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Revenge Retribution Redemption The End Of Stitches [Warning Mega long thread]

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Retribution, Revenge, Resolution

[This is a long story I have spent quite some time writing it I really would love feedback on it whether positive or negative because this story means a ton to me and I really would appreciate the thoughts and opinions of you all on the story]

Chapter 1


Stitches pulled his dark mask above his mouth to allow him to put the lit cigarette between his lips. He reclined against the Black Humvee, which overlooked the Kamenka checkpoint, his eyes darting over the remains of the CDF who had been stationed here two years ago.

“You think Garrison knew them?” He muttered out loud.


Stitches sighed and blew a cloud of smoke that shrouded his face as he looked up to the sky, being illuminated by the warm orange from the sun set. Before he could get lost in his own thoughts, the Radio on the old Humvee began to crackle to life.


*BZZZT* Hey Stitches *BZZT* Get on the Radio Now you twit! The radio crackled out and stitches flicked the cigarette onto the ground and pulled his mask down before grabbing hold of the door handle and pulling it open, he leaned in and gripped the radio and pulled it to his head before clicking the button to speak

“What the Hell do you want? Im trying to relax and think out here for christ sake” He spoke softly and sighed loudly into the radio.

He released the button and waited for a response for over a minute until the radio began to buzz once again.

*BZZT* Well supposing nothing much has been happening just wanted you to know that everything at camp should be fine for a few weeks, If you wish to use the time as a ‘relaxation’ period or whatever and go to Skalisty or elsewhere I guess now is fine well anyways Im out got work to do, Good luck” The radio faded back into silence as Stitches sighed and climbed into the front seat and placed the radio back in its respectful place. Stitches drummed his hands idly on the wheel of the Humvee as he contemplated what to do “Maybe its time I visit home…See what has changed and destroy what's left” He spoke in a hushed tone to himself but was caught off guard by the angry scream


“Just shut the hell up for an hour Before I kick the living shit out of you” He hissed in annoyance.

“OH NO! THE BIG BAD WOLF IS GONNA BLOW MY HOUSE DOWN!” He shouted back to himself in a mocking condescending tone.

Stitches rested his head on the steering wheel in annoyance. After a minute of rest he lifted his head and started up the GPS Interface on the Humvee. He began checking the distance he was from the Czech capital city of Prague “Lets see, We got about 220 Liters of fuel In the Trunk, Six PKM mags, All that canned food from Guba, The water from Vybor, and the Meds we salvaged from that Vodnik back in Balota...Should be good for a trip” He smirked to himself as he whispered out loud.

Stitches swung the door to the Humvee shut and stepped his black combat boot on the gas pedal speeding past the old checkpoint towards Prague.


Stitches speed along the road swerving out of the way of broken lanes of cars and hordes of infected as he blared the music on the old Ipod he looted from his last victim. “Funny that the guy we looted this from loved that old band Nirvana, both him and the singer ended up having a ceiling painted with their brains...” He said in a soft tone and chuckled to himself.

“JUST SHUT UP AND DRIVE ITS NOT FUNNY” He snapped back to himself

“Kill joy” He said behind his mask with a wide smirk.

He glanced down at the dashboard noticing the fuel meter pointing close to E he slowed the Humvee down. He peeled off to the side of the road before swinging open the door and jogging to the back of the Humvee. He popped the trunk open and grabbed two of the large metal cans filled with twenty liters of petrol. He grunted as he moved to the refuel spot. He got on his knees and stuck the tube from the first can into the tank and began pouring fuel. He routinely kept checking on the fuel gauge until he was satisfied. When he had finished he had gone to the trunk and placed every empty jerry can inside the trunk and he pulled it down until the audible click of the lock could be heard but before he could turn around he felt a rifle barrel jab against his helmet “Drop your Gun Radio Backpack you know the drill You so much as call for help and you die”

Stitches groaned


“You gotta be Fucking kidding me”

The man holding him up laughed and Stitches tossed his radio on the ground as well as placing his Black Coyote pack and PKM in the trunk.

“Now come over here so I can frisk you or Ill just shoot you here”

Stitches turned to face the man carrying a rusted M16 dressed in a long overcoat and wearing a gasmask looking to be in his twenties he had nothing but glee in his eyes as he moved over to Stitches to begin frisking him for explosives he dug into Stitches front right Flak Vest pocket and withdrew the patch of the Black Cross that Stitches always carried “What the hell is this?” The bandit laughed and dug in his pocket for his lighter Infuriated Stitches dropped his hand to his thigh and pulled his bloody hunting knife that he used as a ‘Scalpel’ for his work from the Sheath “Do No Harm” Stitches chuckled as he quickly thrust the knife into the man's right hand while he dug in his pocket and he laughed Sadistically at the man's scream.

“But since you were not men but savage dogs, and I am not a FUCKING VETRANARIAN! You are SHIT OUT OF FUCKING LUCK!" Stitches grabbed the man by the throat and began thrusting the blade quickly into the mans stomach, soon switching the target to his right kidney until the man had suffered 28 stab wounds and was throw to the ground and as he looked up choking in pain and blood stitches brought his knee up high and brought his heavy boot down on the mans face causing the man to go limp. Just as Stitches finished stabbing him three more men dressed in civillian clothing and gasmasks surrounded him and raised their weapons at him. Stitches remained silent but slowly crept his hand towards the rusted m16 inches away from his hand. Once he was close enough he quickly grabbed the rifle raised it and squeezed the trigger and fired full auto in a half circle until all three of them dropped dead. Stitches collected the gear from the men and considered slicing them up for the cooler but decided he should get moving incase more were aroung. Stiches stepped in the car and began driving towards his destination once again.


