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Survivors: Looking For Group

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This is not a thread to post that you tell others that you have contact them. If you want to send an invite send it via pm and let them contact you from that point. Remember this is a friend purely for people to say they are looking for a group.

Thank you.

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IGN: Rick Lague



English skills:English is my native language 

DayZ Mod Experience:played the mod for 2 years

DayZ Standalone Experience: almost 3 years

Roleplaying Experience:most of my roleplay experince comes from arma 2 and 3 roleplay servers including arma 2 dayzrp and standalone dayzrp

What kind of In Game role best describes you:gunman/security

Have you been in any clan/group previously:no

Best way to contact you: skype ricky.kickass

Backstory:My name is Rick Lague i was part of the UN relief force to Chernuras before we got cut off from the outside by the Russian blockade that surrounded the country. after the riots most of what was left of our ammunition gone. used against are own humans not the infected sad huh so now some time later jeez i don't even know what day it is anymore. when i first arrived in Chernarus i thought i would be gone in a month back home but no everything went shit up and now all my mates are dead and its just me. i was a UN soldier from Canada so these people were strange the language they spoke was weird to me so i had to learn fast. After the fall i left my UN traces behind knowing survivors would not be a huge fan of us i know my accent will still give me away but there is nothing that can be done about that. all i do now is just wander the wasteland that is Chernarus killing infected when they appear and killing fellow humans when they pose a threat to me if i find nice people who would help me learn my way around that would help cause i kinda dont even now where i'am anymore i remember being at an airfield in the northeast part of Churnarus but now i have no clue i just wander and when i come across a town i head down search for food and water and survivors but what else can i do.

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Dora Atwood


Teamspeak or Forums

Central Time

Certified Girl Gamer

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Reese Zaas


Country: US

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience: 400+ hours

DayZ Standalone Experience: 2743 hours (at the time of making this post)

Roleplaying Experience: 8+ years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Bandit, Loud mouth

Have you been in any clan/group previously:The Family, The Broken, Chedaki, Floor 11, Desperados, Aeternus, Ta seda, Adspectus, and many others.

Additional notes:

Best way to contact you: PM, Teamspeak

Backstory: Rather tell you via TS or naturally in game.

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IGN: Chris Sillwood

Age:  31

Country: England

English skills: Magnifiecently stupendous

DayZ Mod Experience: limited

DayZ Standalone Experience: limited (enough to know most of the basics)

Roleplaying Experience: years of D&D, Pathfinder, paranoia, Dead Lands, Never winter Nights Online 1 and 2

What kind of In Game role best describes you:  Role player, story developer, quest giver, Negotiator/Diplomat

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not in Day Z but i have played in a COD clans when it first came out on PC many many moons ago. (not an RP clan)

Additional notes: Im after some solid RP groups that can offer a balance of fun adventures with some mischief to general socalizing in a community sense.

Perhaps even some seasoned hands to teach me the DayZ ways ( IC and OOC ) But most importantly I would like to have fun.

Best way to contact you PM

Backstory: Lance-Corpral Sillwood.

Former UN Peacekeeper, assigned to road side checks in Berezino. Now just another survivor desperatly clinging to what humanity he has left... and of course as much of his dignity as he can in the post apocolyptic wasteland.

-=Rp=- for more

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Dean Wilks


Country: Australia

English skills: very well

DayZ Mod Experience: a few yrs

DayZ Standalone Experience: would say 300hours

Roleplaying Experience: role played in conan and dayz

What kind of In Game role best describes you: great at grouping up and working as a team

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No

Additional notes:

Best way to contact you: PM, steam [theworldgame1] or email [email protected]

Backstory: easier to tell you on ts

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Wave Carson

Age: 16

Country: United States

English skills: A-Ok

DayZ Mod Experience: None

DayZ Standalone Experience: 2 years/Exact Hours: 601

Roleplaying Experience: 2-3 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Trader/Friendly guy/Fighter

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Saints, The Kingdom, Rising Hope Militia

Additional notes: None

Best way to contact you:Teamspeak Poke/PM

Backstory: Wave Carson was a student at San Francisco State University from which he was taking Russian and in his 3rd year of taking Russian he decided he wanted to go on a  work vacation of sorts for a school project he was doing, he looked online for some place to visit. Wave found a flight to this place called Chernarus from which he would go and work on studying the history of Chernarus for a report of his for school. He went there and arrived in a town called Chernogorsk from which he studied the history there, eventually when it came time to leave, the airports were closed because of some disease that spread. Wave ran off to go find his brother Jack Carson who he knew he was on a tour of duty in Chernarus from which he knew his brother will help him.

