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Ban appeal Zombiez


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Current ban length: 3 days

I would like admins to review the case and duo to the video being a bit suspicious lift my ban and settle with character reset and/or warning

Things that I will do to prevent things like that from happening:

1. create macro that will type out the preset robbery text on every attempt to rob someone.

2. make screenshots with visible text on direct chat and the distance between me and the guy we are robbing.

why I'm asking for this?

I really like the server and I would like to play a bit more here until the wipe comes. would be happy to participate in the closing event and carry on playing until the full mod is implemented.

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  • Server Manager

The video cannot be proven false, it might have only been a glitch. Use of text chat is required if the target does not respond or acknowledge your transmission. You didn't use it, so the verdict is KoS. The standard punishment for KoS is 3 days. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to hold out and try to be more careful next time.

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