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Hello from Healshot

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Here is a little about me. My name is Jon "Healshot" N., I'm 29 years young. Born and raised in North Carolina, I grew up playing video games at a young age, thanks to my uncle. He gave me a dead controller and let me think, I was playing the game and was doing good. It was that confidence that made me the gamer, I am today. So big props to my uncle D. for making me believe in myself.

Later in life, I got into voice acting in my spare time. But the gamer in me said keep going, then a game came out know as Warcraft 3. And from that a mod called DOTA made me want to game again. So with my roots in Starcraft, began my journey into MOBAs and MMOs the rest is dust in the wind.

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Voice acting? I expect good things then... :P

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to contact any staff, jump on TS, or ask around the forums.

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