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IGN: Rick Sanchez

Age: 22

Country: US/Germany

English Skills: English of course and picked up slight Deutsch in Germany

Dayz mod exp: 6 months

Dayz SA exp: 2 years

Role Play exp: 5 months playing these servers

what kind of in game role best describes you: Survivalist/Unpredictable/Calm/Fearless/Flexible at times

previous clan/group: The Regulators

Additional notes: looking for clans with diverse rp characters, someone that would stick out and are into their roles

Best way to contact me: PM

Backstory: I'm nobody, and nobody is boring but I guess it's fit the role with me my whole life before the end of the world. I never opened up to anybody in my life, not even my family. I loved no one because evreyone treated me like shit and I just kept to myself, alone but to myself. I grew up being very cynical, it was disgusting the way people acted in our society, everyone was a phony. I was forced to take a medical career by my parents, do this , do that, I was tired of control. I have not loved a thing on this planet besides my german shepard Rocky.We would go on survival and hiking trips. He was...my best friend, the only dependable friend i could count on. I grew tired of everyone almost snapping at times and just strangling someone so I took Rocky far away with me to Germany. We thought everything was fine until this event started and people were insane, I mean they already were but eating other people insane...even dogs. I lost him that day...can you believe it out of everyone losing their 'families and significant others' I lost a dog...no a friend. The only tear i shed and it wasn't even for a filthy person. He was the last thing that kept me in the old world but now everything is new, where nobody can be somebody now. Maybe people have changed becoming as disturbed as i am or even less idiotic...we'll see.

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- Snip -

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IGN: Vinnie Martin

Age: 25

Country: USA

English skills: I mean USA?

DayZ Mod Experience:None

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1600+ hours

Roleplaying Experience: I mean a years worth

What kind of In Game role best describes you: PvP and some RRRRPPPP

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Lots of groups. 501st, Gamblers, FFL V1. and V.2

Additional notes: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Best way to contact you: PM or TS


Still writting it.

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Edit: I found a group

IGN: ( In - Game Name) Rin Kamura

Age: 17

Country: US

English skills: Okay I guess

DayZ Mod Experience: A bunch

DayZ Standalone Experience: A BUNCH

Roleplaying Experience: So much

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Passive, talker

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Arkasia, Western Watch, 501st, Futurists, a lot more.

Additional notes: I'm pretty chill looking for a fun group

Best way to contact you: PMs

Backstory: See character page

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-I came for memes and I found them-

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IGN: Zack Pearson

Age: 25

Country: USA

English skills: My whole life.

DayZ Mod Experience: 230 Hours

DayZ Standalone Experience: 113 Hours

Roleplaying Experience: 97 Hours on City Life.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger/Hunter/Scout

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No

Additional notes: Wifi is iffy at home I may randomly DC but will be back in like 5-10 mins.

Best way to contact you: Kik @ enma980 Steam @ The Survivor

Backstory: His name is Zack Pearson. He was born in America and spent his whole life in Boston until his wife died in a car wreck on November 22nd 2013. He spent the rest of that year and most of 2014 floating through life not knowing what to do anymore. Around March 10th 2014 he decided he couldn't stay in the states anymore he had to escape the thoughts and memories of his wife and her death. He figured that moving to a new city or state wouldn't even help him escape he had to leave the states altogether. On March 13th he was on a flight heading for Krasnotav Airstrip. Once he arrived he took all his belongings caught a ride and stopped in the town of Berezino. By the time April rolled around Zack had settled in quite well. The town of Berezino greatly differed from his hometown in Boston. He wasn't able to find him a job like the one he had back in Boston so he settled on getting a job working at the lumber mill in Berezino. In the months between April and October he became quite the loner tending to keep to himself but he eventually met a man named Dimitriy Anatolievich who worked at the lumber mill with Zack. On the weekends Dimitriy convinced Zack to start hunting with him and eventually worked Zack up to going to hang out with friends of Dimitriy. After October 13th when the CDF were nearly crushed and the refugees began pushing into Berezino and the UN shot those three survivors Zack and Dimitriy left and as they were leaving they got separated but Zack kept running to the woods. He kept running until he no longer heard voices or gunshots or vehicles. Once he stopped he sat down and built a small fire to keep himself warm for the night. As he was building the fire he realized that he was on his own again but this time he was left with all the choices. He had to survive he had to find Dimitriy. He decided this was a second chance to start over his whole life.

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IGN: Samuel Weber

Age: 23

Country: Germany

English skills: 6 out of 10. Gotta get back on talking in english.

DayZ Mod Experience: None.

DayZ Standalone Experience: 60 Hours, but plenty of videos and streams beforehand, so I kinda got knowledge.