Stitches neared the limits of the city of Prague the GPS on the Humvees windscreen told him he was 10 miles out, Glancing around the highway leading in felt alien, No crashed vehicles on the road just emptiness. After he drove another 3 miles he saw what seemed to be a large billboard on the side of the highway that appeared to be fairly new the billboard contained the image of hundreds of Armored men, They had what seemed to be a mechanical suit with military and swat plating and a helmet and mask akin to an American jet pilot, The image showed the armored men were firing at hordes of infected while some armored men appeared to be carrying wounded civilians towards what looked to be prague in the pictures background on the bottom of the billboard there was a large set of printed letters that read ‘Securing your better tomorrow today!” On the very bottom it read “The Zehklar Corporation is recruiting soldiers All Able men report to the nearest local draft station or consequences will be enforced.

“What the hell is that”


“They have more resources then the Ravens and Red Berets than, They never put this big of propoganda up”


“Why of all people I had to always be with did the one I get stuck with have the most stupid damn accent”


“I hate you so Fucking much’


Stitches sighed and noticed a second billboard same as the last but this one was covered in spray paint that painted what seemed to be Anarchy symbols all over the soldiers and a large sentence reading “Freedom Isnt free Join The Resistance or Die with a whimper like the rest’

The Bottom of the billboard was decorated with several ropes each of the ropes were tied to be a noose some of the nooses even contained bodies that looked exactly the same as the soldiers on the billboards images.

“Is there a reason you two must always be so vulgar?’

“Oh lord not this again’

“ Yes ‘this’ again, You two really need manners it's truly heartbreaking for me to see you always being so rude and vulgar!”


Stitches sighed to himself and focused his vision further down the road when something caught his eye.

‘Christ thats a lot of guys, Looks like 15 or more of those same guys on the billboards”

Stitches stopped the humvee to spectate the column of men marching in formation within the cities limits he then veered off the road up into a nearby treeline and stopped the vehicle.



The sun was slowly setting over the city as Stitches stepped out of the humvee and moved to the trunk, he slid the key into the slot and turned it until there was a pop and hiss as the trunk opened up for him. “Food, water, Rangefinders, Flashlight, Ammo, Meds, Sidearm, Backpack… Should be set for a venture into the city’ He reached his hand up and pulled the trunk down to its original place listening as it popped shut. It was night by the time Stitches had arrived to the bridge that lead inland. Stitches was low to the ground sneaking over the bridge as soon as he had crossed over the bridge there was a sound of close gunfire, there was multiple guns being fired so it must have either been the usual awful shots, or a firefight. Stitches advanced through about two abandoned blocks as the gunfire continued until he saw the flash of muzzles through a building window and a grenade go off at a nearby window followed by a scream of pain. Stitches ran into a nearby pub like building hastily bolting up the stairs to the attic to avoid being caught in the crossfire he slowly peered out a window overlooking the zone of the gunshots sources. The fight was taking place in a main intersection of the city on the far side there had been a large trench in the side of the road that looked like was originally being used for construction to fix run off pipes for rain in the street when it would pour for hours. The trench was filled with men and women wearing black coats and bullet proof vests as well as rain hoods and most had on gasmasks through what he could see from his standpoint in the pub the building he had prior next to had been occupied by the men in the armor he had constantly been seeing, the gunfire continued for another 10 minutes with no casualties, it looked to be a stalemate.


“Like what you asshat it appears we are stuck up here or do you want to die in the crossfire’


“What do you mean?”


‘This is why nobody talks to us, You're always shouting you jackass.’

Stitches sifted through his bag until he found his little piece of contraband from Goliath, a satchel charge he snuck off one of the UEF C-130s

“Finally get to use this I guess, UEF wouldn’t be happy we stole this but screw them, they never helped us much anyway.’

Stitches creeped down the stairs to the back of the building complex containing the men in armored suits and he used his hands to dig a small hole by the foundation and stuck the satchel charge into the hole and began to chuckle. Stitches set the timer for 30 seconds and bolted for the pub again storming up the stairs and hiding away from the window because of the inevitable shrapnel.


“You ever consider writing childrens books? You have such a high classed way with words”



Stitches snickered to himself as there was a large explosion from the charge the window shattered and glass was scattered around the room from the shockwave of the blast and a thick smoke began to drift through the window peeking out the window revealed the old building that was being used by the armored men was almost completely leveled and dead bodies littered the ruins, several stragglers in armor remained writhing in pain and groaning.

“Lets give them a hug after that traumatic little event eh?”

Stitches made his way down the stairwell and walked over to the now giant rubble pile and noticed a nearby armored man groaning in pain, Stitches chuckled and paced over to the man grabbing him by the collar and pulling his face close to his and placing his pistol up against the armored mans stomach and he whispered to the man

“Now a normal person would interrogate you, find information, want to know why you lot prance about like a bucket wearing group of ballerinas, but you see

I dont give a shit quite frankly, I just don’t like you.’

Stitches pulled the trigger of his pistol and smiled wickedly behind his mask as he felt a warm liquid jet out of the wound onto his armor giggling hysterically as the mans blood sprayed onto Stitches armor and began to soak through.

“You are one messed up person you know that” said a soft female voice from behind stitches causing him to whirl around to meet the source of the voice, he found himself looking into a pair of glowing amethyst purple eyes of a pale faced young woman with silky black hair that draped down past her shoulders.

“I'm not messed up, I'm a professional and a master of my art!”

“Yeah, And what would that ‘Art’ Be Mister?’ The woman replied back with a smirk on her scarlet lips.

“Im a Doctor! I treat people with uhhhh, Whats that stupid word I like to pretend I know...Ethics? Yes that! uh Ethics!’ Stitches clammered out before his eyes rested on the Anarchy patch on her arm his eyes focused behind his masks red lenses and he chuckled.

