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Survivors: Looking For Group

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IGN: (In - Game Name) Danny Brooks
Country: United States
English skills: First Language 
DayZ Standalone Experience: Around 90 hours.
Roleplaying Experience: Been a member here since October last year.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Depends on the character. For example right now my charater has no holstile feelings twoards anyone, unless they are hostile towards him.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Remnants
Additional notes: 
Best way to contact you: PM here or find on teamspeak

Backstory: ( MIGHT CHANGE SOON ) 

Me and my brother were always big hunters. Our goal was to hunt on every continent. And what better place than good ole chernarus. Everything started off as planned. We arrived and made our way down to the cabin one of our friends told us about and cleaned for us. We stayed a good week, and didn't get anything. But we deiced that we would extend our trip and stay one more week. I finally got that deer i wanted. I was tracking it for a while. Me and my brother then skinned the dear, leaving the guts in a hole so it didn't attract any bears or any other predators. But we attracted something we were not expecting. One morning we woke up before the sun came up to see if we could get another good catch. We then found two what we thought were people by the hole with all of the waste that we threw in. We called to them multiple times with no response. My brother then decided to put his flashlight on them. There was no real life in them. They were eating the animals guts that we put in the hole. Then they charged us. With nothing to use as weapons, we retreated back into the cabin to evade them. We stayed quiet for about three hours before peeking out the window. We didnt see anything and decided to flee. After bursting through the door, my brother was immediately he was tackled by one of these things. I tried to turn around and help but was too far ahead to help. This thing was clawing his face and eating it. I hope i can help rid these things of the earth. I need to find like minded people that need to get rid of these scum. 


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IGN: James Hamilton/Alexander Dukov
Country: UK
English skills: First and only language
DayZ Mod Experience: 1000+ hours
DayZ Standalone Experience: 700 hours
Roleplaying Experience: Played Dayzrp since 26/12/2013
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Variety depending on character and surroundings.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Volki V2, V3 leader of V4. 501st(Mod). ZBOR(Clan Leader). CRA v1, v2. PUA(Mod)(leader) Too many other smaller groups
Additional notes: I prefer to be a physical presence during RP down on the ground during hostile moments rather that on a hill missing the conversation. I think I bring experience to any group due to my time within RP in many different types of groups from hostile to passive. I have a good experience with the rules having never received a point/ban ever although playing as a "bandit" a large majority of the time. I was also a staff member for 8-9 months. 
Best way to contact you:

Backstory: (changes dependent on group or character. Read my Character page for one of them)

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-snip | no group neeeded-
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-snip, no group needed anymore-

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IGN: Raffe Walker

Age: 19

Country: Brazil.

English skills: Outstanding.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Well over 700 hours; Approaching 1,2k hours if combined with the RP Mod.

Roleplaying Experience: Over 7 years of experience.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: I'm a Jack of All Trades, really, but I don't like role-playing a emotionless soldier in someone's army.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Mostly dynamic groups. Spent some time with The Trust, played around with Outrun whilst running my own group, back then.

Additional notes: Can't be 100% active all day, but I'm always online.

Best way to contact you: Either PM, or TS3 poke/message. I can also play guitar and sing, if that matters.

Backstory: Not the full story, since it's still a big W.I.P, but it explains how the heck Raffe got in Chernarus:


It ain't easy to tell you how long a man can survive in the apocalypse. You don't really have much to say when it comes to the question "How did you manage to be alive this long?" other than "I tried my best.". Hell, why even bother asking then? Because we all want to know someone's struggles in these times of despair. It's the only thing that you've got left to identify yourself with someone else, so you're bound to use it no matter how long it takes. 

Our little boy here, Raffe, didn't really try his best until he saw his entire life passing trough his mind, no. He was lucky to survive the first few days in Chernarus. When it comes to a cruise ship being suddenly taken over by a single infected person, you can't really do much other than scream for help on the radio until you die, right? Oh boy, the answer would be no. There were two persons of interest for Raffe in that ship: His wife, Amelia, and his older brother, Michael. When it all began, it was taken just as a simple prank, but then, it all turned into a nightmare. Imagine over two thousand people inside a cruise ship running all around, looking for a place to hide, even though they know that the safety feeling wont last for long. Can you imagine the fear that they were feeling right away when that alert siren took over the boat? 

