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Hey. Hi. Hello. How are you?

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Does this count for posting within the 30 days to keep myself from deletion?

Anyways for those who care to read about a bambi, this is the info I put into my WL app.

Billy Goose Character Background:

A young American man of 22. The end of the world caught him during a month into his shoe string funded globe trekking adventure that started in California. He had gotten as far as Europe when the outbreak struck the world.

equipped with nothing but what was acquired along the way, his aimless wander with the sole goal of survival, has lead him to where we all are now. In a land with signs he can not read.

Before the end of the world, Billy worked as a Surf Instructor with ARC Lifeguard Certifications and if you were to describe his personality, you could say he is optimistic, slow, cooperative, patient, capable, open minded, clear headed for what needs to be done for survivals sake, but poorly educated.

He is the sort of survivor who would never turn to cannibalism, but is not above banditry, though he chooses to avoid that path.

His preference for survival would be to join a large community where more is merrier. He is aware though that that it is more likely to survive with with a small pack of survivors.

He is prepared to kill without remorse and abandon those he considers dead weight.

That little bit about us:

RP servers tend to have cooperative, like minded players that give the game order and a backdrop for your gameplay within the world to have meaning and a grander feeling of accomplishment for your actions that have effect on those you play with.

Playing on any other server is just a deathmatch.

I am a screenwriter and actor and as such love to write as well as role-play.

I have role-played in many games but for RP dedicated servers for games, the most recent was my time spent with Lord of the Craft. A minecraft role-play server. Their rules for role-play are far more intense then what you guys have, but I prefer role-play rules to be as guidelines as way to make players think about and use caution with their actions, somewhat like how you guys have it.

I think I am one who plays with a very hardcore mindset in terms of never breaking character and striving for story.

Same goes for my thinking on permadeath. If I die, I start everything fresh beyond what your rules implies as a reset. My new characters are entirely different and do not have any of the relationships of previous characters.

I consider myself to be a niche gamer. I hate on most AAA titles for in most cases having to do with poor allocation of the games budget. For my thoughts on DayZ, this game is one that comes real close to realizing the zombie apocalypse mmo fantasy. I have full faith that in eventual time, the game will be complete with all that I wish of it. And my main wish above everything, is for the zombie count to be overwhelmingly massive with intensely varied AI mechanics.

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Unfortunately you have to post somewhere else on the forums to avoid the account deletion, otherwise, welcome to the community and make sure to read the rules before you apply.

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Welcome to the community

Your post needs to be outside intro's, forum games and off topic :)

Let us know if you need any help

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