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105.4Hz Volki frequency. [SA]

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*An old frequency end it's endless static as a microphone turns on. As multiple men can be heard walking to the microphone.. Closer and closer as the wooden floor can be heard squeaking and then a voice.*

Hello this is Captain Andrei Charkov from the 5th mechanized battalion. After heavy loses at Berezino the CDF forces have broken apart in all directions of Chernarus. Batallion commander Polk. Nikolaj Kovač was killed in action and appointed me, to lead the batallion- or what was left of it. Luckily a few on my men and I have managed to escape and during our survival we have found civilians to join us and aid them into adapting in this current time. We have a CallSign which is Volki but most of us are Veteran and fighters of Chernarus. Many have called us bandits recently for defending ourselves.. I understand times are hard and trust is hard now but understand Volki has not shown any hostilities to anyone unless breaking Chernarussian laws which most of you know.. They are like the ones before but we are not going to be doing gun regulations. Anyways I am going to hand this Frequency to my Corporal Ruslan Zolo-Static- who will listen in to most of your call and respond directly or get me to respond. We have acknowledged that CDF remnants are forming but currently. I will follow the objectives appointed to me before the death of my Polk which was to provide safety to out citizens and make contact with all remaining CDF forces.Hopefully this decision of opening our old comms which cause some troubles but a few of our men fixed it..

To recap, if any civilians or military forces wish to contact us then transmit on this frequency. We are willing to help if possible and we will attempt to handle all issues that occurred on the field. Here Ruslan take the mic.

*The mic gives out some noises as it is moved and then a man is heard walking out and slamming a door*

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*Tuning into the Frequency that the Corporal of the CDF unit 'Volki' in the previous transmission, Luka anxiously pressed the transmit button in order to reply to the man's message*

'Greetings my fellow Chernarus Defence Force men, this is Captain Luka Kratochvil of the 101st CDF Pioneers. I received a message on my open frequency from one of your Corporals, stating that you were another CDF unit within South Zagoria. It makes me glad to hear that several other troops of the CDF are still operating. If you would like to organise a meeting, we can do so over secure frequency.

Keep your ears out for the Chedaki as well, Volki. May the legend of the Proud Wolves live on!

Kratochvil Out.'

*With that said, Luka gathered up his equipment and stepped out of the building into the courtyard of his new home*

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