Raffe, on the other hand, thought it would be better to hide in plain sight. He didn't know a thing about the infected, other than "They like to eat people. Alive.", so, in his ignorance, he sat in the front of the ship, slowly turning his head, looking for any signs of firm land in the horizon, as he expected the infected to roam around the upper levels of the boat, in search of living people . In his mind, the only thing that he cared about was how the hell they were going to leave that ship without storming it somewhere alongside the coast. Raffe didn't know anything about how boats worked, and he was pretty sure that anyone in the cabin must have been dead by that point, considering the facts he heard in the television about the virus. 

It was all his fault, he told himself, he was the one to put his only beloved ones in that mess, just because of some dream he had where they would have the time of their lives in a well done vacation, and now they were on the brink of death. Amelia and Michael were with him at that time, talking to each other behind him, as he carefully looked another time over the flat, blue ocean. Suddenly, a realization came to him: "What if we took the smaller boats?". The idea wasn't really accepted at the first minute, but after some more time debating it, they decided it would be for their best. 

After sneaking past some infected, and reaching the emergency boats in the lower deck, it was finally time for the daring escape! When out of nowhere, five people came around the hallway. Raffe could see it: The blood on their face, the teared up clothing and their loud groans as if they were imitating an animal that just found easy food. It all indicated that they were infected already, and hell, they didn't have much time. "Come on! Get in!", he yelled, but it was too late. Amelia was panicking, and decided to start running away as Michael followed her, trying to reach for her arm and pull her back. When Raffe tried the same, his foot got stuck in the rope on the floor, and, as his body started going forwards, the rope tightened, and lever was pulled, the boat fell, and his Raffe was dragged with it, almost dragging the railing with him. 

The few seconds before the water hit his face were ever so slow, and he could almost smell the fresh breeze of the ocean once again. He saw that the sunlight was in perfect alignment in the horizon, making the water look like it was shining yellow. He could feel every heartbeat as if they happened once per micro-seconds. The boat was getting closer and closer to his eyes, and it kept getting faster, and faster, until... 

Waking up after those types of dives is not good at all, specially when you figure out that you didn't actually land on the water, but in a hard and stone-cold floor that almost broke your skull with the impact. The worse part, was the fact that the ship was long gone from his vision sight, and it was already night-time, with a few sparkles of light coming from the East. That meant that the sun was about to rise. "How many hours did I spend sleeping?" he asked, but no response came to his mind. He wasn't the best at talking to himself. 

His only thoughts were to move, and go the same direction that the ship might have gone. After all, what could go wrong? Where could he possibly end up? In a Post-USSR country with little concern about it's civilian lives, and has just been the start of a major infection outbreak that is probably going to take over the entire world in a few weeks? Nah, what are the odds?


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First of all I want to say that I'm looking for an active group and it would be good if most members
are from Europe

IGN: John Persic

Country: Croatia

English skills: Almost Exelent

DayZ Mod Experience: 377h

DayZ Standalone Experience:420h

Roleplaying Experience:Im new but I'm getting the ropes

What kind of In Game role best describes you:I'm a survivor/hero...I help people but if you hurt me
or any of my teamates I will hurt you

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No

Best way to contact me:Personal massage


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IGN: Rick Lague
Country: Canada
English skills: English only
DayZ Mod Experience:3/2 years
DayZ Standalone Experience: ever since it came out in december 2013
Roleplaying Experience: started in arma 2 rp then played dayz mod rp for a while till i moved over to arma 3 rp then dayz rp
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Gunmen, Guard, Hunter or scavenger
Have you been in any clan/group previously:No
Additional notes: im not as active as i used to so i'll be on mainly in the afternoons and weekends
Best way to contact you:pm me or message me on steam Theyodaguy12