“Well ‘Doctor’ If you really are one, I never knew a doctor that carried around a large fully automatic Russian 7.62 Machine Gun, a machete, wore bullet proof armor a gasmask and explosives, So apologies if I sound doubtful of your actual profession.”

“This is no gun, this is a tool of medicine! As is this!” He waved his dulled rusty machete caked with dry blood “This is my scalpel and my bone saw, and the explosives are my fun toys” Stitches smirked devilishly behind the gasmask.

“Well Doctor do you have a name, Because I would prefer not having to constantly refer to you as your so called job..” The girl crossed her left arm over her right leaning back her uniform comprised of normal pre outbreak civilian clothing mixed with a bullet proof vest and a black leather duster with a hood draped back behind her head.

“Stitches is what I am known as and until a time that may never happen you will continue to refer to me as such.”

“Hey do you have a stick up your ass or something why are you being so formal and all that bullshit, My names Caroline. So, Stitches or whatever, Why the **** did you blow those guys in the building up, Im not complaining, Just confused as to why you would help…”

“It wasn’t my idea, Rose just wanted to blow something up, they were closest.”

Caroline cocked her head to the right with a questioning expression

“Er Rose? You came with friends?”

“No are you blind like everyone else he is right there see!”

Stitches pointed over to an empty spot near the pub he had been taking cover in before

“Er yeah sure whatever”

Caroline looked back at stitches her eyes swept over his armor until she glanced at a old worn patch on his upper left arm it looked like a Black Cross with wings.

“Hey what's that on your arm?”

She ran her index finger over the patch and Stitches jerked back.

“Its a memory, Nothing but a faint memory of an old group of friends, Not anything to discuss Madam.”

“Eh whatever Crazy Boy, Listen I’m going back to base with my group, Since you seem to know how to handle yourself and you assisted our cause you can tag along and chat more with me there’

Stitches drummed his fingers on his wrist and tapped his foot and gave her a small nod he uncrossed his arms and swung the heavy PKM over his head and rested it over his left shoulder and followed Caroline as she strolled through the now empty intersection.



Soon the pair arrived at an old ruined church with holes in the sides of the wall with dim candle light visibly flickering in the old grimy windows Caroline approached the door and whispered a few words with her mouth pressed against the door, there was a pause followed by the sound of a large bolt being moved and a lock popping off before the door was swung open to reveal a church filled with people as well as another set of windows looking into a courtyard that was heavily fortified all around with people of all ages pacing about and going about their business and life in a strangely relaxed casual manner.

“Well Uh Mister Stitches,” Caroline began to say as she guided him to a fountain in the middle of the courtyard when they arrived she at down and gestured for him to sit next to her, he rested his large weapon at his feet and sat down next to her his red lenses reflecting the nearby campfires light when he looked at her.

“This is the base of the Prague Resistance, We fight against those Armored pricks around here because they are trying to enslave everybody here and take over the country.”

Stitches shook his head chuckling

“So what? Its not like they can do anything, The world has fallen apart, isnt there infected they have to deal with? And what makes them think they can enslave every single person in the country?”

Carolines lips were closed and she had a grim expression on her soft face as she looked to the ground and sighed

“They managed to clear the city of infected by routine sweeps with armored vehicles around the perimeter of the city, and they build death and re-education camps around the city to send whatever people they find.”

Stitches grinned behind his mask.

“I fought worse before, So, Do you lot have a plan to kill them or whatever?”

Caroline shook her head and frowned.

“Not a Fucking scrap of an idea at all”

“Just give me some time and I can try and make a plan, I fought the council at Napf, I can just do what we did there and destroy like their depots and barracks and whatever one by one..”

Stitches chuckled and looked at her feeling a tinge of empathy when he saw her looking at the ground in a depressed manner.

“We have no idea where that stuff is though, So it’s not like we can do that”

Caroline frowned and sighed.

Stitches chuckled and growled in a sadistic tone

“Do not fret, that is why torture is so much fun! We can make them spill their guts metaphorically, then literally once they are of no use, that is the beauty of of this fine art my darling!”

Caroline giggled and her amethyst eyes locked on his masks lenses.

‘You really are Fucking insane, I like that about you’

She smirked and gestured to a group of camping tents in the courtyard

“That is where I sleep, Since we have no spare quarters for you I guess I have to share...Just don’t eat me or whatever when I sleep Ok?”

Stitches nodded his head and smiled behind his mask excited for what tomorrow would bring.



Chapter 2

Stitches awoke to the sound of Carolines soft voice with a hint of anger followed by the voice of a man speaking in a condescending frustrated tone. Stitches eyes opened to the red tinted world and glanced around the tent, first to Carolines empty cot, then to his possessions lined up on the right side of the sent, then his eyes fixed on Caroline who seemed to be in an argument with a man at the entrance to the tent.

“Caroline I don't give a shit about this damn stranger or what he said, Nobody here cares nor knows about some ‘Council’ or whatever he claims exists, In Fact he is most likely a damn Gypsy trying to just rob our camp’

Carolines soft pale white face had become a light red her eyes reflected anger as she glared daggers at the man.

“You idiots always shun people who could very well help us, as well as the fact he would have stolen everything while we slept already, Just trust me and don’t be a dense asshole for once.’

The Man gritted his teeth and mumbled a string of vulgarities before turning and storming out of the tent.

“So Darling, Not much of a warm welcome for me I assume?”

Stitches muttered groggily from the cot.

Caroline smiled and playfully tossed him a bottle of an all too familiar chemical wrapped in a rag.

“Well Mister Smartass, Get your shit together because we are going ‘hunting’ for a little friend to play with and get information.”

