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Survivors: Looking For Group

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Derrick Curry

Age: 22

Country: Bavaria

English skills: amazing

DayZ Mod Experience: MLG Arma II PvP hax0r

DayZ Standalone Experience: MLG SA PvE food find0r

Roleplaying Experience: some DnD, some DayZRP

What kind of In Game role best describes you:

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not on SA.

Additional notes: I'm actually a girl.

Best way to contact you: PM, TS, pigeons.

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IGN: Grisha Zukovski

Age: 20

Country: UK

English skills: Immaculate

DayZ Mod Experience: Since release nearly 3 years ago

DayZ Standalone Experience: Since the private shard released and some before

Roleplaying Experience: 2 years of DnD, Been on dayzrp for a year

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scout, Pathfinder, Scavenger, Hunter, Spotter anything that involves me not being seen and me seeing others and gathering supplies.

I dont mind leading the RP whether it be friendly or hostile and have no problem being the "initiator"

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Outsiders on SA, many on the Mod

Additional notes: Not sure what im looking for really so I thought id post here to see what offer I get Im also really good with accents to the extent where you wouldnt believe im the same person in some situations.

Best way to contact you: PMs, TS

Backstory: I would tell you my whole backstory but its not actually important at all Grisha Zukovski is a pretty normal civilian or rather was if you want to know more about it you can ask buts its not relevant and is more of a talking point for RP than actuallly having any real relevance apart from where his skill set originates from.

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Country: Canada

English skills: Very good english, not my first language though.

DayZ Mod Experience: None, i discovered BI games after i bought ArmA III

DayZ Standalone Experience: I played DayZ SA since it first came out so about 1 Year now.

Roleplaying Experience: i started roleplaying back in Altis life i have been roleplaying for around 2 Years now mainly in ArmA 3 (Altis Life, City Life 3 )

What kind of In Game role best describes you: A Survivor with a military background looking for a post apocalyptic settlement

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No

Additional notes: IM FRIENDLY !

Best way to contact you: PM on the fourms, DayZ RP TS

Backstory: Hello,

My name is Rox, and im a survivor !, i came to Chernarus on a business trip when it all started, I used to be Ex. Military and i have participated in the NATO campaign in Stratis, after i got honourably discharged i packed my things and moved to Altis that's where i got a career in the APD (Altis Police Department) i worked my way up from Cadet to a Captain. After few years of serving with the APD i decided im going to start my own business to help the law enforcement forces on Altis. Thats how Ravenwood Security Solutions came to life !, i started that company to help manage the uncontrollable parts of the island, we had a very hard selection process and we only took Ex Military or Ex Law Enforcement. we also offered a Huge Logistical support on the Island, with our ground support for the APD we had a very strong Air presence on altis, we had scout choppers to monitor the rebel activity on the ground and we had Cargo Helicopters moving food, water, ammo and medical supplies across the Island. back to how i got to chernarus, i arrived two days before it all started i was trying to expand Ravenwood to help the local government in chernarus, After a long day of work i went to the hotel bar drank a few and went back to my room in the International Hotel, next thing i know is the loud bang that i heard ! i ran outside the hotel and all i saw is smoke and fire, there was plane crash feets away from the hotel, i turned around and there was people attacking other people biting them ! thats when i knew something fucked up have happened, i started running and running into the woods. now here i am in an unknown land roaming trying to find any survivors, haven't seen any till now it still amazes me how people are fighting other people instead of the dead ones, i have seen many massacres in villages and towns inland. i think almost everyone on this soil is a bandit, but im sure there is someone out there fighting these badnits.

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IGN: Abasi Dobali

Age: 23

Country: Africa , Kenya

English skills: Good

DayZ Mod Experience: Quite good

DayZ Standalone Experience: Good

Roleplaying Experience: Good

What kind of In Game role best describes you: interrogator

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Back in the mod: CPU, B-17 , BWR

Additional notes: I prefer bandit gameplay style.

Best way to contact you: Forums


Abasi lived a poor life. He always had to find supplies under garbage or steal from

other people just in order to feed his family. On one day he got taken as a slave by some white men. They took him on a boat for months and it messed up Abasi's tought alot. He became crazy. And on one day the boat got caught up in a storm the boat crashed and Abasi nearly died. When he woke up he found him self on the island called chernarus. Not knowing if the man who captured him where still alive, he decided that the only way to survive is by stealing or robbing.