My name is Rick Lague i was part of the UN relief force to Chernuras before we got cut off from the outside by the Russian blockade that surrounded the country. after the riots most of what was left of our ammunition gone we, used against are own humans not the infected sad huh so now some time later jeez i don't even know what day it is anymore. when i first arrived in Chernarus i thought i would be gone in a month back home but no everything went shit up and now all my mates are dead and its just me. i was a UN soldier from Canada so these people were strange the language they spoke was weird to me so i had to learn fast. After the fall i left my UN traces behind knowing survivors would not be a huge fan of us i know my accent will still give me away but there is nothing that can be done about that. all i do now is just wander the wasteland that is Chernarus killing infected when they appear and killing fellow humans when they pose a threat to me if i find nice people who would help me learn my way around that would help cause i kinda dont even now where i'am anymore i remember being at an airfield in the northeast part of Churnarus but now i have no clue i just wander and when i come across a town i head down search for food and water and survivors but what else can i do.

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IGN: (In - Game Name) Evan Smith
Country: U.s.a
English skills: Born and raised English
DayZ Mod Experience: 0
DayZ Standalone Experience: Somewhere around 200+
Roleplaying Experience: Heavy
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Reapers V2, V3 a static Islamic group that never took off but there was a decent amount of us
Additional notes: open to anything
Best way to contact you: pm



"You in the ripped cloths come here" why do you want me "just get over here or you're gonna get it" fine "against the wall" ok "now tell us what brought you to the country outsider" you wanna hear my story it's a long one "Well it may just give your life some extra time so let's hear it" ok well ill start from the beginning get it I was a survival expert who came to chernarus to test my skills in the wilderness my arrival date was just three days before the initial outbreak during the 30 days I was suppose to try and survive and reach civilization the first day was just finding supplies and building a shelter after that I went and look for food and water that took about two more days in total for the next four days it was the same routine gather food and water and material to fix up my shelter on the 20th day a man came to our site which was weird on its own considering no one knew we were there we asked him if he was ok he just responded with these blood curtailing grunts so one of my film crew approached him and shook him to see if he was all right and the man or thing frieken bit him after we had tried to help him he bit him my crew man yelled and pissed that thing off more and it lunged at him poor john didn't even make it out of the forest after that we ran leaving most of our supplies in the woods in fear that we might be attack gathering our stuff by that thing so we just ran and brain the only remaining crew member tripped and sprained his ankle so we had to take him to a hospital and in a small town called Zelenogorsk a day before the stupid quarantine I brought Brian into the hospital there to help fix his leg it was about 11pm October 11 2014 there was already military presence there we didn't think of it much was Russian after all they said it was gonna be a while as the had a lot of patients well during this time we were waiting they had issued a quarantine well we didn't know until we had gotten out of the hospital all Brian got was a stupid air cast to help heal his ankle we tried to leave around 4 am and they told us where we were being quarantined for our safety I begged for them to let us go but they wouldn't so we went and stayed with a relative of brains for a couple of days until this was sorted out well that didn't last long it was only three days until the quarantine broke down and we had to run his cousin refused to go even though people were dyeing he said he was born there and he very much would rather dye there well after precious moments spent trying to convince him we gave up realizing we needed to save our own lives we were just about out of the town when I looked back to see how Brian was doing and he was attacked by one of those goddamn things it killed him just like it had killed john I had to cut my loss running only hearing his screams as he was mauled to death by it after a few days wandering the area around the town I found another small town appeared to be empty so I went for supplies and that's were a ran into you my captor. "well that's a sad little story now isn't it" ya it is so what are you gonna do with me "well seeing as you are of no use to me i'm going to do you a favor and spare you of these hard times my friend" so your gonna kill me "yep" *aims gun* *bang* "what was that you stay right here im going to check that out" *BANG BANG BANG* *walks in limping and looks at me* "you bastard" *Dies from gunshot wounds "are you ok sir" who me "yes you're the only one left let me get those ties" *cuts ties* who are you "they call me a hero around here" why because people like me try and help people like you for no benefit" why "for the great good now come let's go" ok "here take some supplies and go try not to get captured again" ok but before I got what is the date "it's November 15 I believe why" i've just been in there for almost a month watch a lot of people die from him is there still civilization anywhere "no it collapsed were trapped in here from the Russians not letting anyone out now I must go good luck" *thinks to myself what direction to go next* i'll go west gotta be some survivors let's do this.

