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Seperating the Dayz mod guides with the Dayz SA guides

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Hows it going Diggity dogs?

So I've been taking a stroll around the guide section of the forum, you know since Im a bambi when it comes to this server specifically.

Lo and behold, I find some really fine loot (information). However, I'd be half way reading a guide when I realize that the guide was in conjuncture to the Mod, and not Stand Alone. I realized that they weren't separated like the "Discussions, Lore & Stories, Groups, etc etc)

I didn't really find it to be the problem, but more confusing than anything else. I wouldn't be 100% sure if that tip/guide was even relevant for the current Servers.

Along with that, with the constant updates of Dayz SA (being as it is in Alpha) sometimes a certain guide I read wouldn't be fully relevent.

My suggestion is to Edit all the guides so that the for any guide you read, it would state on the top whether it's in reference to SA or the MOD. It would also be great if, also on the top, was the current update the game was on when you decided to make the guide(For SA)

Also, from what I'm aware, and through reading (and also by looking at the Dayz mod server indicator in the home page) The dayz Mod is now obsolete. My first suggestion for that would be to just get rid of all of the guides/tip related to the MOD, but I do believe that someone playing Standalone can probably benefit from it in someway. So instead, maybe put all of the MOD related guides in an archive. Good idea? No? ok.... (haha, for some reason I can imagine a Dayz Mod RP veteran giving me hell for what I'm saying!). Thinking more onto it, it seems that there is a reason why it wasn't split up, seeing as all the other section were.

To conclude, I'm willing to take on the job of fixing this, if the admin decides to take this on. I'll do my own research and state on the top of each guide up to the current Thread: their changelog (for the Stand Alone guides) and whether or not this guide was meant for the mod Server or standalone server.

That is all, peeps from the middle east (or wherever you guys are from).

I am really loving the idea of this community, and can't wait to hop on the server later on today.

See ya,

Frank, Aka Wulf, Aka Little miss bunny

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