It was the life style he was used to anyway back in his homeland.

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IGN: Herman Andre (will change)

Age: 16

Country: Norway

English skills: Pretty good

DayZ Mod Experience: Ok

DayZ Standalone Experience: Not the best, but I can stay alive

Roleplaying Experience: Pretty good

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Sniper, sneaky, stealthy

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Black Cross, The Ventrenko Regime

Additional notes: Can be online 24/7, prefer not to speak too much.

Best way to contact you: e-mail ([email protected])

Backstory: He used to walk in the woods all day long, he had his crossbow and often hunted for any animal he could find. He never went to school but learned all he needed to know. He always had a colt 45, but one day it got stolen from him, he traced the thief back to Chernarus, found his way over there in hope of finding him. But in the time he got there, the apocolypse started. He stayed on the boat he came in for a couple of days, untill he ran out of food and drinks. The he left the coast foor good, headed north, and not many have ever seen him since.

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Lilia Tarasovna

Age: (In Game: 27) 17

Country: United States

English skills: Main Language

DayZ Mod Experience: 3+ years

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1.5 Years

Roleplaying Experience: Been on here for about 1 1/2 years, had enjoyable rp, had quite a few nice things said about it, part of a really nice RP clan on the mod named Fallen.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scout or close-quarters. Enjoy all types of RP.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: (Mod) : Volki, CRA, Fallen, SOBR, ISOA, and quite a few clan ideas.

Additional notes: I enjoy playing and would love to have the company of others. I'm reasonably easy to get along with, though I do give my opinion. I'm just looking for a group to run around with so I don't have to do it by myself anymore. :/

Best way to contact you: PMs, or other forum means

Backstory: If asked I can give a short explanation of her backstory, though its much more fun to find out in game. I wrote a short journal for the 29 year old version of her from the mod Here, it will be a little different and if necessary I can alter her slightly to contort to a group, though I'd prefer to not have to.

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IGN: Yuri Petrovich

Age: 27

Country: Chenarus

English skills: Moderate

DayZ Mod Experience: None

DayZ Standalone Experience: Newb

Roleplaying Experience: Extensive

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Mailguy, Runner, Scavanger

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Not in DayZ

Additional notes: Yuri is hoping to start a group of people willing to deliver messages and letters across the small country in exchange for the supplies to do so. He knows most military and trade units use radios, but the transport of classified documents or letters need to start being used as cellphone and telephones are being jammed from outside the country.

Best way to contact you: Skype- davkerrith, DayZRP board- davkerrith, In-Game, look for zombies chasing someone with no equipment.

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IGN: Porter Reese

Age: 29

Country: United States

English Skills: Primary

DayZ Mod Experience: Some

DayZ SA Experience: 100+ hours

Roleplay Experience: A substantial cross section spanning a dozen games

What kind of In-Game role best describes you: Medic and Scout. Altruistic. A bit disconnected at times.

Have you been in any clan/group recently: SWTOR RP guild and a group in A3 Wasteland

Backstory: Porter is a bit of a mystery. He wasn't in the military as far as he says yet he's proficient with firearms and their care and maintenance. He never went to nursing school but appears to have taught himself the skills of a corpsman. He reminisces over books and music from before the breakout but doesn't discuss any personal memories from before the tragedy. He insists there's not much to talk about, but the wedding ring he keeps on a chain around his neck would say otherwise. The only bit he seems to feel comfortable discussing is a bad run-in with some desperate survivors that took place at his favorite bar. Well it was his favorite.

For as quiet and subtle as he is, he's not some humorless grump. In fact he's usually quite cheery and pleasant, an unfortunately optimistic fellow who has a way of always finding fortune in defeat.

Best way to contact you: Steam - otter_greenhat, the DayZRP forum.

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IGN: Jack Knapier

Age: 19

Country: England

English skills: Native language

DayZ Mod Experience: 2-3 years.

DayZ Standalone Experience: 100 hours.

Roleplaying Experience: since January on mod and about 80 of my hours logged on SA are on RP

What kind of In Game role best describes you: im the guy you call over when you wanna scare the crap out of the guys you meet.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: BoS, blackwood mercs/republic/militia

Additional notes: I wouldnt class my character as 'sane' so I dont think my character would fit in well with any groups that consider themselves the good guys.

