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The Runner

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My name is Matt I am not the strongest of people nor am I the bravest but I can tell you this I am a good runner, I am always running whether it be because the police are chasing me or I have stole some rich snobs wallet.

I grew up in a small shit hole of an orphanage in Berezino, I have lived in the orphanage since I was 12 my parents were both killed in a car bombing incident in Berezino and I had no family back in England so I was just thrown into the nearest local orphanage and forgotten about. The staff at the orphanage always hated me most likely because I was not a native to their country the younger boys in the orphanage would often beat me badly when I least expected it often when I was sleeping or eating my food life was a living hell.


The first time I felt the rush and excitement of the chase was when I was 14 I had ran away from the orphanage and was living on the streets I would often steal food from market stalls or pickpocket anyone who looked like they had a good sum of money on them, but one time I was caught the man I was pick pocketing was some big shot government official, one of his body guards saw me take his wallet and tried to grab me I can remember the moments that followed clearly it was something I would not ever forget.

I had the wallet in my hands and the man started shouting at me the next thing I knew I was running and I did not stop running it was liked my legs went into a sort of autopilot, I was to fast for the men chasing me I eventually lost them it was strange I loved the feeling I had when being chased it was like something in me sparked and I was okay with it.


I was a fool I always thought no one would ever catch me but turns out when their is a rather large bounty on your head the police will use a lot more force then expected.

It was the usual hit and run job I was ordered by a local street gang to run up to the targeted person and take their wallet, I should of known something was sketchy when I saw that the target had a group of men wearing Kevlar outfits from head to toe following him around, it also seemed they were armed to the teeth assault rifle's in their hands pistols in the holster and knife on the chest these guys were the real deal but as I said I was a fool.

I started off acting casual tailing them making sure they did not suspect a thing I carried on tailing them until I could find the perfect opportunity to get closer, eventually it came when a group of two drunken men started fighting the targets guards started to try and breakup the fight, this was my chance I sprinted towards the target and grabbed his wallet.

It was strange the man did not notice I took his wallet I thought I had been pretty discreet when taking it but I had no time to question that I started to spring away around the corner of the street hoping the guards were still preoccupied with the drunken men fighting.


I eventually came to small dingy alleyway and slid my back against a wall and sat down, I looked at the contents of the wallet it all seemed it was the usual Family photo's, money and credit cards, but then there was something else it was a small USB I had no idea what was on it but I did not plan on doing so either I suspected this is why the target was so heavily guarded as well.

I stood back up and left the alley way but as I left the alley way I heard a deep aggressive sounding voice behind me say "Big mistake punk" next thing I knew I was hit round the head by something heavy, this time running could not save me I had been caught and whatever was going to happen to me now I knew I was going to be locked up for a long time.


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/Reserved for feedback

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I knew this day would come no matter how much I ran and ran I knew eventually I would get caught.

The prison cell reeked of piss and shit, the only source of light I had came from the small barred up window, my head still hurt from earlier and I felt weak from it I did not know how long I was going to be locked up for but I knew knowing the severity of the situation that did get me locked up I have a feeling that it might be a long while till they release me.... if they release me.


I eventually mustered the strength to stand up I walked over to the cell door to get the attention of one of the guards as I was quite dehydrated.

"Ummm hello! I'm thirsty is anyone there" My words echoes down the corridor.

Eventually I heard sounds coming from down the hall way but they were unusual sounds, almost like an injured animal.

What I saw next horrified me, coming down the hall way was a police officer except he did not look human bits of flesh hung from his face and his eyes were an empty milky white colour.

The monster heard my shouts from down the corridor and was now coming towards my cell moaning and hissing like an animal fixed on its prey.

I began to panic I started to violently shake the cell doors bars hoping they would budge, ofcourse they did not I was trapped and on the other side was a monster waiting to kill me and I doubt that thing had anything important on its calendar today.

4 hours had now passed and the monster was still clawing its way at the cell door all I could do is sit in a corner and cry like the coward I was.

"Why can you not just fuck off and leave me to die already!" I screamed at the monster with tears falling down my cheeks, I had accepted my fate I knew I was going to starve to death in the cell and I could not care anymore.

As I slid back against the wall and put my hands over my face I heard the sound of footsteps, it was the monster it was walking away as if something had caught its attention, as I wiped the tears from my eyes I looked up and saw the monster was no longer trying to get into the cell.

Eventually the sound of gunshots ringed down the long corridor eventually I heard a person running down the corridor but every 30 seconds or so they would open a cell door.

Eventually the person swung my cell door and I heard a man with a deep grizzly voice speak to me.

"Eh kid why does you cry?" He clearly did not speak English but he seemed to be trying to help me and I was not going to turn it down.

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Laughting out Loud Excellent Brother.

Anyhow, looking nice but at my opinion its pretty fast writing making it appear that the moment you show are inrelvant towards the main story. It would be nice if you put in a bit more detail when it comes to movement and thoughts of the charrachter.

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The man stared at me with a smile on his face holding out his hand to me, I took his hand and he helped me to my feet.

"Kid ummm you are ok?"The man had a thick accent and clearly did not speak English very well but he seemed to allready know I spoke English.

