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Put in a wrong guid?

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I have been playing this server a few months back, on the mod version. Since that died out, and I have been playing a lot of Altis Life roleplay, I really wanted to play on your servers again. We decided to get whitelisted for the standalone server and got accepted. It says on the whitelist section of the website that I am whitelisted.

But I cannot join the server, neither can my friend who also can see his whitelisting got accepted.

Now it is only 2 days ago for me and 1 for him since we got accepted, maybe it takes time. Or did we just both put in a wrong GUID? I'm starting to think the ''c'' might have been a ''e'' somewhere in my GUID, but it's kinda hard to see..

Hope someone can help me out with this as I would love to make my start on this server!



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