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IGN: Pedro Ramos
Country: Portugal
English skills: Pretty Decent
DayZ Mod Experience: Just a little bit
DayZ Standalone Experience: Around 2 Years with a few come and goes.
Roleplaying Experience: I've roleplayed in numerous other games but for some reason I think in DayZ it will be way different...
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Wild Survivor, Scavanger, Scout
Have you been in any clan/group previously: No, I haven't
Additional notes: I'm a pretty fun, friendly guy and I can either be laughing and change to a more serious posture in a very little time
Best way to contact you: PM on the Forums or through Steam (/id/mikofficial2k16/)

It was morning of 30th of September of 1993. In Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro Ramos was born. He had a 3 year older brother who was very protective. He never let anything bad happen to Pedro. 
As a young boy he was a bit shy sometimes at school and would only hang around with a small group of friends that we would trust. 
For surprise of his parents and family, he has diagnosed with a lymphoma at the early age of 8. However, he was very young and didn't knew how to react to a possible deadly disease. His parent's and brother we're devasted, and quickly realised that he could pass away. Fortunetly, due to a doctor which her husband had died 1 year ago from the same disease, she did everything at her hands to keep Pedro alive. 
4 Months into chemotherapy, Pedro and his family got the wonderfull news that he would make it. Some years have passed and Pedro decided to presue his career at Automotive Mechatronics. After the completing the studies, Pedro went to Military Recruit. 
1 Year later, Pedro left Military and got a job at Audi in Portugal. 
In 2012, Pedro got a Job offer in South Zagoria as veichle tester of a car manufacturer. 
2 Years later, the Outbreak happened, and with just a bit of Survival Knowledge, he travels around South Zagoria in hopes of finding fellow Survivors and Survive. 

He hopes to someday go back to Portugal and find his Parent's and Brother alive.


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IGN: (In - Game Name) Lakai Smith
Country: USA
English skills: Perfect
DayZ Mod Experience: 3 years 
DayZ Standalone Experience: 1 month 
Role playing Experience: 3 years
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Pretty much anything that is needed i am more so a backup guy during tight situations when initiating
on someone
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Back on DayZ Mod I was in Salvation and Bad Company.
Additional notes: I Led a in Both Salvation and Bad Company and RP was a serious thing when it came down to how we played. I still do my best to 
incorporate as much role play as i can while playing. Just looking for an active group that i can game with instead of running around by myself 
all the time its getting kinda old. Recruit me Im useful and stay on top of my shit
Best way to contact you: Best way to contact me is on here really i log on this website everyday for a couple hours a day even if im not playing 

Backstory: I was once a leader of 2 clans but ended up falling inlove and that brings a liability...things got the best of me and i risked it all for 1 girl. Now im back to do better than i did before. 


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IGN: I have 3 characters I can use. Main would probably be either Paddy or Timothy Hook.
Country:United Kingdom
English skills: Sub-par.. Nah, it's good.
DayZ Standalone Experience: 1119 hours
Roleplaying Experience:1000 hours on DayZRP and not clocked from other games
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Honestly? I'm top notch at being a cunt.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Clowns, Coldwater, The Horsemen, Gamblers, Akrasia, Chernarus Osvobození Přední
Additional notes: I'll choose from the offers I receive.
Best way to contact you:Forums or TS

Backstory:Will be given/ made when I choose a group.

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2 minutes ago, Mexi said:

Take a look and let me know if you like what you see.

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IGN: Jace Garrison or Anthony Crane
Country:United States
English skills: Native Speaker
DayZ Mod Experience:Years.
DayZ Standalone Experience:Since it came out.
Roleplaying Experience:Also, years. Way back into the Mod days.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Neutral/Hero Rp. I like to play the fanatical, good characters that are flawed in there own ideal of what justice is.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Several, I've also headed a few decently successful groups.
Additional notes: No bandits and activity is a must. If I feel you are an inactive alliance I wont hesitate to leave.
Best way to contact you: Forum or steam: Anthony Crane

Backstory: Jace: Before the outbreak he was an FBI special agent. He specialized in cyber warfare and got ticked off to the situation in Chernarus far before the outbrake gew serious. He went rouge at the news and fled to Cherno so see what he could find out and possibly even try to help the people there. But as he was only one man, he got himself caught up and has just lived in the back woods of Cherno untill now.

