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Dale's Chronicles - Life on Chernarus

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If you're reading this, I am likely dead or worse. I hope it is the former. This is my journal... This is my downfall...

Day One: Greetings

Arriving in Chernogorsk, the boat docking in the frankly derelict bay. It was a bright day, a few clouds moving in to cover up the sun but ultimately moving on, allowing the light to shine through. I stood on the light blue boat, called "The Jessica", in my cargo shorts and dark black checked shirt. Moving off the boat, I thudded down on to the concrete dock, my luggage falling beside my dark blue tennis shoes.

In the middle of the city now, close to the town hall, waiting for a bus to appear to take me to Elektrozavodsk, the final battle site of the great Chernarussian Civil War, where General Karzovask defeated the rebellious forces of the south and restored peace and order to the Chernarussian people, less than twenty-five years ago. I had come here on my break from my schooling, deciding that a small island with a bloody history would be the perfect holiday spot for a history mogul like myself. Ah, the bus is here, I will continue writing in my hotel room.

*The page is creased and slightly torn from speed writing*

I'm in the forests now, the bus driver stopped in the middle of the road to help somebody stuck in the grass. I disembarked and went to help too, fearful that the person might be hurt. The driver and I approached the grass and called to the person, asking if they were hurt. As we moved in closer, we noticed that the person was making a distinct, low growl, almost feral in sound. The bus driver approached with me behind him and reached out to what I think was a man. He asked if he was okay again and the growling stopped. The head of the man turned and revealed a bloodied but mostly human face. The bus driver moved forward to help the man up, only for the man to lunge forward and knock him to the ground. I rushed towards the man, pulling him off the driver and shoving him to the ground but he was up, quick as a flash and this time he was at my throat! I used every part of my body to fight the man off, by God he was strong. I tucked my chin in to my chest and butted heads with the man, knocking him back into the bus driver. A scream, tearing and then the sounds of ravenous munching and mashing. I stood up, dazed, only to see the bus driver lying flat, blood pooling in to the grass and the man furiously chewing on the insides of the bus driver! Guts, blood and bits of flesh specked the ground and the uniform of the bus driver. I backed off, the other passengers aware of what was happening, disembarked and moved off down the road, whilst I moved in the other direction.

The sound of jeeps, trucks and helicopters roared in to the atmosphere. It had been about five minutes and the man was still snacking on the driver, chewing in to every bit of his reddened flesh and uniform. I was behind the bus, watching jeeps and helicopters fly towards the city of Elektrozavodsk. I saw the passengers of the bus huddle near the forest, under the shade of a large tree. They didn't notice me and the military took no notice either, whizzing by without so much as a thought. I was still looking around when I spotted a single military jeep, cruising away from the city of Elektrozavodsk. They appeared to slow down and came to a stop, about five meters from the passengers. I spied on them from my space behind the bus and noticed the military men step out of the jeep, also noticing there was a large machine gun mounted on top of the jeep. The men approached the passengers and a conversation ensued. The conversation became increasingly heated, the words "bitten, infected, risk" were snippets of the discussion I caught. After a while, a man with a cap on moved back to the jeep and ordered the men to move out. I spied on the men climbing in to the jeep and looked at the passengers, who looked even more frightened than before. I turned my back to the group and rested against the back of the bus, keeping my eye on the man, making sure he didn't sneak up on me and surprise me, seeing as I couldn't kill it, I didn't have anything to kill it with! I shut my eyes for a minute but jolted them open when the sound of gunfire cracked in to the air. I peeked around the corner of the bus and to my horror I saw the military men firing on the passengers with the large gun on the jeep! I pulled away from the corner of the bus and moved under the chassis of the bus quickly, scraping the fabric off the front of my shirt as I hurriedly shimmied under the bus. I heard the jeep rumble forward and two more shots pierced the air and I turned my head to see the man fall to the ground, two large holes blown through his chest. The jeep thundered down the road, towards Chernogorsk, not noticing me.

I rolled out from under the bus and moved towards the passengers. I knew that no authority would help me now and the words infection, risk and bitten sounded awfully suspicious. I checked the passengers for supplies and came across a backpack, a small knife and water. I also found a small sandwich and two bread rolls. Sifting through the bodies, desensitized to it for an unknown reason, I pulled back the corpse of a large man and found a boy, alive! I reached out to him and he struck back at me, catching my jaw with a surprisingly powerful punch. I moved back and put my hands up, showing the boy that I was friendly and I wouldn't harm him. I spat blood on to the ground and offered him my hand, speaking to him and telling him that he could come with me.

Back to the present now, or the past depending on your perspective. The boy's name is David, he's fourteen years old and his parents were amongst the corpses of the passengers. My name is Dale Hardway, this is my journal, David is my charge and survival is my goal.

*You turn the next page and it is blank, leaving a note saying that the journal has been scattered all over the island, leaving directions for you to find them.*

(Feedback is appreciated!)

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