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How to make name longer

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Hey playas

So I know that the way to change your name in Dayz SA is to click on it, at the bottom right corner of the homescreen. HOWEVER! apparently there is a character limit, which I find odd because, looking at some people's name on here, it looks like [insert hilarious, but slightly offensive joke here]. But seriously though, it looks like some people can go around the Name character limit and make their names really long.

So what's the secret sauce? Do you guys change it somewhere else besides the main page, or am I just going to have to change my name from Frank 'Wulf' Decker to Frank Wulf Dec?

Not that the latter is a bad name. If you ask me, I can make anything sound fabulous, but that's not the point!

See ya,

"Frank Wulf Dec" for now

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Wulf Decker

Frank Decker

Frank Wulf Dec

Frank Wulf

F Decker Wulf

Thats just off the top of my head, I don't actually know the character limit either :)

But like Clammy said, you can IG say 'Call me Wulf' or something like that

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