The man was wearing a dusty brown coat with dark brown jeans that obviously were to big for him as they sagged below his ankles, he stood at around 6ft and had a large brown beard one that you would see a hobo or other street dweller with , I could not see his hair as he covered it with a large wool hat that went all the way down to his ears.

I stared at him for a moment with a blank expression on my face, who was this man? why was he helping me? someone he just saved from a prison cell.

"I umm yes i'm fine"I followed the man as he led me through the dark hallways of the station I had been locked up in, we eventually came to a set of twin metal doors the Man tapped me on the shoulder and grabbed the handle of the door.

"Door I open ok stay behind me yes?" I nodded at the man and he slowly opened the doors, the Man peaked his head out of the door and then gave me the signal to follow him.

It was dark outside I must have been in the cell for at least half a day, I could hardly see where I was going but I made sure to keep the Man in my sights at all time.

We eventually reached a small log cabin at the side of the road, the cabin had light emitting from the inside it looked as if a fire had been lit inside, the Man opened the door and shouted a persons in which a woman's voice responded back in Chernarussian.

I walked into the medium sized cabin and was greeted by sudden warmth, the place was cozy enough there was a couch, four wooden chairs neatly placed around a table, and and a fireplace.

"Take seat you tired, wife will make you meal"

I sat down on one of the wooden chairs and rested my body relaxing slowly taking in the comforting warmth of the fire, a woman came rushing out of the other room with a plate with some soup and bread she laid it down infront of me on the table with a smile on her face.

"Eat boy you look tired" The woman was about 5ft 3 with short brown hair and looked about in her mid 40's she seemed to always keep a smile on her face as if she was not fazed by the situation we were all in.

After I finished the meal they prepared me they led me to a small room with some clothes neatly laid out across a bed, on the bed was a Green sweater,black cargo pants,and a black beanie hat, the clothes all looked like they previously belonged to someone around my age I wondered if they had a son who was not around currently but did not want to ask.

I walked out into the room with the fire and the Man looked at me and smiled.

"Our son's clothes fit good good" I smiled weakly at the man trying to show my appreciation the best I could but I was still shaken up after the whole day's events."

"Thank you them prison clothes were not comfy I hope your son don't mind me taking his clothes" The mans smile quickly disappeared.

"He is dead, cancer.." The man slowly looked at his wife and then stood up and pointed towards his son's room."

"Sleep in room tonight long day tommorow"

I entered the room and laid down on the bed, the bed was the most comfortable bed I had slept in years and for once I felt like I was safe and no one was out to get me I could now rest easy for one night.

//Decided to try my hand at this again due to me playing the character again.

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One month had passed the Man who I later found out to be called Boris had trained me how to do all sorts of survival techniques tying ropes, making fires, and even hunting, I felt at home with Boris and his wife but me and him both knew I could not stay with him forever supplies were growing thin and I was now becoming a burden. It was time to say goodbye.

I had everything I needed baseball bat,Bag with water,Knife,and of course a raincoat for when it gets wet, I never really went out on my own Boris always made me stay in the countryside "City to dangerous" he would say.

"Kid be careful"Boris said this looking at me with a sad look on his face, it was obvious he did not want me to go but we both knew for the sake of him and his wife's survival I needed to go.

I said my goodbyes and set off into an almost foreign world I have never been alone in, everywhere I went there was nothing but the aftermath of death and chaos, I managed to get around easy I was always good at hiding and moving around unnoticed I even learnt how to get past the monsters without them noticing me, very useful when scavenging for supplies.

It had been about 1 whole month since I left Boris's home now and I had only met a handful of survivors ones who would let me stay with them for a while and even some who had setup some sort of gun store, but anytime I met someone I felt uneasy I did not like to stay around them for very long so I often would wait till the group was asleep, and then slip away into the night.

It was not of only recently though I got a strange message on my radio, it was a Russian message giving me the location of somewhere, I managed to figure out the message and was led to the location of a man and his group, but the thing was they seemed different, for once I actually felt safe around a group.

The group consisted off a bunch of interesting individuals.

Sioux: An interesting man I can't tell if he is the leader or he is just like everyone else, he has been kind to me so far he seems to understand the tough life I have had and he does not treat me any differently from the others because of it I respect him.

Ethel: I came across her numerous occasions on my travels and never expected to see her with this group, she seems to be the one person who I can't get rid of no matter how hard I try to slip away , she scares me but at the same time I enjoy her company the type of person you know ain't gonna shoot you in the back of the head when you don't expect it.

Jim: I like to see him as the silent bodyguard of the group he seems to be the smartest with weapons in the group can be a little mean sometimes but I know he is only being like that to look out for the rest of the group.

Pat: He is interesting fellow its safe to say, I can't tell if he is a full down psycho who enjoys killing or if he is just a man who has had a rough past like the rest of us, but I do like him he has been teaching me how to stand up for my self... one black eye at a time.

George: I don't know a lot about George he seems to be just your everyday survivor he is kind to the others, does not have any arguments, and he does not get into any trouble, he is a nice guy well apart from being a cop...