“Let me just get my bag of goodies and gather my stuff”

Stitches sat upright and grabbed the backpack and and swung it over his shoulder and collected his PKM and loaded the Box into its place.

“Should try and hit a small squad, doing a patrol, I don’t want to gamble on our luck against a platoon or more.”

Stitches gave her a nod and followed her out of the tent, the courtyard was filled with armed civilians and people in tattered military uniforms going about their work. Sandbags, tank traps, razor wire, everywhere he looked there was a large amount of fortifications.

“They have eyes on the front gate a majority of the time, so we will be sneaking out a grate built for run off, Should be safer that way.”

Caroline lead Stitches over to a rusted half fallen off round grate in the lower section of a perimeter wall in the back of the courtyard she wrapped her gloved hands around two bars of the grate and placed her boots at the base of the wall and grunted as she pulled hard as she could against the old metal eventually there was a large bang and she fell backwards as the grate dropped to the ground.

“My, My You are a graceful one eh?”

Stitches chuckled and extended his hand to her she smirked and grabbed his hand after she was pulled up she dusted herself off and clambered into the tunnel with Stitches not far behind. Stitches places his hands on either side of him to keep his balance in the tunnel as he followed Caroline, the bottom of the drainage pipe had been filled with water and droplets of rain water dripped from above. The pair continued to move through the pipe for another ten or more minutes until Caroline turned behind her and looked at Stitches followed by her pointing at a ladder and a run off grate above them she jumped upwards onto the ladder and the sounds of her boots making contact with the metal rungs echoed through the drainage pipe. The next sound Stitches heard was a grinding and a pop followed by a light shining down the tunnel, Stitches looked upwards to see Caroline above the ladder on the street waving at him. Stitches groaned as he jumped up to the ladder in his heavy gear and struggled to climb up the rungs, soon he had managed to get out of the pipe and onto the street before swinging the PKM off his back and into his firm vice like grip once again.

“Small Patrols usually search this area for infected who like to wander in, Should be no more than six max, Probably only four or five like usual though, So just stay aware of your surroundings.”


Caroline loaded a magazine into her camouflaged M4A3 SD and brought the rifle so the stock rested on her shoulder and her eye was aligned with the ACOG Scope.

“Get down, Foot Patrol around the block”

Caroline whispered frantically to Stitches as she froze in her position perfectly still against the wall. Stitches held his breath when all of a sudden Caroline bolted from her position without a word across the street and into cover of another ruined building where she quickly peeked out of cover and raised her gun towards the supposed location of the foot patrol. The only sounds that followed was a succession of silenced gunfire and the sound of grunts and bodies dropping. Stitches peeked out of cover to see an armored soldier cowering amongst the bodies of four other soldiers dressed nearly identical to him. Caroline darted out of her cover and let out a violent scream as she ripped off the man's helmet and slammed her rifles stock into his exposed face causing him to slump over unconscious.

“Lets move him somewhere more secluded and quiet shall we Doctor?”

Caroline said with a wicked smirk on her scarlet lips which in turn caused Stitches to let out an ominous chuckle. Stitches said not a word but rather aggressively grabbed one of the unconscious man's arms and Caroline responded by grabbing the other and the pair proceeded to drag the man off into the night.

The room was dark, decorated with nothing but broken sections of stone wall and rubble piles on the floor. Stitches leaned back against the wall taking a long drag on his Cigarette blowing clouds of smoke up into the air above him as he glanced over to Caroline tying up the unconscious man to a rusted metal chair with Barbed wire rather than rope.

“I can’t wait to have some good fun with our little new friend here once he wakes up”

Caroline smirked to herself as she flicked the lighter in her hand on and off her eyes reflecting the flames as the jumped to life repeatedly from the old zippo.

“Burn him at the end after we waterboard him with the gasoline, much more enjoyable that way.”

Stitches tossed the cigarette to the ground and pulled his gasmask down over his face once again before crushing it underneath his Black laced steel toed combat boots and twisted his ankles to stomp it out into dust.

The man began to stir and groaned before his eyes snapped open and his expression turned from pain and confusion to horror and desperation in the blink of an eye quite literally.

“Wh-What the hell do you want you sadistic bastards” The man growled from his restraints an illusion of confidence and rage on his face that failed to hide the horror in his eyes.

Stitches chuckled and clapped sarcastically as he slowly walked over to the man when Stitches had been right in front of the man Stitches took a knee tilting his head to the right slightly remaining silent watching the man shake in fear as he stared into the emotional red lenses of the Gas Mask concealing a monster.

“What Do I want? I just want to help people, I am a Doctor after all, My job is helping, Sadly, You are no better than pond scum, Not a person.”

Stitches smirked as he continued speaking calmly and clearly to the man his mask inches away from touching the man’s face.

“We are gonna ask you questions and see if you have basic enough intelligence to do the right thing, answer, and prove you may be a stupid mutt over pond scum.”

Stitches quickly stood up on his feet without a word more he pulled a baseball bat wrapped in razor wire from his pack at lightning speed and swung it in a powerful downwards arc laughing hysterically as the bat smashed into the man's thigh causing him to let out a blood curdling scream as the bat shattered his knee cap and the wire sliced and stuck into his flesh. Stitches left the bat in the man’s leg smirking widely behind his mask as he watched the blood stream down and form a small pool beneath the chair.

“Since I could give less of a SHIT about what your name is, from now on you are named Wretch, Got it?!”

Stitches grabbed the man's shoulder with one hand and held it with a crushing vice like grip to hold the man still as he winded up his other arm with a clenched fist ready to smash in the man's nose if he played stupid.

