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Yo, the names Frank, but you can call me wulf

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Or just Frank if you don't want to call me wulf. Or you can call me anything. I'll respond. probably.

Anyways, Im glad to have found this community after browsing the server list on the Dayz standalone server area. I was pretty sad that it was whitelisted, but now appreciate why it's whitelisted: For RP'ers to have a great time without KoS'er and non Roleplayers.

I am looking forward to getting whitelisted and playing with you guys.

As a preview, I'll tell you a bit about my character, since I can tell you guys want to know so bad.

*Start preview*

I'll be a hunter.

*End preview*

That is all. see ya folks in the game!

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Thanks, Doh. I'll be hunting deer, and skinning them just as soon as I get whitelisted.

Hey, Frank, I'm Frank. to make things less complicated, I shall call you Knarf every time I refer to ya!

Btw, I have a (problem) thing for giving completely strangers nicknames

Thanks, Clams

Btw, my nickname aren't always witty!

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Hello and welcome there .. little miss bunny :P

If you need any help let us know

Good luck with your whitelist

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