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Rusty Trigger

Hello! - new member

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Thought it would be appropriate to inintroduce myself. You can call me Rusty Trigger or Jared :P I'm currently applying for white listing so expect to be held up soon >=]

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Hey there Jared, welcome to the community :)

If you need any tips a good place to look is Guides and Tutorials

If you are waiting on your whitelisted application to be reviewed take a read through our SA lore, groups and other members stories. :)

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to contact any staff, jump on TS, or ask/look around the forums.

Also check out our forum games

So your account is not deleted after 30 days, you will need to make a post somewhere which is not Introductions or off-topic. :) Take a look in discussions and get involved

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