“W-What, No I will not be called your stupid little nickname, Unhand me now and your death will be a quick one”

Stitches slammed his clenched fist as hard as he could into Wretch’s face causing the man to scream and a large river of blood to pour from his mouth and nose.

“What the hell was that for you idiot!”

“Did I Fucking stutter when I told you I did not give a shit about you pond scum? I could care less if you drowned in your own blood right now. Ok, First question, You answer right, I don’t smash your knee caps to hell, I don’t break your arms, and I don’t choke you within an Inch of your pathetic miserable existence, Now, Where is your supply cache, where you store armor, weapons, supplies, you know, the stuff that keeps your wretched excuse of a life going on.”

The man shook in fear and stuttered for several seconds and coughed up a large amount of blood as Caroline tightened the barbed wire and the man screamed in pain as tears and blood mixed and ran down his cheeks.

“O-Our Supply depot is in the industrial center of the city, S-Should be easy to spot from the nearby Church bell tower about two or three blocks away”

The man coughed up more blood causing a large pool to form around him as well as soaking his clothing from the blood streaming from his face.

Stitches gripped his machete and swung in a powerful downward arc into the mans right knee snickering as the man screamed out in absolute pain and agony. Stitches ripped the machete out and repeated the action on his left knee which generated an Identical response.

“You’re dancing with Fucking death right now”

the man spat blood at Stitches splattering all over the gasmask Stitches only chuckled and whispered in an unsettling tone.

“It is not a good idea to dance and pursue a romantic interest with a business co-worker, Death is a casual acquaintance at most, Nothing more nothing less.”

Stitches remained perfectly still nothing in the air but pure silence and sobs from the wretched man. Stitches remained in absolute silence as he placed his boot on the chair the man was bound to and pushed causing the chair to fall backwards. Stitches took a knee next to the man's face before dropping a grimy blood stained rag over the face of wretch. Caroline promptly walked over to the man on the ground and poured out the entirety of the twenty liters of gasoline onto the rag. Stitches smirked wickedly behind his mask as he left the room Caroline took a final long drag from her cigarette before moving to the exit of the room and flicking the cigarette towards the man which promptly caused the room to jump into a blazing inferno, the earth stood still and silent only the sounds of screams of true and absolute suffering and the crackle of fire pierced the still air of the cold night.

Chapter 3

Stitches and Caroline had been walking down the street blind for twenty five minutes now, the pouring rain and pitch black night had enveloped them and they had lost their way some time ago now they were aimlessly wandering around the streets.

“Hey you there, stop now you are breaking Curfew!” Caroline and Stitches tried to run away faster but the sound of boots was closing in from behind “STOP NOW OR YOU WILL BE FIRED UPON!”



Stitches and Caroline stopped dead in their tracks and turned around to face five armored Soldiers each armed with an M4 or RPD aimed right at the pair. Stitches began coughing and stumbling around and gasped out “Help me” before stumbling towards one of the soldiers and embracing the soldier weakly and collapsing, the soldier held Stitches up as he continued to cough. Stitches grabbed his Desert eagle swiftly from his holster and pressed it into the man’s chest and fired three rounds and let his body fall to the ground. Caroline swung her M4 of her shoulder by the strap and grabbed it firmly and fired at the two soldiers closest to Stitches before they had time to react. Stitches fired the next two rounds from a mere five feet away into the next soldiers face causing his neck to snap back from the force of the bullets and crash to the ground. The final Soldier clicked his rifle switching it to full auto and unloaded the full magazine directed at Stitches. Ten rounds made Contact and Stitches dropped to the ground and Caroline fired twenty shots into the last soldier and watched as the blood pooled and formed a red river as it mixed with the rain. Caroline ran to Stitches and dropped to her knees and shined the flashlight attached to her rifle on his chest to check the wounds to see that eight out of the ten had been stopped in his kevlar chest plating but the other two hit his right hip. Stitches chuckled hysterically and put his Pistol back in the holster.



“That was so god damn funny!” Stitches laughed and held his chest and spoke in a mocking tone “Oh No they are breaking Curfew PEW PEW!” What a bunch of Jackasses!” Stitches continued chuckling as he slowly got to his feet grunting as he put weight on his hip.

“Ten feet away and he couldn’t hit me anywhere but the leg, What a Joke.”

Caroline just smirked at him and put his arm over her shoulder so she could support him and keep weight off his leg as she swept the street with her flashlight. The pair advanced for another fifteen minutes before they had found the grate, Caroline helped Stitches through the tunnel though his blood was running down his leg and mixing with the pool of water in the tunnel. Stitches made it to the tent and grabbed his needle and thread from his upper right Vests pocket and began sliding the needle through his bloody flesh and pulling the thread tight sealing the wound. Once Stitches had finished closing the bullet holes he took his canteen and poured water on top of the stitches to wash off the blood and he grunted as he sat down on his cot. Caroline pushed her hair out of her face and sat across from Stitches and spoke in a groggy tone. “In the morning I will tell everybody about the Supply depot”

Caroline looked over to Stitches and scratched the back of her neck.

“So Stitches, You have any friends back where you are from?”

Stitches sighed and spoke softly

“Lets see, Alex and Klein are never coming back, Alexie’s dead, David is scum, Robert is god knows where, Frenchy is MIA, Everyone else stabbed me in the Back, I only got one friend back there and thats Dom, and he joined up with the Convicts. Grim probably got himself killed.” Caroline smiled at Stitches and layed back on her cot and Stitches did the same.

“Lets just try and sleep alright, tomorrow morning we can tell everyone about the base.”