Best way to contact you: through pm on forums or on ts, name is Jack Knapier on teamspeak.

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IGN: Troy Nelson

age: 20

country[/b]: USA

English skills:good

DayZ Mod Experience: multiple servers, hundreds of hours, mainly MGT and CCG

DayZ Standalone Experience: Just a little bit of play here and there

Roleplaying Experience: Dayz mod, city life, altis life, arma 3 life

What kind of In Game role best describes you: bargaining, ransoms, any communication

Have you been in any clan/group previously: not on this server

Additional notes: I'm on at least a few hours a week, kinda slow around mid terms and finals, Engineering student at Oregon State .

Best way to contact you: Here or skype, troy.h.73

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IGN: Pat Spillane

Age: 19

Country: Ireland

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience:

Played the DayZ mod since Dec. 2012

Played DayZRP mod since June 2013

DayZ Standalone Experience:

Play it frequently but still learning

Roleplaying Experience:

Played DayZRP on a bunch of different characters for the Mod:

Pat Spillane: 501st/Veritas/Fallen/TWS

Pavel Spillenski: Serye Volki

Pavel Shelski: SVR

I've Roleplayed to the highest standard since I've joined RP and put a great amount of detail into my characters

What kind of In Game role best describes you:

Nervous and relies on others for survival. When hes alone, he is very skeptical of everyone who he meets.

Have you been in any clan/group previously:

Prisoners of War: Alexander Glendenning

Additional notes:

I'm looking for a clan which is focused on survivors and is not a militaristic group.

Best way to contact you:

Teamspeak/ Forum PM System


Brief Version

Pat is 22 years old and is from Ireland. He came over to Chernarus in February 2014 to meet with an old friend who emigrated to Australia when he was 12 years old. They kept in contact with each other via Social networking sites and in 2014 decided to meet each other half way. They decided to stay in Chernarus for a number of weeks. Pat was studying Geography back home in Ireland and he choose the woodlands of Chernarus as his case study. On the last week, Pat and his friend, Harry, decided to go camping in the Black Forest in South Zagoria. They were camping, not realizing what was about to happen in Myskino. By the time that their camping trip had finished, the Province of South Zagoria had descended into chaos at the outbreak of a ravaging infection. Pat and Harry were separated after they went into Mogilevka for help when they ventured there seeking help and answers. Pat decided to return North towards Stary Sobor and hide around there for the time being until he tried to come up with a plan to get out of the country.

Now, since it seems that any form of escape is no longer an option with the rapid spread of the infection,. Pat has decided to stay in Chernarus to try and wait out the infection there. He has only made a small amount of friends since he was separated from Harry and has only seen them on a brief occasion, Pat spends most of his time alone, yet deep down he desires some close friends and company to survive along side him in Chernarus.

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Sergey Molshakov (Can be changed depending on group)

Age: OOC:18 IC 24

Country: United States

English skills: Native language

DayZ Mod Experience: I played Mod since the beginning, played on a few private hives before finding DayZRP, my perfect server.

DayZ Standalone Experience: I have had SA since its alpha release last year, I have been playing ever since.

Roleplaying Experience: With over a year and a half of roleplaying under my belt I feel I am an above average roleplayer. By far not the best but I enjoy getting into Character more then anyone I have met.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Basically your every day grunt, I can be a Rifleman, Thug, Civilian (though I prefer military roles)

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Mod: CRA, Volki, a few others. SA: NAPA, 101st.

Additional notes: None

Best way to contact you: Forums/ PM's

Backstory: Currently rewriting.

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Matt Tyler

Age: 25

Country: UK

English skills: first language

DayZ Mod Experience: played it a few months

DayZ Standalone Experience: been playing the SA for about 100 hours

Roleplaying Experience: not alot ill be honest, but im learning.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: im a friendly guy likes to help people, only shoot people if we get shot at etc.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: yeah ive been in a few groups playing dayz mod and SA

Additional notes: nope just hope i can join someone and have a laugh :)

Best way to contact you: on here, forums or PM's best way

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Haven't tried this out, but going solo is getting kind of boring

Country: United Sates (GMT: -6:00 | Central US)

English skills: Native language

DayZ Mod Experience: I've played the DayZ mod since April/May 2012. Started DayZRP in April this year.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Bought it with Christmas money last year.

