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Kylo Bear

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Hi guys.. new guy here and really excited! Hopefully I'll get whitelisted soon!

Here is my guys story! Some of it is actually true.. the photographer part that is :)

Being a recently graduated photographer Kylo set out just a couple months before the apocalypse to the land of Chenarus. His goal was to photograph the beautifull landscape of this mountain landscape. But only a month after travelling and photographing things went south. The Zombie Apocalypse started and Kylo was left alone and had to use his survival knowledge he gained from watching Discovery Channel.

Luckily he had those skills from prior survival experiences and spending multiple months a year in the Swiss and German mountains. As well as a three month backpack travel inside China. Thanks to this expertise and his always surivival-items filled backpack Kylo knows how to live off berries, hunted meat and improvised shelter. Along that he is also an expert navigator. He knows exactly where something is and has good knowledge of natures compass.

As a lone traveller Kylo also knows how to survive on his own.. he does not need a lot of people to manage himself. He usually skims the outskirts of cities and only goes in for the real neccesary supplies. Even then he is like a shadow.. In and out quickly. He rather avoids confrontation.

Even though he will mostlikely never be able to show his art again Kylo still carries his large-format camera along and takes some shots every now and then. He is a landscape photographer in his heart and mind and will never stop!

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