Chapter 4

The tent was being pierced by the blinding morning light as it illuminated in beams throughout the confined space reflecting off Stitches’ gasmask lenses. Stitches groaned and rolled over in his cot. “Why the hell is it so bright already!” Stitches sighed and rolled out of the cot and onto the floor with a grunt as his helmet banged against the floor. Caroline woke up with the sound of Stitches falling to the ground and she let out a small yawn and stretched and rubbed her eyes and opened them to see Stitches slipping and stumbling disoriented around the tent. Caroline burst out in a fit of laughter as her eyes were glued to the sight of stitches tripping and rolling about.

“You truly are graceful Stitches!” She snickered hysterically as Stitches breifly got up only to slip again and fall on his back.

“I would love to see you try and move around after getting bloody blinded and yelled at by four people non stop Caroline.”


Stitches continued to alternate between shouting to himself and retorting in various tones and accents until finally going silent and standing up properly and stable.

“So, Caroline who the hell am I fighting exactly? I came here just to go home and tie up some bloody loose ends and I got wrapped up in a war between two groups I don’t even god damn know.”

Caroline sighed and replied in a monotone voice dripping with boredom.

“Well, since you were born here you know the cops were always crooked. Eventually the outbreak hit and panic and chaos broke out, and everything went to hell, so cops just started shooting people who did not fall in line, meaning anybody who protested them eventually all forms of survivor groups and enclaves were stomped out leaving only the cops to rule. Well, the chief of police decided to climb his way to the top to proclaim himself the leader of a ‘Glorious new state’ as he likes to call it and began slaughtering any in his path all over the city, now he runs the place like its Alcatraz for christ sake, and kills anything that tries getting in or out of the city.”

Caroline inhaled slowly and got out of her cot and stood upright in front of Stitches.

“And what you guys want freedom or whatever, something like that? So you go right on and kill them back? Thats a bit circular aint it? They kill, killing is bad, we kill them?

Should be fun though, I'm up for it, morality and ethics are trivial in the long run, anyway lets get moving.”

Stitches and Caroline stretched and finished collecting their gear and moved out of the tent through the cold crisp morning air. The courtyard was still it looked alien and almost unrecognizable compared to when it was bustling with daily life and the shouts and laughter of everyday conversations and life that the courtyard teemed with during the day. They made their way slowly through the crisp silence into the old church at the front of the courtyard and Stitches pushed against the bulky wooden doors and watched as the door swung open. The pair entered and strolled over to the section of the church repurposed as a headquarters of the resistance. The silence was filled with the buzz of electronics that vibrated around the room. The men in the room remained silent and barely batted an eye as Caroline approached an older looking man at a large black desk.

“Hello Sir, Stitches and I have recovered information that will prove invaluable to the front.”

“Caroline, be quick, if this is truly serious spit it out already, I would hope you have learned not to disturb the work of the front over nothing.”

Caroline pulled out a map from the sage colored duffel bag slung over her shoulder and placed it on the desk and rolled it out revealing lots of margin notes and markers planted in various sections of it.

“The base of operations and supply depot of the corporation is here,”

Caroline smiled devilishly as she put her pointer finger down on a large red circle.

“Here is a church bell tower, for a sniper to stake out in. Now the front gate is not an option, but the back wall is less surrounded, we can't climb over without getting bottlenecked. So we are going to have to go through, the sniper would have a clear shot from the tower to the fuel supply, the explosion seems it would be powerful enough to knock a hole in the wall for infantry to get through, as well as taking out two birds with one stone because they would have no more easily ready fuel for their tanks.”

The old man smiled and he looked up at Caroline with his round large spectacles and over to Stitches.

“The Resistance will set up a plan of attack accordingly, Thank you so much Caroline, now go and get ready, our imminent victory calls for a celebration might as well enjoy our lives as many will be swallowed as kindling for the burning fire of our liberation.”

Stitches leaned against the wall in silence as he watched Caroline, he pulled up the front end of his mask just enough to reveal the scarred region of his mouth and jaw, he grabbed a cigarette from his front left flak vests pocket and slid it into his lips that were cracked into a sly grin and he pulled his black and red zippo from his back left pocket and flicked the lighter and brought the dancing flame up to his mouth and watched as the smoke trailed off from the cigarette. Caroline smiled and turned away from the desk and looked at Stitches as he exhaled slowly and a cloud of smoke expanded and shrouded his head in a gray fog.


Chapter 5

The courtyard was illuminated by bright lights and decorated with anything imaginable, from old christmas decorations and lights to foreign band posters and mounted animal heads from old hunting lodges. The sounds of laughter, music, and dancing echoed throughout the festive courtyard. Caroline smiled and leaned back against the large stone fountain in the center of the yard which was illuminated by a stream of old christmas lights running around an old dead tree just to the side of it so the lights draped over the water. She smiled and looked around for Stitches to see if he was around, she felt a hand rest on her right shoulder and she turned around to see Stitches in his uniform. She almost gasped in surprise when she looked up and saw him without his helmet and he smirked for a brief second when he caught her shock. He looked calm for once, his steel gray eyes swept around the courtyard and his jet black hair was smoothed down over his ghostly pale skin.

“What are you staring at, never seen a human before?”

Stitches smirked at Caroline and sat down next to her and they remained in silence and listened to the steady beat of the music echo throughout the courtyard along with the sound of laughter. “So uh, Caroline, Instead of just sitting down in silence would you prefer a dance?” Caroline smiled at Stitches and stood up slowly and looked down at Stitches and extended her hand. Stitches gave a small smirk and grabbed her hand got up on his feet and the pair walked closer to the source of the music. Stitches and Caroline stood in a crowd of people laughing and dancing and they grinned to themselves as they saw how happy everyone had been. Caroline smiled up at Stitches and she put her hands up on his shoulders and he looked down into her emerald green eyes and put his hands on her hips and they began to dance slowly together getting lost in the music. Caroline hugged Stitches and stayed in his arms until her world went black and her ears were filled with a loud ringing.