Crane: He was a former criminal, he lead an arms smuggling operation for much of his life until a stop in Cherno went for the worst. He was supplying the Cherno militants and found himself with some sick crew. When they set off back home the infection spread and the ship was over run. Eventually Russian quarentine vessels blew them out of the water and he awoke on the beach. The rest is history.

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IGN: Rick Smith
Country: Australia
English skills: Gday mate ;)
DayZ Mod Experience: 1.1k hours
DayZ Standalone Experience: 1.5k hours
Roleplaying Experience: DayZRP, havent been able to play much on here, but i'm hoping to find a group so I can! I also
played on friendly in chernos server for about 3 months.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Calm but protective. I love to go out scavenging for gear my family or
in this case the group. It also allows me to find and meet others in our community.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Sadly not yet!
Additional notes: My Australian times usually wont effect when i play as i work a cinema and usually play DayZ d
ifferent times compared to other aussies
Best way to contact you: http://steamcommunity.com/id/coopsm8/ or on here!

My story - 

My names Rick Smith. I moved to Chernarus from Australia when myself and my family decided we needed a new life. But our timing could of been worse, it all happened just weeks after leaving Australia... We had been in Chernarus for around a total 2 weeks, my family had finally begun settling down in this new enviorment. Time finally came for me to go to work for the first time, I had been hired as a miner in Vybor with a contract for 2 years. As i went to say goodbye to my little boy Cooper and my teenage daughter Liz, I was disappointed to find that Liz was not home. I didn't take much of this, but later on. I realised I may never see her again. I was in the mine for the first time, there were many other new men starting today as well. My supervisor took much interest in me and was giving me a lot of tips and skills on how to do things easier in the mine. It had been hours since i saw sunlight and then suddenly he came over to me. He told me "You need to leave right now. The world as we know it is going crazy". He had that type of look in his eye, you know? The one where you know there was actually something wrong. I quickly signed out and packed my stuff away and headed back to my house in Zelenogorsk. I noticed that there was many people on the road driving like crazy people! This was happening and around the town aswell, but i didn't take much notice in this. My house was set just off in the hills from zelenogrosk, not many people are usually around this way so nothing was feeling to strange for me. I got back to my house and i knocked on my door as we only had our 1 key at the moment. No one came up to the door. I decided to walking around the back, but to see the most terrifying thing in my life. Blood. Blood everywhere.


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IGN: Glenn Smith

Country: Australia
English skills: Standard 
DayZ Mod Experience: 400 hours
DayZ Standalone Experience: 918 hours
Roleplaying Experience: DayzRP, I have not role-played a lot before but I feel comfortable in most RP situations  
and hope to join a group to further improve my RP skills.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Resourceful and quick thinker, which is why supply runs are my strong point. If a situation seems
to start becoming problematic I resolve the situation by thinking it through and playing it safe.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: I'm with a small group of friends but other than that, no.
Additional notes: Australian times don't usually effect me because I usually play until the mornings anyway.

STORY: My names Glenn Smith. My family and I all decided on moving to Chernarus from Australia after an agreement on creating a new chapter in our life. After moving into our new house we were just starting to settle in, we thought the best of our new future in Chernarus. But that all soon changed in a couple weeks, it was my last day off before i start working as a farmer to grow fruits and vegetables for local grocery stores and food markets. I decided as a family we should all go out for a nice picnic and do something as a family to celebrate moving to such a beautiful country. My wife Abigail and daughter Ava, all got in the car and started travelling to the beach. But on the way we saw something I could never forget. 4 men in their late 20’s, all huddled around another male lying on the floor, there was blood everywhere! On the sidewalk and their clothes, the blood was coming from that lifeless body, they were eating him! I put the car in reverse and headed straight back home. While driving the radio started beeping and said “This is an emergency announcement! Stay inside and lock the doors, this is not a drill. The infection has spread from Zelenogorsk and is slowly spreading throughout chernarus! I repeat, stay inside and lock all doors!” This was when we started to panic and started driving as fast as this ride could get me. This was my mistake, I was passing an intersection while an 18 wheeler was driving past, I couldn’t slow down I  was going to fast. I crashed and the destruction was devastating, I fell unconscious and woke up after a few minutes to find my family had passed away. Fire was everywhere, I had to escape quick if I wanted to live, after escaping all I could think of was  “Why, why, why, why? Why me?”  