Roleplaying Experience: I've been roleplaying in games since I was young (11?), IMO I'm not the best voice actor

What kind of In Game role best describes you: My character wants to turn a new leaf and escape his ways before the apocalypse began. He's trying hard to be a friendly person right now, but with the right people he might go back on his old path.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Only in the mod, first to last: Death Angels, Unnamed, NVR, and Kin

Additional notes: I'm in 11th grade so school takes away a lot of time I could be playing, along with my job which my hours I work would be either: 6am-2pm or 3:30 pm to ~7:00pm. Some days when I have both school and work, I'm not in the mood to play a serious game, so I just mess around in different games.

Best way to contact you: The forums would be great! You could also contact me on steam: ttp://steamcommunity.com/id/tenlives10 (The VAC ban on my account comes from Modern Warfare 2, I used a tool to be able to take over the lobby so I could spectate and kick hackers from my game to make it a fair fight. Valve does not approve.)

Backstory: If you've been on the west coast in the United States, and you've seen or heard of people with illegal firearms and drugs. The Daemons were known for making the majority of the black market, ranging from trafficking items or people into our out of the country to "take care" of someone for a cheaper price than other hitman could offer. Originally from Colorado, the Daemons spread west, taking gangs under their wing or massacring them if they refused to join.

Travis Daemon, born on December 13th, 1993, witnessed his grandfather (the original founder) and his father get shot by a few members from the Blood's set located in Denver back in the September of 2007. Within a year later, at at age fifteen, Travis and a few cousins were able to locate some of the members that did the shooting. Without mercy, they were killed and left the bodies to be found on the street. When the Denver set was about to bury their fellow members, the Daemon cousins and a motorcycle club from Oregon known as the Free Souls made the decision to ambush them at the funeral. The plan went underway as the bodies were being buried, the Daemons were able to take out nine members, but due to a few members from the MC, and one of Travis's cousins, they pulled out before they suffered any more casualties. Travis was unsure if any of his bullets struck anyone, but he declared that in July of 2008, he committed his first murder.

From 2008 to 2013, Travis and his cousin Nick started doing contract work for the family and their allies. Whenever someone was suspected to be an undercover agent, or a cop looking into what they do as a family, the two would bring their suspects into abandoned homes in the country to get information and eventually kill their victim. The two used a signature to organize who they have killed, a knife in the heart, crush the victim's left eye socket and Travis, who gets queasy at the sight of someone's blood, would put a bullet through the victim's throat.

In the beginning of 2014, Denver's PD was beginning to have a close eye on Travis, every time Travis would pick up his phone he'd hear a clicking or echoing of his own voice. Travis's uncle, leader of the Daemons, was able to contact his father in South Zagoria to set up a safehouse for Travis to stay in for a while. The old man decided that it'd be best for Travis to stay in a hotel located in Chernogorsk for the time being.

May 2014, Travis was put on to a private jet owned by the Daemons and the plane began to make it's way to the Balota airfield. On arrival to the airfield, Travis's great uncle awaited him with his green GAZ, and showed Travis the village of Balota and the city of Chernogorsk. With Travis not knowing the language of the people around him, he began to feel paranoid and when they got to the hotel, he stayed in his room for months.

October 2014, Travis's great uncle has been telling him about the infection going on, people attacking each other and the Zelenogorsk quarantine. The two decided it'd be best to go to a house out near some forestry. The house was in decent condition, and the electricity still worked until the end of the month. With fear in the two, they decided to stay inside the house and wait for the UN to arrive and clean up the infection.

November 2014, The uncle began to get sick, possibly the stomach flu since he couldn't leave the outhouse, and Travis was put in charge with harvesting the vegetables and butchering the oldest cow for meat. One day when Travis was making food on the fireplace, there was the sound of growling that started to get closer, when he looked out the window he saw some of the infected begin to eat one of his uncle's cows, and he began to realize that his uncle was outside. Grabbing a shotgun, Travis went outside to see that his uncle has been bit. Without a first aid kit he wasn't able to clean up the wound. Travis took out his iPhone to see if he could call emergency services, but the phone kept ringing.

"Travis, you have to leave me, this infection isn't something to mess with," his uncle was holding onto his shoulder, where he was bitten, "you have to go."

