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RP Hub For US Standalone Server?

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So I know that for awhile, both Olsha and Staroye were big RP hubs and somewhat settlements on the the EU sever, but now that the NA server has opened, I have not been able to find a place where people gather and RP on it. I can still find some people at Staroye and Olsha on the EU server but on the NA server they are nothing but ghost towns.

Basically, I just want to know where a good place to meet and RP is on the NA server.

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Guest GreenGod

LoneStarr, the best answer I can give is for you to find out for yourself. A big factor in the game is immersion that being said finding things for yourself is a lot more fun and leads to much better RP.

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What GreenGod says is true.

Groups are learning fast to not advertise their locations anymore. The best way to find them is to travel, ask people IC if they know of places and things like that.


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/Moved to questions

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