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IGN: (In - Game Name) Jax Smith
Country: United Kingdom
English skills: Standard
DayZ Mod Experience: 1000+ Hours
DayZ Standalone Experience: 40 Hours
Roleplaying Experience: I would say i had around 30RP Hours on the Mod playing solo, However this is my first RP on the standalone. I am very comfortable in RP Sitations and would like to be a member of a group to have some good RP experiences and group-play.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: I'm a quick thinking combat expert. I use my experience to make sure that i read the sitation and understand all of the different outcomes that could come from the decisions that i make. 
Have you been in any clan/group previously: I was part of a clan on DayZ mod called OSC. This wasn't RP, just on the Epoch and Overpoch servers.
Additional notes: Due to me having a lot of free time from University i can play at almost any time.
Best way to contact you: Just a PM on the site.

Backstory: Jax Smith is a member of the Devil’s Cross Motorcycle Club that was based in the United Kingdom. In early 2014 he made his way to Russia to hunt down an excommunicated member. This member, Chibs Telford has been killing his way across Eastern Europe as a way to get back at the club. After a meeting in Moscow, Jax discovers that Chibs has been staying in the area of Chernarus after the results of the Civil War and as a result made his way to the area before the discovery of patient zero in October 2014. On his way into the area the increased fog caused him to lose control of his Harley and he crashed straight into a tree, totalling the vehicle. As he limps into Chernarus, unbeknownst of the situation, he knows he has to do anything to kill his target. Jax is a fiercely loyal member and will die before he rat’s out or gives up any information on his friends and companions. After running a gun running business for his club, Jax has an intense knowledge of Russian weaponry and how to use them. Throughout his travels across Europe he understands how to use hand to hand combat and is proficient in melee weapons. He knows that to survive in this apocalypse he is going to have group up with some members but isn’t afraid to survive on his own to kill the target that he is focused on. If he is grouped up he is willing to do anything for his friends, even if that means spilling blood to try and make sure that they survive.

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IGN: Jacob Wisner
Country: USA
English skills: 
DayZ Mod Experience: Extensive
DayZ Standalone Experience: Familiar 
Roleplaying Experience: Extensive
What kind of In Game role best describes you: I enjoy the occasional robbing, but helping people and surviving is the goal. 
Have you been in any clan/group previously: A few


I can play this Saturday all day. I would like to meet up then.

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- snip -

Lonewolfing it for now until I get my character properly set up.

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IGN: Choy Xiang
English skills: Exceptional
DayZ Mod Experience: Played many years ago but never truly got into it.
DayZ Standalone Experience: Bought it day one, since then I have logged 265 hours with large breaks in between playing periods. 
Roleplaying Experience: Played a decent amount of Arma 2 Takistan RP, and Arma 3 RP along with Garry's Mod serious RP but eventually left 
most of them.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: A laid back, positive upbeat guy until provoked. A reliable shot and support, but prefers 
socializing, scavenging and trading.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: No formal ones, although I played with a group of 6+ friends and called most of the shots. 
Additional notes: Although I prefer relaxed RP, I can adapt to some roles. I usually don't like being overly hostile, but being a mischievous 
and smart mouthed bandit can be fun sometimes.
Best way to contact you: Forum message

Backstory: Choy Xiang was born to a harsh and critical family in Busan South Korea. While his brother excelled in academics, 
Choy was a delinquent. Learning slight of hand and thievery at a young age, Choy found himself heading towards a dark path. 
After a falling out with his family, Choy took to the local docks to aid small fishing and cargo ships where he gained his love 
for the ocean. After mustering enough money over the years, he joined a large crew and set sail leaving his family and past behind 
him. It was on judgement day that Choy and his crew members approached the coasts of South Zagoria. Transmissions had been silent ever
since the dawn of that morning, but Choy was eager to add another location to his travel journal. Approaching the coasts his crew was 
met with chaos and violence, sight of the ship brought looters and a sea of panic. Choy escaped along with multiple other crew members, 
but they were separated in the dense wilderness. Choy began his life of isolation in the new world, alone and afraid. 