"I.. I don't know this land, and I can't just leave family out to die," Travis reached to check his uncle's pulse, to discover that it was more than half the speed it normally was.

"Travis, you have to leave, you're not supposed to be in this country," he began reaching for his makarov, "this isn't a place for you, get back to the states, take care of your mother. Tell my son I'm sorry." Being too fast for Travis, he picked up his makarov and put a bullet in his brain.

The sight of blood was too much to handle, Travis had to go outside for his stomach to settle, and decided that he should look for help so he can bury his uncle, and not leave him to rot. Armed with his uncle's shotgun and two shells, he wandered off to the east until he found a factory in unfamiliar territory. He began his search to find someone that could help him.

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IGN: (In-Game Name) Damien Cross

Age: 20

Country: United States

English skills: Yes

DayZ Mod Experience: Since 2013

DayZ Standalone Experience: Since release

Roleplaying Experience: I'm notorious known for my character Xavier Belacourt or better known as Frenchy. I have played as a Hero, Bandit, and Survivor

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Long range fighter, gatherer, hunter

Have you been in any clan/group previously: 1MZED, Heirs of the Sun, B-17, Dawngaurd

Additional notes: Will be away for a week from December 27th to January 3rd

Best way to contact you: PM on website

Backstory: Refer to this story.


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Guest Biggie

IGN: Donny Halls (can change name to fit group)

Age: 19

Country: England

English skills: 11/10

DayZ Mod Experience: Over a year

DayZ Standalone Experience: About 2 months still getting to know things

Roleplaying Experience: About 6 months

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Prefer to be bandit but wont turn away being a hero.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Hosts, Blackwood Republic, Blackwood Militia

Additional notes: I will be a little inactive during this month due to real life stuff with it being Christmas and new years, but after that i will be as active as possible.

My character likes to shout so i will have no problem with being the initiator or if needed just to shout at people.

I don't really enjoy RP'ing as someone who has military experience so i would prefer to not be approached by any military groups.

Best way to contact you: Here on the forums

Backstory: Been meaning to create a new one so i will make one to fit the group.

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Joey Boombatz

Age: 18

Country: United States of America

English skills: Top notch

DayZ Mod Experience: I've been playing the mod since its release in 2012

DayZ Standalone Experience: About a year now

Roleplaying Experience: I've been role playing on DayzRP for a year now

What kind of In Game role best describes you: I prefer a role where I am up close and personal

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Free Medics, Caesars Legion, Outsiders(both mod and SA), Royal Reds, Veritas, The Hostiles, 1MZED, Aeternus

Additional notes: I am looking to join a group that is accustomed to the bandit play style

Best way to contact you: Team Speak, Private Message,


Backstory: Joseph Collins Boombatz was born in Agrino, Greece. when he was 3 years old him and his parents moved to Italy where Joey was to get a education. His Family was lower middle class meaning they did not have the chance to enjoy the finer things in life. This is what drove Joey to want success in his life, to enjoy the finer things that he could never have when he was younger. Joey loved thinking of ways to make money, he loved to read books of financial philosphy and read about the ponzi scheme's and real estate scams, He revered those who were willing to live in the lap of luxuxry through any means necessary.

Joey Attended university for only year before he dropped out to "Do what he does best" Starting out Joey was involved in small time crimes such as liquor store hold ups and break-ins. After he had made a good sum from the petty crime Joey moved on to bigger things such as opening up night clubs around Europe with underground narcotic rinks, helping folks obtain insurance(for a piece of the pie, of course), Loan sharking.

Joey now lives in his safe house located in Polana, Chernarus after a big heist he hired some fools to take care of went all wrong. One of the guys he hired got taken alive they tortured him until he squealed and the system had what they needed to put Joey away forever.

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IGN: Aleksi Boroszkov

Age: 36 (in game age)

Country: Poland (in game nationality)

English skills: Fluent (not native language)

DayZ Mod Experience: None

DayZ Standalone Experience: Some weeks now.

Roleplaying Experience: Five years. LARP / WoW / NWN / NWN2

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Immersive and realistic roleplay. Violent only when needed.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: none whatsoever

Additional notes: I play a citizen. Looking for a non-military group to lend my services to.