Chapter 6

Stitches felt Caroline hugging his chest and he hugged her back. Suddenly the fountain in the center of the courtyard exploded into a massive fireball and two MI 28 Helicopters strafed over the courtyard raining down bullets. Caroline collapsed in his arms as a second explosion from the wall to his near left after a missile smashed into it with a deafening roar. Stitches dropped to the ground and reached for Caroline and quickly grabbed her limp arms and dragged her close as he listened for the sound of the helicopters rotors to seem far enough away before the next strafe. Stitches grabbed Caroline and lifted her unconscious body onto his right shoulder and sprinted to his tent and quickly placed her on a cot as he grabbed his PKM and back pack. Stitches loaded the box magazine into the PKM and grabbed the handle on the top as he grabbed his gasmask and rushed putting it over his face followed by his dark black helmet. Stitches scooped Caroline back up over his shoulders and bolted for the drainage pipe they used to escape to courtyard. He placed her a good thirty five feet into the tunnel so she was safe from the strafes and he held her hand for a brief moment before holding the PKM by the handle firmly and positioning his other right at the trigger. Stitches walked out back into the courtyard to see the Helicopter making a return strafe.

“Of course its an MI-28… My god damned luck.”


Stitches sighed and dropped to the ground and positioned the bipod at the end of his PKM and aimed upwards. The chopper rotors were deafened as the cannon began firing at the yard Thud thud thud thud the courtyard exploded in clouds of dirt debris and fire. The members of the Resistance were fleeing the courtyard over the walls, dragging wounded out with them and frantically screaming commands everywhere. Stitches squeezed the trigger as the chopper passed directly in front of him. The PKM spit out 7.62 and the large shells spewed out the side of the gun all over the ground where they bounced about in white smoke. Stitches felt like a motorcycle was revving up right next to him with his head so close to the PKM. The rounds made contact with the chopper as it passed leaving a pinging noise but doing minimal damage. Stitches quickly pulled out the box magazine and tossed it aside quickly sliding a new one into place. He rolled over in the opposite direction and waited for the chopper to strafe again. The cannon at the front of the large chopper swiveled and focused right at Stitches. He held his breath and squeezed the trigger as he aimed right for the glass canopy of the Mi-28. Ping Ping Ping Ping CRACK! The rounds hit all around the chopper until one hit the armored glass canopy, then another and another and eventually Stitches magazine had run dry and the choppers canopy looked like a massive spider web drenched in red. The chopper began spinning wildly and smashed into the back wall of the courtyard. The chopper plumed black thick smoke and the scent of burning gas filled the courtyard as Stitches curled up quickly the chopper exploded into a massive fireball.


The ball of fire expanded into a massive rushing wall of flame enveloping the courtyard, soldiers and fighters of the resistance dove into cover and dropped to the ground in an attempt to escape the fire. Stitches struggled to push himself up, he grabbed the PKM and stumbled to get up falling on his back do to the heavy armor he was wearing, he tried again but before he could get up the wall of fire rushed above him and his suit was dancing with fire. Stitches Rolled and screamed on the burning grass as the suit burned, the heat was unbearable, he felt like a lobster being boiled in a pot of gasoline. The fire died down and Stitches pushed himself up and began ripping off the plating and sections of the Armor leaving him in just his undershirt and kevlar plated combat pants that were charred and scorched charcoal black. Stitches coughed and wiped the black soot off his arms and grabbed his gasmask hanging from his hip and wiped off the bright crimson lenses and pulled the mask over his face and pulled the straps tight to keep it in place. In a frantic desperate rush Stitches bolted for the drainage pipe he had hidden Caroline in. He dove into the pipe and crawled relentlessly through the pipe until he found her coughing sitting up right against the left half of the pipe.

“You alright Caroline? You look like shit." He said in a worried tone but tried to mask it behind a fake cheery tone.

“You’re one to talk for god sake, you look like a burned steak, only a hell of a lot less appetizing.” Stitches smirked behind his mask and slipped her shoulder over his and pulled her over his shoulders and began to carry her out of the pipe. They emerged from the pipe back into the courtyard to the sight of hundreds of resistance members rushing all around the courtyard dragging bodies out, organizing and distributing supplies and shouting commands. A guard carrying an old M4 and wearing military clothing and a gasmask ran up in front of Stitches and gave a quick salute “You there! Put her down now medics can take care of her, you however need to get to the main building and speak to the commander right now direct orders from the top,” Stitches nodded and gently lowered Caroline to the ground and jogged towards the command building. He briefly shot a glance over his shoulder to check on Caroline to see her being lifted onto a sage green cot stained with dried crimson blotches and carrying her off to a triage tent. He looked forward and sprinted over to the entrance to the command center grunting as his muscles strained to use any more energy as he pushed open the heavy thick wooden door. The old commander looked up from his desk to the sight of Stitches in his tattered uniform and gasmask coughing and wiping black ash and soot from his arms and coughing violently. Stitches composed himself and stood up giving a overly sarcastic bow of grace to the commander after wiping his eyes but when he was halfway through bowing he vomited on the floor and coughed violently again while making his way over to the chair in front of the Commanders desk.