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) TBD


Country: US

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience: 400+ hours

DayZ Standalone Experience: 3057 hours (at the time of making this post)

Roleplaying Experience: 8+ years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Bandit, Loud mouth, leader type

Have you been in any clan/group previously:The Inmates, The Broken, Chedaki, Floor 11, Desperados, Aeternus, Ta seda, Adspectus, and many others.

Additional notes:

Best way to contact you: PM, Teamspeak

Backstory: Rather tell you via TS or naturally in game.

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IGN: Val Polkovnikov
Country: Lithuania
English skills: 8 out of 10
DayZ Mod Experience: Since the very first A2 mod by Dean Hall
DayZ Standalone Experience:since available on STEAM (3 steam accounts)
Roleplaying Experience: 3 years
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Microbiologist who was sent to Zelenogorsk after "Patient zero" incident. Became crazy\mad while try'n to find the roots of the event.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not in DayZ SA
Best way to contact you: SKYPE - kinoshnikas

Backstory: I was born in 1982 Soviet Lithuania. Small Baltic country that was the first country claimed theyr independence from Soviet Union. 
After the USSR collapsed I started the university where I was learning the microbiology. Years has passed and I was able to get a job in World Health Organization. 
As a research specialist from the World Health Organization that was brought to the country by the United Nations organization I spent most of the time researching the roots of the outbreak event. 
With help of remains of old local authority I was able to get in touch with chief of the Zelenogorsk police. He told me what were happening in Zelenogorsk during the first eightyfour hours after "The Samaritan and Patien zero" event. 
Chief of police told me what did he saw was happening during that period of time as locals became more agressive than ussual and hospitals started to fill up with locals with the flu symptoms and asked the support of the police cause many patients were showing agression. 
Chief of Zelenogorsk police also told me that the car from incident later known as "The Samaritan and patient zero incident" , was taken to to police station and it was sealed. 
The importance of this vehicle was that the "Patient zero" could left there his blood or any other materials important to the investigation.
I wish I could get more information from to police chief, but as he said he and his family were evacuated with some other local politics to the northeast of the country where I met him. 
The northeast region of the country was almost untouched because of the presence of the UN military. But later it all "went south"...
One month after the outbrake I recieved the orders from World Health Organization to gather all my research and to evacuate to Russia by plane. 
After more and more reports from southern parts of Russia, were waves of survivors that managed to slip through the cracks, have brought the infection with them, I undertood that the world is coming to an end and only hope is to find the roots of the infection on "ground zero". 
So I did not got on the plain that I later found out has crashed. Many locals remained at theyr homes, tryn to stay alive from the infection and the other chernorussians who turned on each other out of fear. 
I witnessed riot...even those who were not infected have become animals. They kill for anything. 
Time has passed...I became obsest by the idea of saving the world. I lost my sense of what's real and what is only my mind game...The world need to be cleaned by me...

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IGN:Ted Bowman
English skills: English is my native language and i speak fluently in it.
DayZ Mod Experience:i do not have much dayz mod expirence but i did play it for like a month
DayZ Standalone Experience:i have 336hrs of game time on dayz sa
Roleplaying Experience:i have been whitelisted on many altis life servers in arma 3 as a civ,cop,medic & swat
What kind of In Game role best describes you:scavenger,gunman & frontline soldier
Have you been in any clan/group previously:no
Additional notes:n/a
Best way to contact you:message me with the dayzrp website

Backstory:My character Ted Bowman is an ex-British soldier who retired after being medically discharged after being diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) having flashbacks of when he served against the IRA in Ireland in 1969 he lied about his age to get into the army so he was fighting at the young age of 16. He grew up in south-east London where there was a lot of gang violence after being medically discharged he moved to Chernarus and lived in the small town just below the military airfield in balota the small town was his breakaway/get away there very few people there and he enjoyed watching the aircraft take off and land every day it was almost a hobby of his he enjoyed trying to learn the local language which he wasn't very good at but he still tried to blend in with the community but yet he still felt like he stuck out like a saw thumb, yet people still judged him because he would wake up the people in the houses around him when he would wake up shouting and screaming with flashbacks of explosions and gunfire, ever since he left the army he liked to go shooting to get stress built up over time.

