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Christoph Dragenovich

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Born whilst his own mother was being murdered by the beasts we humans call, "walkers", "zombies", "Zeds" and such, Christoph was raised by his uncle, Vladmir Dragenovich. At the age of 14, their cabin was attacked by bandits. Vladmir was shot dead, in an attempt to escape from the bandits. Christoph was also shot, but the bullet hit his shoulder, and he survived. Rather than running, Christoph played it smart and acted dead until the bandits left. Alone, walking in the forest, bleeding, Christoph passed out. Thinking he was dead, Christoph woke up, in an empty house, his wound stiched and cleaned. He left the house, looked around. Nothing but an old abandoned town. He looked around. He spotted the road, then he started walking. (4 Years before present day)

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