Best way to contact you: Personal Message

Backstory: Contact me by PM or find out in game. In game is the best way to get to know a character.

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IGN: Chris Tavish

Age: 36

Country: Canada

English skills: excellent, slight understanding of Russian

DayZ Mod Experience: brief

DayZ Standalone Experience: decent but still learning

Roleplaying Experience: twenty years, various games/types

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Nurse/Medical

Have you been in any clan/group previously: no

Additional notes: Chris is a Canadian Nurse working overseas when the outbreak happened.

Best way to contact you: via this site for now I do have access to various voip

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IGN: Willow Zaffina

Age: 34

Country: United States

English skills: 10/10

DayZ Mod Experience: None

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1,600+ hours

Roleplaying Experience: A bit here and there throughout my life. Nothing major.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: A huntress who is suspicious of everyone at first and fearsome upon initial encounters, but soon after you will learn she is hard working, strong, loving, smart, resourceful, fearless and is always willing to put her life on the line for the ones she cares about!

Have you been in any clan/group previously:

Additional notes: A large part of my character is who I am!

Best way to contact you: Private message me here please, thank you ;)

Backstory: Post apocalypse story; After the apocalypse Willow found it best to stay as far inland as possible. She had everything she could possibly need...food, shelter, clothes, guns and ammo. Hell there was even a small water source near by. Why wouldn't she have everything she needed, it was kill or be killed and when they attacked she held her own then she took what was once theirs and made it hers and bit by bit lugged it back to what she now called home. At this point she trusted no one! The only thing she was left without was companionship. As much as she loathed the thought of it she knew it was human nature to be among other people and God did she yearn for it. As time passed she grew weary of her surroundings and against her better judgment the 27 year old huntress left the safety of what she had created over the past year with the bare necessities and set foot in search of humanity in any form. She figured 1 of 2 things would happen, she would either have to kill who she met because they where horrible people or she might actually find people to build a community with. Either way she will be leery of whomever she meets at first because after all...this is the apocalypse! She will do what ever she has to do to survive, it's gotten her this far!

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IGN:Ronan Kyrr



English skills:very fluent/some spanish(enough to get around)

DayZ Mod Experience:90 hours-ish

DayZ Standalone Experience:over 300 hours

Role playing Experience: Was in many writing classes, good at staying IC and building stories quickly

What kind of In Game role best describes you:Survivalist, hero, silent combat

Have you been in any clan/group previously:A clan I made on public servers (rick&theGang)

Additional notes: a very calm person, Apparently I'm a good natural leader. I will give everyone a chance. Want a group that is looking for someone to lead/co-lead and takes on a hero/helpful playstyle

Best way to contact you: PM

Back story: Born in the USA, Ronan Kyrr had a good upbringing in Washington, and majored in epidemiology before being accepted into the CIA when he was 23. He soon specialized in black ops in the middle east and Ukraine team leader for almost his entire service.7 long years Later he made a life of living off the land silently on his own after he retired from the CIA. He was called out of retirement to investigate a virus in chernaurus, Russia. After sudden turbulence near the destination the plane tore into pieces and rained hell from the sky in a fiery fireball. With some strange luck, Ronan was the sole survivor of the crash . Now he must survive all the mysteries that lie ahead in this strange foreign land.

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IGN: Nathalie Gines

Age: 22

Country: France

English skills: Good

DayZ Mod Experience: None

DayZ Standalone Experience: Since Early Access release

Roleplaying Experience: 5 years (started on Saga of Ryzom)

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, Hunter, Emphatic

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Survivors (who not made long though)

Additional notes: My playtime is like a yo-yo : sometimes i'm on 24H a day, sometimes I can be away from servers for a few days

Best way to contact you: PM on the website, Steam (Nagita)


Nagita came from France, to Novodmitovsk, to study sports, thanks to Erasmus project. Before the breakout, she had a perfectly normal life : she had a boyfriend, she enjoys her studies, as well as meeting people, and trying to learn their native language. When the infection starts to spread, she had to fly away from Novo, to find a safe place where she can avoid being infected, with her boyfriend at her side. She managed to avoid turning out on a flesh eater. Her boyfriend didn't have that luck, and Nathalie had to defend herself against her mutated boyfriend. That was a very tough moment for her, but now, she thinks she's mentally prepare to discover what the outbreak brings with him...

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