 6 people in the small area.) Also your message was way to big and it doesn't take a bandit to know you cant read that and comply in the length of time you gave.

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Tosme the rules is saying this

3.3 If a player is not responding to your voice during a during a hostile situation you are REQUIRED to warn them using the text chat at least once. You must be within the chat range for this. If the player still haven’t responded after 5 seconds after the text message was sent you are allowed to take a hostile action.

Its saying nothing about if the message is longer when this you need to give more time. He used exacly as its saying in the rules he is suppost to. He even waited 2 more seconds. Thats 40% more time when you need to. Still you saying its wrong. Can you please refeer me to the rule you are speaking about? Beacuse there is no rule about this. I see alot of kos reports getting declined beacuse it was over 5 seconds between message and kill. Why is this one so much different? Why dont you treat all the reports the same?

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Then I guess I'm not satisfied.

I wanna hear more GMs about this, possibly non hero ones.

So tell me Tosme. If you robbed 2 people and one of them started running looking for you. What would you do?

I wouldnt rob 2 people if I played alone.

Again the control part.

@Fatcamp, so basically you can have 15 lines of text, and expect people to comply to that within 5 seconds, is that your point?

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He said it himself he was not clear about how many people were there, and he shot because people started running around. Not everyone got the message don't you understand? and that's his fault for not having control over the robbery.

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