“Beautiful as ever Mister Rose, and more graceful than any of god's other creatures to ever exist, Well the legless blind disabled ones at least and even they are giving you a run for your money right about now”

“You’re going to need something to new to wear you can’t go to war near naked and burned, We have some old clothing in the storeroom go there and come back for briefing when you are finished, We have lots to do”

Stitches sighed and walked to the old rusted metal door behind the old commander’s desk that opened up into the store room. The metal door screeched as the stiff unoiled hinges grinded with the door as it opened up into a unkempt room scattered with various articles of clothing and body armor piled in heaps and scattered about the dark room. His hand reached down to his charred belt as he searched and fumbled to find the flashlight hooked into one of the worn out old notches. His hand found the light and he grabbed the ring and unclipped it from the notch and grabbed the light as it fell from the belt. He clicked on the light and the beam shone brightly through the shroud of black as he searched for suitable attire. His eyes swept quickly about the assorted heaps of clothing until he found a set of old metal plates and a black leather duster roughly one or two sizes larger than him. His hands grabbed the duster and spread it wide on an empty spot on the floor. After grabbing the metal plates he dropped them next to the duster and held the flashlight in the crook of his neck, using his right hand he pulled out a bowie knife strapped to his boot. His other hand spread the duster wide and he began making openings above where the hips, stomach, shoulders, and ribs are on the duster. Grabbing the metal plates he slid the ones that fit each of the openings best and making the duster armored. Picking up the duster after sliding the bowie back into his ankle sheath he grunted as he slid on the duster feeling the weight of the metal plating. Stitches grabbed the light and began searching again through the eerie darkness. The light caught an old black flat brimmed hat with the feather of a dove stuck at an angle on the right side. He picked up the hat and pressed it down on his head and used his other hand to make sure the gasmask stayed in place as the hat pushed down to his brow. After fastening the light to the hook in the same notch in his belt he buttoned up his duster and sighed to himself. “Im tired of the same old crap, every time I fight, It stays the same, I always fight and it gets me to the same old DAMN SITUATION TIME AND TIME AGAIN!” He screamed in frustration and grabbed the nearest shelf letting out a violent roar as he smashed his shoulder into it causing it to topple over with a loud crash. Stitches continued to scream in rage as he smashed anything in sight, pushing down shelves kicking the assorted heaps of clothing across the room. He fell silent and began to bolt out of the room and kicking the door on his way so hard the hinges screeched and he tore the door clean off the frame.



“Boy what in the hell is wrong with you?! Are you insane for god sake calm down!”

The commander was fuming as he shouted in anger and disgust from his desk. Letting out a sigh of frustration Stitches cocked his head to the left and walked slowly to the commander and abruptly grabbed him by the collar of his shirt bringing the commander’s nose right up against the spot between the lenses of Stitches mask.

“Im done with this same old story, every time there's an issue the solutions always bloody violence and sending people to death and condemning them to HELL!”

Stitches hissed as he released his grip on the commander’s shirt as he pushed him roughly back into his old chair. “Back in Chernarus all that happened was death, It was either me torturing someone, or vice versa, and that was only the calm part. Every other second it was only gunfire everywhere and you couldn't tell whose blood was even soaking your trousers anymore.” The commander fumbled to formulate a sentence but before he could reply Stitches had stormed out of the room and out into the courtyard. Stitches sprinted to the medical tent next to the pile of rubble that was once a fountain.

Caroline was groaning in pain on the old stretcher which was doubling as her cot in the old tent that smelled of rubbing alcohol and decay. She smiled at Stitches immediately recognizing the gasmask on the face of the figure immediately. “We are leaving Caroline.” Was all that Stitches said as he scooped her up into his arms and began carrying her out of the tent. She looked up and nodded to him as he continued to march towards the gate that was bustling with people flowing in and out of the courtyard. Stitches pushed through the river of people streaming through the entrance of the camp until he was outside the confines of the large stone walls.

Chapter 7

Stitches leaned his back against the door of the humvee with his arms crossed and pulled tight against his chest as he shivered from the cold crisp night air. As he gazed up to the cold white full moon in the starry black night through the thousands of snowflakes floating down from the heavens he let out a sigh. The sound of the back door of the humvee opening broke the peaceful silence as Caroline hopped out of the large vehicle and began trudging through the snow over to Stitches.

“Everything alright Rose?” She said softly as she leaned against the side of the hood to his right.


“Yeah, Its just hard to believe that we left it all, even after six months I still wonder if everyone back in the Czech ended up alright in the end, Or if any of my friends back in Chernarus are ok..” He said in a depressed quiet tone that was most unusual for him.

“Well what would you prefer to do other than sit on your ass for another day in the snow?” She said in a sly teasing tone.

“Well, Some of my old friends I still trust were going to Russia, might as well go and search for them, beats doing nothing but scavenge and lounge about the same cabin for the next six months.” He chuckled and smirked behind his mask and pushed off the door of the humvee and pulled the door open. “After you.” He said in a mocking tone giving her an over the top ridiculous bow as she chuckled and climbed into the passenger seat. She smiled at him as she watched him clamber clumsily into the driver seat and pull the door shut. “So Russia it is I guess?” He smirked to Caroline as he started the ignition and the engine roared to life. Caroline leaned back in her seat and gave him a small nod. With that he put the Humvee into drive and they peeled off into the night.

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10/10 pretty pictures.

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Ill break it up into chapters and release day by day tomorrow.... Im to exhausted right now

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Wow, just...wow. Truly epic story writing there Stitches, Welcome back.

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Guest Vittoria

stitches r u comin back or wot

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Me and my grenade. Hmm, I blame BHM for poor hearing.

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stitches r u comin back or wot

Yeah I am, Im just going to be awhile till I get Standalone

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Guest Vittoria

stitches r u comin back or wot

Yeah I am, Im just going to be awhile till I get Standalone

join volki pls

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Got to chapter 4 so far its pretty good and detailed. Will read the rest when I get free time.

Though still needs more David

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Guest Bourneco

;-; Lila is forgotten forever..

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Snitches get Stitches. RIP

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