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Survivors: Looking For Group

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IGN: Dr. Veľký, Vzor, Lekár

Age: 16, IG: 27 (BD: 08-20-1988)

Country: Slovakia

English skills: Full english, some spanish (and ASL, but you don't speak that)

DayZ Mod Experience: None (Only knowledge via videos)

DayZ Standalone Experience: 3 years

Roleplaying Experience: DayZRP for 2 weeks (RP experience outside DayZRP: at least 4 years)

What kind of In Game role best describes you: CDC Doctor

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Technically. I am in the Casino but the group has not really been established.

Additional notes: I don't perform well in hostile RP situations and lean more towards realistic RP side of things. DayZRP is meant to be fun so I keep everything as realistic as possible until it gets boring.

Best way to contact you: DayZRP PM, email, or TS

Backstory:When I was younger I had 1 younger sister, Vika, who is 10 years younger than me. And one older brother, Vladomir, who is 4 yers older than me. Vika was always a ray of sunshine. She was always playful and liked to hide my shit. But I didnt mind. I liked playing her 'hide and seek' games. Vladomir was my brother and I loved him as such. He used to be the kind that got into trouble but once he turned 18, he joined the military and seemed to be the most honorable soldier you ever met. As for me, I enjoyed helping people who deserved it and I did enjoy shooting and music as well. Specifically the piano. I was born August 20, 1988, and when I graduated from med school in 2014, specializing in immunology and completing my residency, I ended up going to work for the local CDC in Brezno, Slovakia. My parents supported my career greatly as well as my life choices. Except for Linda. Linda was kind of a bitch. We broke up after 3 months. Another life choice my parents didn't support was my decision to go to Chernarus and find a cure. And that is where my story begins

Hi, I am doctor Veľký, Vzor, Lekár. I used to work as a disease researcher at the CDC Brezno is Slovakia. After I heard about the crisis in Chernarus, I volunteered to come here and help research a cure for the disease. Me and my group of 5 fellow researchers were stationed at the hotel in Chernogorsk along with other medical personnel from WHO and Doctors Without Borders. We were protected by the CDF and UN soldiers. As the infection spread to the city, the forces meant to defend us either died from bandits or infected or deserted. The blockade and fear caused the supplies to stop coming which meant curing the disease would be much more difficult. I was out getting some samples with 2 other group members from the CDC. We had to be back to the hotel soon to pack up. Because of the lack of armed forces and supplies, we were going to leave. Just find some way out. Me and the others just wanted to collect some fresh samples before we left so we could continue studying it and possibly cure it. We would have more resources back at the CDC. We collected our samples and headed back to Chernogorsk. We were on foot and walking into the city when we saw the plane. Petrikov, Williams and I were shocked that a plane had made it past the blockade. But apparently, it hadnt. I watched as the smoking plane fell out of the sky and hit the hotel. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that an airplane had crashed into the building in which we were doing our research. 3 of our group members were in that building as well as several UN soldiers and almost every person with the WHO and Doctors Without Borders.. Our research was lost deep under rhe rubble in rh3 basement along with most of our protection. It was horrifying. We saw burning bodies run out and people falling from the higher floors. Anyone who DID happen to survive grabbed their gear and ran as fast as possible. Luckily the actual plane never exploded and the fire never spread far, so me and the other 2 guys grabbed what we could scavenge from the area and wreckage and headed out. We had to find a safe place to conduct our research and that also had a long range radio so we could contact our families, and the ones of our lost colleagues. As we were leaving the city, I got attacked by one the infected. My colleagues wanted to kill me but I insisted I was fine. We had our mind set on Green Mountain. Last we heard there were still soldiers there and it was walled off. I discovered that the bite mark was healing but I was still feeling sick. I learned that the infection was being halted. I quickly realized it was because of my rare medical condition, one of the reasons I became a doctor. I have a rare illness called "AAS" or Aggressive antibody syndrome. What happens is when I am stricken ill, the antibodies over work and become more dangerous in order to halt the most resilient of infections but also cause bodily harm unless antibiotics are taken to weaken the antibodies. It's a complicated cycle and why I try and avoid getting sick as much as possible. As long as I get the proper medications, I can survive. On the journey, we lost Dr. Petrekov and my other colleague Dr. Williams decided to run off over night while we were camping. I remember him saying that the cure was complete "bullshit". And that he wasn't gonna stick around to see me turn. I am lost now. I have no idea where to go. I guess I could try and keep making my way to Green Mountain by myself. Maybe find the cure if there is one. Maybe find my other colleague.

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IGN: Gideon Holt. Subject to change, since the character has no real purpose. Don't quote me on that.

Age: 23

Country: United States: California.

English skills: Only language I really speak.