Roleplaying Experience: I used to roleplay for like 7 years on another game, SA:MP; GTA SA MP.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Since I'm new to DayZ-RP I think I should stick to easy roles as by now, scout, guard etc.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not on PC, no.

Additional notes: Even though I'm in germany I will mostly be online at evening around my timezone, due to work and all that. Depends on shift.

And I'm completely new to Voicechat-RP. So I might be a little bit silent in the beginning because I need to get warm with people ^^.

Best way to contact you: Forums, Teamspeak, Skype.(live:kingkartoon)


Before I start with Samuel's story, please bare with me because my main focus on his story was how he got to Chernaurus and why. A further backstory will come up whilst RPing. Thank you.

Samuel is a corporal within the german forces of the UN, he has/had a wife and one small kid back home, but due to his job he was traveling alot around the world, he also served for 6 months in Afghanistan in a ISAF mission. His mission with Chernaurus was to guard the medical supplies which came into the country. But after a few weeks the camp was overrun by the undead, he lost most of his friends in the days after they fled from the camp.

Now he's roaming in the woods and villages and is rarely seen in cities or common locations of the living.

But after a year of living that way he turned somewhat unstable, and he seeks for company and friendship.

More will be developed with you, incase you pick me.

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IGN: Ralph Giggs (Age 15)

Age: 16

Country: USA

English skills: Perfect

DayZ Mod Experience: 30 hours

DayZ Standalone Experience: 600 hours

Roleplaying Experience: 200/600 hours

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Bandity, leader, imtimidator

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Final Order. This character was the past chief of The Playhouse

Additional notes: I'm looking to continue this child character but am also down to make a completely new character if the group seems cool enough.

Best way to contact you: PM

Backstory: Can be found here

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IGN: Dimitri Tarasov.

Age: 18.

Country: Greece.

English skills: Fluent.

DayZ Mod Experience: Played for three months.

DayZ Standalone Experience: 200+ hours.

Roleplaying Experience: Roleplayed for 7 years now and still going on various games like SAMP, WoW etc.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: I remain mostly quiet and try to be friendly. I am also stealthy as much as I can be.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Coldwater, lead Anarchy.

Additional notes: None.

Best way to contact you: PM/TS poke.

Backstory: http://www.dayzrp.com/characters?view=3962

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IGN:Daniel Ryder



English skills:My only language 

DayZ Mod Experience:none

DayZ Standalone Experience:about 2-3 months

Roleplaying Experience:4 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you:ive been solo since day 1 I travel at night gather any info for my own record on survivor activities 

Have you been in any clan/group previously:none

Additional notes: I'm online and keeping watch of what's happening 24/7

Best way to contact you:PM

Backstory:Daniel Ryder no other way to explain this man other than he is a soldier he lives by the laws of a soldier.

He will never quit, never accept defeat, his mission comes first, and no man is ever left behind. Joined the military at age of 18 a recon sniper

He dedicated himself to the core and his brothers in arms. Till the UN would pair him and his platoon with churnarus defense forces.

If there is anyone that has suffered as many losses and deaths as this man no one would be sane anymore.

Because of these heavy losses Ryder would find himself holding the hugest grudge against his enemy the infected.

He would be considered a person you would want on your side or even a friend but when he sees an infected being, 

he becomes completly unreasonable he will not stop till the creture in his sights is dead threw his losses he has become unstable 

And the sight of a infected triggers revenge in his mind and it dosent matter if it's 1 or 100 if it's infected he will kill it and he will risk his own life 

And the safety anyone in his area making sure they all die. It almost seems like he enjoys it sometimes he will stay up for days and travel town to town to try and find a infected to kill. He likes to say that his last command givin to him was kill all the infected but 

He's really crazed with revenge

He spends most of his time now a days in rural areas keeping away from all contact with anyone. he tries to stay away from infected to help his mental state. He will hit a town for a kill every now and again. and he tries to avoid long periods of time with other survivors so he will never grow attached to another person and he will never suffer the heavy and hurtful losses he has had. 

Aside all the horrible things in his past he dosent ever let weakness show he keeps his morale up by killing infected every kill gives him the satisfaction of his fallen brothers deaths are not in vain.

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IGN: Magnus Erikson

Age: 29

Country: United States

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience: None

DayZ Standalone Experience: About a week

Roleplaying Experience: At least a decade, mainly text based via MUD's, games such as Diablo 2, GTA V, ESO, Achaea, Avalon, DnD tabletop

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger/Doctor

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No

Additional notes: I play pretty late, and am usually not around until about 12AM EST, after work. Would like to find a group that is active during these times, otherwise may very well defeat the purpose.

Best way to contact you: PM or Poke on TS.

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