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Meele Weapons enhanced

Do you like the idea of an enhanced meele system?  

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I know it´s a bit late to make some suggestions for the RP mod, but I think, that the changes I have to suggest could be pretty usefull for the RP mod.

I suggest to enhance the meele weapon system:

There should be 2 versions of meele weaponry, single handed weapons and 2 handed weapons. Versions can be found in civilian, millitary, industrial and/or farm areas.

2 handed weapons can be placed in the rifle slot:

Hatchet: farm, industrial; medium meele damage

Crowbar: industrial, civilian; medium meele damage

Fire axe: military; high meele damage

Sledge hammer: industrial; high meele damage

Single handed weapons can be placed in the pistol slot:

Hunting knife: civilian, military, farm; barely any meele damage

Claw hammer: industrial; low meele damage

Sickle: farm; low meele damage

Machete: military; medium meele damage

Also I could imagine some unusual weapons:

Chainsaw: farm; low meele damage; loud; high automatic fire rate; needs some sort of fuel (oil, batteries ...)

Nail gun: industrial; low damage; low noise; low attack radius; needs nails as ammunition, that can be found in industrial areas

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Why are you assuming that the members making the mod are Bohemia interactive coders?

This x100 ^

Without an external mod, there is no way for us to do it. We'd have to make a lot of new skins, implement new weapons to skin them over with, and then create the sounds for all of them. We'd have to make different animations for all of these weapons, as well as try to figure out how to set it as a primary and a secondary based per weapon (which generally is determined by ARMA 2 in most cases).

The best we might be able to do it to make it so a melee weapon can be set as a secondary instead of a primary, but we can't design/model/implement melee weapons.

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