DayZ Mod Experience: Played four months prior to MOD shutdown. Played about, at least, 200-300+ hours.

DayZ Standalone Experience: 314 hours, to date.

Roleplaying Experience: RPed for years before hand on forums and such. In game? Getting close to a year, I believe.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Driver, gatherer, one to speak to before hostilities become a problem.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: FANGS. The Hanged Men. One other group I cannot remember.

Additional notes: I'm a college student, so some days I might not be playing due to classwork taking priority over game. I also play CS:GO often, too. I will learn to balance these things. I'm looking for a group to keep my interested long enough that doesn't just run off of. 'Run here, run there. Oh rob these guys.' I want some depth.

Best way to contact you: TS, forum note.

Backstory: Not really much I can say about Gideon. Twenty three, still young and recently deployed to the section of South Zagoria. He was part of what few American Marine regiments were sent out along with all the other NATO countries that offered their support. Always kept his head down, always listened, as well as paid attention to his surrounding. Due the chaos of the initial outbreak, a pack of civilians, as well as other men; various backgrounds in the military, varying from country to country- escaped together and lived hand in hand with another for about a month, or so. Things hit the fan once more, men murdered each other over the littlest things. With everything falling in on itself, he proceeded to take his leave from the gang of misfits, and wander. He's currently still doing so, too. He has met many friends and allies along the way; many of which are dead. He has no end goal, if he has to be honest about. He's just wanting to survive for as long as he can, while keeping his sanity.

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IGN: Chase Quinton

Age: 17

Country: USA

English skills: I fluently speak American English

DayZ Mod Experience: N/A

DayZ Standalone Experience: A little over 250 hours.

Roleplaying Experience: I've been doing various role plays and role playing styles for 4 years.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Social butterfly, hunter, scavenger.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Reapers, 501st, Regulators.

Additional notes: I don't like to stay in a certain area, i really enjoy moving around the world of DayZ, but if it is necessary then I can try to stay around a certain area most of the time, unless out exploring.

Best way to contact you: My steam, ZillyTheRaptor. On the Teamspeak, and also on here, the website.

Backstory: Chase was at once a simple gas station worker back in America, making a decent amount of money to supply himself. At one point, he decided to start saving up money for a trip out of country, the choices were Japan or Russia. On a coin flip, he chose Russia. Even on his trip there, he was hearing odd news about suspicious activity among the population of his destination area, Chernarus. Soon after his plane touched down he was able to see what the news was about, a small horde of the infected assailed the plane once it had stopped and the passengers had disembarked. Chase was among the few to actually make it out without being bitten or torn to shreds. Ever since hes been wandering across Chernarus, just looking for a place to belong.

NOTE: I am not very good at player-player combat, so my role in any group would be more social than anything combat based. Unless you need me to clean up Zeeks (Zombies) or hunt.

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IGN: Julian Micinski

Age: 21

Country: Poland

English skills: Good

DayZ Mod Experience: I spent a lot of time roaming the wilderness.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Not much yet, now that I have a PC capable of playing this game and not being left behind because of constant lags I think I can make some efforts to evolve as a voice RPer.

Roleplaying Experience: It started when I was 12 and sign up for Warhammer RP sessions, then I found GTA San Andreas Roleplay and I played on the best international servers for about 8 years. For the last few years I tried DayZ roleplay but it was always my PC that made me run after my clan buddies and lag for the whole time.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Loner, hunter, theorist.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: During mod times I've been to NWO and some other group but not for long. I believe it belonged to Valkerion?

Additional notes: After 5th of September I'll be playing from Budapest. The group I'm looking for is a survivors group, I'm not into this military roleplay.

Best way to contact you: TS, froums, Skype

Backstory: --

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IGN: Charls

Age: 27

Country: Belgium

English skills: Good

DayZ Mod Experience:Yes

DayZ Standalone Experience:Yes

Roleplaying Experience:Yes

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Junk, with good aim when I had a fix

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Small groups, new player on dayzrp

Best way to contact you: forum / teamspeak


My name is Charls, I am an addict. Comming back from my 'fix'

I was attacked near Myshkino thinking a guy wanted to steal my 'stuff'.

At that point he looked like he needed a fix too.

I knifed the guy pretty severely and saw him get up, so I ran.

Covered in blood, I was brought to a nearby hospital where people thought I was derranged.

There, I kept pondering about what I saw untill I heard rumors of what was

going on in Myshkino and I fled the hospital, grabbing as many epinephrine I could carry.

These days I wander about the Streets of chernarus looking for any left over epipens.

When I get the chance I store them in a barrel which I fill up to eventually make my long

overdue batch of methamphetamine.

Meeting other survivors along the way, I would do anything for them in return for more epi's.

