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Amnesty Report.

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

Never gotten any varning points. Never been temp banned. Been loyal to the community.

from what i know dayzrp is the only server to ban for battleye detecting Cheatengine.

Other servers will only kick you for having cheat engine running.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

From the day when I first joined dayzrp I have been loyal. i've done my best to rp with everyone.

I've never talked down to anyone. I have never broken any rules. Well except one time but it was mistaken from both sides.

I have always stood up to all the staff. I've listened to them everytime. Whenever someone wanted help

ive helped them. It is hurting me to see that such a good server will ban you for a mistake.

Especially someone that has been part of the server for one year with nothing bad on him.

Yes I understand its breaking rules by using cheat engine. But the reason why I used it was not to hack on a Multiplayer server.

As I spoke to rolle about this before i wrote my first ban appeal. I explained to him that

I only used it for singleplayer. And if I wished to use cheat engine on DayzRP

i wouldn't have used it after ive been part of dayzRP for 1 year and after i donated over 50 euro's.

Anyone would understand that someone like this wouldn't do it. The reason

why i had it up was because to use it for a singleplay game known as door kickers since i got stuck on it.

So i downloaded it while i was waiting for my friend Baron to get on dayzRP. Once he got on i shut down

door kickers after an hour and since cheat engine didnt work for that game i completly forgot to shut it off.

i jumped on the standalone server with no idea it being on. After 5 minutes i get kicked saying that i've been

banned from the server by Gamehack #38. I knew what would happend so i wanted to explain myself. first i poked

Dr Dax. He responded saying that the staff respects bans from battleye. I understand that the staff doesn't want

any hackers to be on the server i understand it 100% but im not a hacker, You may not believe me. But the friends

i've made on DayzRP know that i would never hack. Even though i know that telling you my friends know i wouldn't

make a diffrence, but i wanted to put it out there. i've taken about a month of or so to wait to write this amnesty

report. Also to mention DayzRP standalone server is the only one i've been banned from.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

to earn a second chance. I made a mistake, A stupid and terrible mistake. But everyone makes mistakes.

and to me making a simple mistake shouldn't be punished

by getting perma banned. A temp ban and permanent points and also to be monitored by Staff.

What could you have done better?:

the only thing i could've done better is making

sure not to have cheat engine open, and not been a idiot and to download cheatengine.

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As your previous appeal stated;

we honor BE bans, and that includes 'Gamehack #38'. Cheat Engine is capable of exploiting Arma.

Secondly, you're only allowed one appeal for each offence. You've admitted to using Cheat Engine - we honour their bans - with that...

Appeal Denied

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