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Adventures of Revann, Chernarus'es Welcome

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[OOC] Revann is a bounty hunter from russia, he was captured by slavers and brought down here, he escaped from them north of chenarus, and his travels brought him here, he had supplies that he took from a dead slaver, a .22 sporter with one clip of 10 shots, with 50 shots in his bag. Revann ran into a man following him up a building, he shot himy accident, and apologized, Revann told him to put his back against the wall and his friend came from down the stairs pointing a crossbow at Revann, Revann told him to put it down or he will shoot, the man with the crossbow told revann to put his gun down, he declined, revann told him if he doesnt put his gun in 10 seconds he will shoot, the man told him to put it down in 5, revann wanted no more shit and started shooting, he shot him but the man ran off, his friend still had his back against the wall, a third man came and tried to ambush Revann with a fire extuingisher, Revann shot him multiple times to the face as he came up the stairs, the man who had his back against the wall started to rush revann, hitting him as many times as his friend with the crossbow came, the first man who had his back against the wall and now was hitting revann constantly with his fists tripped Revann, and revann fell down, tripping on a chair behind him, he reached for his rifle and shot the man with a crossbow, only to see the other man knocking him out with a sledge hammer's handle. He remembers nothing more, only to wake up half naked, half dead.

Welcome to Chernarus, Revann

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