Alyssa: We came across her at one of our safe houses she was scared at the large numbers of us at first, but overtime she became comfortable around us I do not know a lot about her, she is a nice person and she does not cause trouble that's all that really matters.

I have my opinions on everyone else but I do wonder what they think of me.

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The music sells it. It was an awesome read as well!

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Brilliant story !

Also the first part reminded me of:


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A very interesting read! I'm grateful to have a bit more of the background.

Poor kid - when Alyssa hears all this, she'll be heartbroken for him.

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I approached the house, it has been months since I was last here when I left the doors of the house that one last time I was scared, alone, and wondering what I was going to do. Now here I am back at the home of the man who rescued me from that prison cell, the man who took me in when no one else would.... Boris, he was like a father to me and now here I am ready to see him once more.

"Hey kiddo who exactly lives here?" Sioux looked at me still unknowing of where I had brought him.

"An old friend I need to visit" I looked at Sioux as I said this and he nodded and kept his distance from the home.

I approached the door of the house and knocked on the door a few times, nothing silence no sounds came from inside the house, I knocked again hoping that Boris would swing open the doors with that stupid smile of his but nothing... only silence.

I breathed in deeply and turned to Sioux. "Sioux can I borrow you magnum"

"If I hear shots I will come in" Sioux handed me the pistol and I prepared myself for what might await me in the house.

I swung open the door of the house, the smell of decay and death filled my nose I looked around and saw that the house was in a complete mess tables were flipped, the windows were smashed, and blood was all over the walls.

I noticed one of the doors was shut, I went to go open the door but noticed the door was locked, I built up all my strength and kicked open the door making it fall straight off the hinges due to the decay the wood had endured over the long months.

I entered the room and tightened my grip of the magnum, laying there was what used to be Boris he was tied down onto the bed and had several stab wounds around his chest, one of his legs were hacked off and the severed leg laid in the center of the room, whoever did this to Boris was obviously struggling to fight him but were to much of a coward to finish off the job.

The thing that was once Boris started to crawl towards me moaning mindset on trying to eat me whatever this thing was it was no longer the man I knew.

One bullet and it was all over.


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Sioux's group was no different from the others it seemed, one night we was all under a lot of stress and there was an argument, they handcuffed Sioux and locked him away in a house and was hostile to him, this was not something I wanted to be around anymore.

A few days after the argument I took my chance and left into the world alone once again.


2 weeks later

I sat in my tent listening to the pitter patter of rain landing on the roof of my tent, I could not remember the last time I had spoken to another person I swear the loneliness was starting to send me crazy.

Lighting struck in the distance and the sound echoed into the valley of tree's.

"Three..... the third one that has struck, maybe it was an alien spaceship crashing" I laughed at my own comment and stopped and frowned. "I need someone to talk to, anyone for god sake I will talk to one of the infected if I have to!" I laid my head back and closed my eyes slowly drifting to sleep hearing only the rain and my own heavy breaths.

I opened my eyes I did not know how long I was asleep for, I had lost track of what time and day it was long ago, all I knew now was that it was another day of wandering hoping I could maybe meet a friend.

I flailed my arms high in the air as I walked making a game of how high I could throw them in the air, the crossbow and bag I carried around gave me terrible back pains but everything I had to survive was on me I was like a wandering caravan, I was unsure what I was to do this day, I had enough supplies to keep me going for at least a week.

I looked up and noticed it was getting late as the sun had already began to set."Hmm guess should set up...." My words were interrupted by the sound of a shotgun being pumped, I froze there unsure of what to do.

"Don't turn around and keep your hands up" The voice was soft but at the same time hostile, I slowly raised my hands up my breathing had became shakey I was scared, the first person I had seen in weeks and he was robbing me and leaving me to die.

"Throw your bag and crossbow on the floor, nice and slow now" I slowly slid my bag and crossbow down my arms letting them hit the ground with a large thump.

"You don't have to do this man I have plenty of supplies to share" I knew these words meant nothing to the man but I needed these supplies or else I would starve.

"Turn around and face me but keep them hands raised" I turned slowly making sure my arms stayed above my head, as I turned I noticed the man was not alone, next to him stood a small skinny man with a dirty face who would constantly twitch his head and the other man looked out of place, he had a strange look on his face, he kept staring me in the eye but it did not look like he wanted to kill me quite the opposite, it was like he felt sorry for me.

"We want your stuff you know this and we know this, but here comes the tricky part kid" The man paused for a moment and pulled a pistol from its holster slinging the shotgun on his back.

We cannot leave any witnesses incase you follow us so get on your knees and lets make this easy"

The man who kept staring at me suddenly turned to the man with the pistol.

"Are you kidding me! He is just a kid we cannot kill him!"

The man with the gun stared aggressively at the man confronting him.

"If you want to help the kid so much how about you stand on the opposite end of this gun to and join him!"

The mans face turned into a dark frown and the man spoke in a sad tone of voice.

"Just make it fast"

I stared at the man with the pistol, he stared me in the eye and aimed the pistol at my head.

Bang bang, two shots rang in the valley and then, there was nothing but silence.

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