At least once a day I will be on my way to my 'barrel with epinephrine' to fill it up and check

if I have enough to make my first batch. I am unlikely to give up my epipens unless my life is in danger,

and even then it would be with much regret. Apart from possible unwillingness to use my epipens

in medical distress I am an overall friendly guy willing to tag along

with anyone as long as it further helps me

in my personal search for more epinephrine. When near my barrel, I might be very protecive of it tho..

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IGN: Alex Volkov

Age: 18

Country: Australia

English skills: Aye, I speak the common tongue.

DayZ Mod Experience: Almost as much as SA, ditched it when SA was born.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Played since it began more or less, lots of experience.

Roleplaying Experience: About 3 years or so, RPed in plenty of games and environments.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Sniper.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Officially, no.

Additional notes: -snip-

Best way to contact you: Skype (on my profile) or the DayZRP TS if I'm around.

Backstory: -snip-


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IGN: ( In - Game Name) -Undecided-

Age: 18

Country: England

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience: 3000ish hours?

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1000+ hours

Roleplaying Experience: Been roleplaying in RP since 2013 and recently done some Text RP

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Guy who talks to much, Scout, Long range shooter

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Order (Leader) Exiled, Renegon (Leader) Folk

Additional notes: Might be days I disappear due to College and other things, but will always be on forums.

Best way to contact you: Forums (Pm)

Backstory: Will be provided when character is chosen.

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IGN: to be decided

Age: 27

Country: Ireland

English skills: Fluent, if ya can understand my accent.

DayZ Mod Experience: none

DayZ Standalone Experience: 900+ hours

Roleplaying Experience: Only properly RPd since joining this community, where I have over 700 hours IG

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, looking for something new now.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Colony V1, Ouroboros, The Strangers V2 

Additional notes: Looking for an active group to RP with, I wont have as much time as I used too with college and work, so I am looking for a group I can jump in and RP with on my free time.

Best way to contact you: PM or on TS

Backstory: Depending on group.

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Guest CUDA

IGN: What ever you want.

Age: 75

Country: US of A

English skills: Murica

DayZ Mod Experience: 800+ non rp

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1638 hours 1200 + hours of RP

Roleplaying Experience: DayZRP primarily 

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Dank PVPer, talker, lad

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Lead The Colony, The Chedaki, The Convicts, The Bloods

Additional notes: I am a real one.

Best way to contact you: PM's TS

Backstory: I will give you one if you wish.

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IGN: Kanye


Country: US of the A

English skills: Yes

DayZRP Mod Experience: More than most of staff.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Since the start

Roleplaying Experience: Extensive bandit and hero RP XP.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Lad

Have you been in any clan/group previously: B-17 and Saoirse and RAS and Watchers and Fallen and White Noise and more

Additional notes: Top Lad, OG, Pillar. I do good RP and I'm fun in comms, If you don't know me already you a white name imo.

Best way to contact you: TS or PM

Backstory: Ill shift to whatever group

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Casandra Serpentine (or another character I may make in the future. I also have Pixie which I wrote a backstory for but I don't want to spam the forum with all my backstorys).

Age: 18 (IG age: 32)

Country: Great Britain

English skills: Fluent (I can barely speak any other languages).

DayZ Mod Experience: N/A

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1,057 hours - (I can't PVP because of lag of computer, I mainly RP)

Roleplaying Experience: About 2 1/2 years on various things.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Professional, friendly and cautious but would easily be indoctrinated if someone put there mind to it, bitchy, aggressive, creepy. Basically you're average female... Don't worry I try to be nice and cheerful in TS!

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes, The Reapers, The Vigil, The Exiled, Renegon (Leader/CoLeader) and The University of Medical & Veterinary Science (Leader).

Additional notes: May disappear from time to time for college or family things.

Best way to contact you: Forums PM


 Casandra held her head in her hands thinking over and over again what would be a great idea. And what would be a bad one. She sighed, her gas mask fogging up in the vision holes. It didn't bother her, the rain poured down in front of her. Splashing in the puddles it created and turning the dry grass into mud. She sat underneath the shelter of a house, not wanting to go inside as it was quite humid. She fought back to how she got here, how her whole childhood dream lead her to this stage in her life. 

She went to university to study being a veterinary surgeon and that is how she met her husband, she owned her own clinic whilst her husband was a lecturer in high school for science. Her memory skipped forward to when she was crying in the car heartbroken from the news which she came home with. Her husband  leaped outside to her crying, the car window was down. The same sort of heavy rain she saw back at England right in front of her eyes as she stared blankly in hindsight. She had miscarriaged their baby. Her memory skipped down memory lane again. Her husband had took her to a small discreet hotel in Chernarus to overcome the bad news with relaxation and time away from work. That had only lead to more bad news. Whilst she thought back to her life, the horror of having to kill her own infected husband flushed throughout her body with fear. She scrambled back like she saw a ghost, frantic breathing as she looked around. She was still by herself. She repeatedly sat back into the position of before, head in her hands, thinking.

