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My name Jamie "Jay" Thomas a British SAS sniper. i was born on 15th October 1990. I join the army in 2009 and quickly established his self as an excellent long distance shooter, I then join the SAS in 2012. In 2013 I got promoted to squad leader, which included my best friend Tyler "tiger" west. In 2010 I got married to , Kayleigh Drummond, we had a daughter 1 year later to, Paige Thomas. When the outbreak started in Chernarus Jamie and my unit offered to be inserted in order to help out as many people we could and try and gain as much information about the infection as we could find out about the infection. My group was inserted at 0145 hours and found shelter in a barn however we wasn't ready for what happened next we was attacked by an unknown group. 2 of the men under my control died only me and squeaky. A grenade landed next to us i took a serious impact which caused me to become unconscious and when i woke up with no memories i found a file in my pocket which has given me basic information about myself, it also included the information about my unit and operation. i now with no equipment decided to continue the mission, i will also try to find the rest of my unit not knowing if they are dead. my next steps are to find a weapon, find information and also find some people to help me or for me to help them.

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