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My resignation

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Unfortunately my time didn't last here. I had hoped to of stayed alot longer than I had and infact helped DayZRP through standalone and many other hurdles along the way. My time here has been amazing and to of made it upon the team as a gamemaster was a privilege. I did my best to keep the community satisfied and by doing so gave up alot of time.

I ran into a slight real life problem which has brought me to the table of having to resign. Not just from the team, but from DayZRP as a whole. Its very complicated to explain in text and so I won't bother. However am always open to PM's. But the most I can see is, life is a pain and its got in the way of me being able to do my duty here. I can no longer manage to even get online to have gaming time due to some real life events/problems/surprises/plans that have come up which has halted everything and put me into the world of reality. It was fun whilst it lasted and I apologies if I wasted anyones time.

Other than that, I hope DayZRP grows stronger and maintains its amazing atmosphere. Hopefully in a few years time I may manage to make it back to the world of gaming and see you still around, but until then, reality calls. Peace out!

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