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IGN: Sgt. John Price
Country: Greece
English skills: Excellent (accent not great)
DayZ Mod Experience: 0
DayZ Standalone Experience: 265h

Roleplaying Experience: whitelisted for like 2,5 weeks
What kind of In Game role best describes you: hostile (hero) maybe, i frankly haven't figured it out
Have you been in any clan/group previously: no
Additional ingame characteristics: not too chatty, surely a nice guy, super helpful
Best way to contact you: pm

There was a man going only be the name Price, sergeant Price to be exact. A former NATO commando. Disgraceful discharge for executing 7 P.O.W. for killing his comrades. The true story behind this incident contains contradictory facts. It all took place in Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War. His platoon was hold up in an isolated farm factory in the outskirts of Kosovo, awaiting for his arrival along with the 4th squad of commandos. Upon Sgt. Price and the 4th's squad arrival, they found the camp burned to the ground. Their comrades' heads were spiked along the whole factory. Their bodies were fed to the pigs. Sgt. Price knew every man of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd squad almost personally. Except the rookies, 3rd squad. Something must have broken inside his soul for him to convince a the whole 4th squad to stand down to official order to advance in the town of Kosovo and track down their killers. Which eventually they did. In a nearby village looting the whole place. They attacked at night when the enemy had dozed off from drinking vodka. After killing almost a third of the enemies team. Three Russian extremist and four Yugoslavians surrender to Sgt. Prices squad. Sgt. Price single-highhandedly killed and repeated the same actions done to his comrades to the seven P.O.W.'s. Concluding he was trialed according to martial law, discharge and imprisoned for 10 years. Sgt. Price was overall a good man, not easily you could make him mad about anything. His two passions were hunting with a sniper rifle deep in the forest, and collecting pipes which he smoked frantically. Although as aforementioned knew most of his men in his platoon personally Price kept to himself most of the time.
Upon his release knowing nothing else, he joined a task-force sent to guard and protect the workers which United Nations was sending into Chernarus. When his task-force was disbanded he decided to stick around and try his luck in additional contracts. He found himself trapped deep in Chernarus during the outbreak with no chance of returning to the U.K.. He found himself under fire from bandits roaming the outskirts of Berezino for something to dress his wounds for a hunting mishap with wolves. After evading the bandits he decided that such places should be avoided and turned to live of the land deep in the forest. Always on the lookout for other loners to trade or to exchange information about bandit groups roaming the area.

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IGN: (In - Game Name) Christian Serpentine
Country: United States of America
English skills: I got a mumbling problem. Otherwise I'm fluent.
DayZ Mod Experience: Played on 4chan's /vg/ server. Never once anywhere else.
DayZ Standalone Experience: On and off for a while. Played as early as 0.38 and am still playing now.
Roleplaying Experience: 8 years of experience. Been roleplaying since I was 12 starting from ROBLOX and moving up to Garry's Mod RP then into Serious Garry's Mod RP. I still host, develop, and play on that.
What kind of In Game role best describes you: Neutral. Maybe even creepy and awkward. My voice and living conditions restricts much of what I can do.
Have you been in any clan/group previously: Overhaul. Unchained (When it was a dynamic). Camp 101 (When it was a dynamic). Outrun.
Additional notes: I work Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. I go out every Friday. I try to play when I can, but when I am available the server is typically at 30/60 people or less. I will cherrypick the absolute hell out of any groups or people who contact me. I'm up for dynamic groups too.
Best way to contact you: Forum PM.

Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/77772-the-sins-of-my-father/


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