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Early Survival Tips

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Does anyone have some good advice for surviving Standalone early on in your life? I have an issue with dying quickly and finding myself in bad spots. Any tips would be welcome!

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As Luna said, there are tons of survival guides available on the forums. Do some exploring and I bet you'll find something handy. But here are a few tips off the top of my head.

What are you dying from?

If it's zombies...

Best bet in a desperate situation is to RUN.

If you have a melee weapon, then side-step in circles around the zombie while you swing at their head. They're not like zombies in the mod, so they're easy to dodge.

If it's food/water...

Water is easy (even without the wells working currently). Find streams, ponds, etc. When in doubt, always look for ravines when out in the wilderness. Most of the time, these little "ravines" or "ditches" will have a stream.

Food is a bit harder. First thing is always to get necessary tools: Matches, some sort of axe, and a bladed weapon to gut wild game. If you can find rope and a fishing hook KEEP THEM. Crafting a fishing pole is, by far, one of the best ways to attain food. The only downside is waiting for the damn food to cook.

If you're desperate, find an apple tree or berry bush (do NOT eat blue berries).

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