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Butcher    0

I'm trying to sleep after a long, long day. However, the unforgiving storm outside keeps me awake for a bit longer. The thunder is loud, which makes me believe it's right above this weak roof. I stare at the ceiling, resting my sore body in bed, all alone in the dark. I do not dare to turn on the lights. Those things are still out there and I cannot fight them anymore. Not tonight, at least.

"My name is Jack. My surname... it doesn't matter" — I say, in a whisper, barely heard due to the rain pouring harshly against the window. A loud thunder follows as I remember how everything started. I have promised myself to let go, but it's nights like these that I seek the confort that I no longer have. My family, my friends. They're all gone, either dead or lost. It's been so long that I gave up on hope. I had to let them go. Now, it's just Jack. I had to move on.

The morning will bring more of the same. A need to go out and fight for survival. Food is always scarce and my throat is getting dry. I need to make another run to the pond and pray I don't get sick whist drinking, in order to satisfy my thirst. The supermarket has been looted days ago, so I need to use my trusty axe and fight my way into other houses, in hopes of finding anything I can eat. Eventually, this town will run dry and I need to move elsewhere, hopefully away from the big cities.

I close my eyes and I try to sleep. Another failed attempt at first. However, the fatigue ends up winning and I fall asleep minutes later. Being in my twenties, this new way of life, after the incident, makes me feel I am twice my age. Food and water are priorities. This log cabin will do, for now.

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Masulii    24

Congratulations Buther! :)

Stay safe in the wasteland of Chernarus :P

Maybe we meet some day

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Welcome to the community, I like the story :) you should start your own journal

If you have any questions or need any help feel free to contact any staff, jump on TS, or ask/look around the forums.

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