It clicked, her head immediately lifted with bright brown eyes through the gas mask, a university. With the past encounters she had in the lands of Chernarus it had came to her that not many people had knowledge of treating those in need. She wasn't a doctor yet she could do stitches, splint broken limbs, check for if both humans and animals had a term known as BAR (Bright, Alert and Responsive), and obviously her whole six years of being a veterinary surgeon. She spoke to herself, hopeful of this, “The University of Medical & Veterinary Science... It's perfect!” She stood on her feet, tracking back and fourth whilst speaking to herself with her stereotypical British accent, “If I could teach specific lessons to those whom want to be a first-aider or a veterinary assistant maybe it will give a little hope of more human survival. Maybe we'll find a cure...”

She turned her head back to the sky, finger pointed and waving in the air as she spoke, “I mean, I won't have those crazies be apart of the university BUT if I can manage to at least influence other groups with medical knowledge maybe we have a chance of human survival and a cure. This can also ensure safety but... I want to help everyone.” She tutted to herself, her hand dropping to her side as she slouched in her stand, curling her shoulder with lead her to face the wooden wall of the abandoned house, “Trust you wanting to help everyone Casandra. But you can at least try. The problems of individuals are not included to endanger all of the university but we will try to maintain a calm grounds to sort out the unnecessary conflict which is happening.”

She smiled under her mask, standing up in a straight position. “I'm willing to risk my own life to save those in need of medical attention, than to just sit here and watch more people die in front of me and over the radio. I believe this can work.” Her tone was confident, she had never felt so sure about something until now. “All I have to do is find a few more people with 'actual' medical expertise and people who would want to contribute on being attendees and students... And maybe security. Definitely security.”

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-Snipperino, for a bit-

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IGN: Lenka Horáčková, Nataša Buranek, Veera Polzin, or a new character if needed.

Age: 22

Country: USA

English skills: 9/10 (My spelling can get pretty bad.)

DayZ Mod Experience: 600+ hrs (non RP)

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1700 hrs (50/50 Pubs/RP)

Roleplaying Experience: Only RP'd in this community.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Exiled, Chernarussian Bloods

Additional notes: Not very active, but can be around when needed.

Best way to contact you: PM or Poke me in TS

Backstory:More detailed backstories can be given if requested.

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-No longer looking at the moment-

IGN: Enzo Massaro

Age: 30

Country:C anada

English skills: I can carry a conversation

DayZ Mod Experience: about 2 hours?

DayZ Standalone Experience: I dunno, playing on and off for just under a year now

Roleplaying Experience: role playing for years through high school, etc, then fell out if it for a bit. Most of that was text/forum based.

Been RPing on DayZ since about November 2014.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: I am not really a hero, but I'm definitely not a bandit either. I play to try and help others, but ultimately want to keep me and my others alive, whole, and strong.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: yes. The undaunted. Sons if the fallen for about 3 weeks, and renagon for about a week.

Additional notes: I'm not always online in game, and I need a group that's OK with that. When I am on, it may be for an hour or two, or 5 or 6. I would love to be in a group, but clearly its gotta work for both of us.

Although I'm not always online in game, I'm on the forums almost daily, if not even multiple times a day. I try and be as active as I can in any way possible.

Best way to contact you: pm will work fine.


I have a link to Enzo's back story in my signature.

Coles notes version:


Electrical engineer by trade

Mobster by blood

Probably the unofficial sexiest Italian in game

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IGN:Jiří Řidič

Age: 31

Country: Poland

English skills: Good

DayZ Mod Experience: none

DayZ Standalone Experience: ~580-590h on DayZRP

Roleplaying Experience: 12 years in polish MUD (multi user dungeons) community, born with pencil&paper in hands - played warhammer and few less known or own p&p games, dayzrp

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Civilian, Listener

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Wayward, Order, Exiled

Additional notes: no pvp skills, mature, good natured, famous youtuber (11 subscribers), afraid of chickens

Best way to contact you: PM or by pigeon

Backstory: Jiří Řidič, born in Chernarus, Novigrad. Truck driver, civilian. Name and story can be changed (new character) depending on a group and a longer backstory can be provided (with spoilers) if necessary.

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IGN: ( In - Game Name) Will make a new character

Age: 21

Country: USA

English skills: Fluent 

DayZ Mod Experience: Alot (not sure how many hours)

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1754 hours worth

Roleplaying Experience: 5+ years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Loud mouth mostly yet, level headed survivor. 

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes. (The Inmates, The Broken, S.B.C.U, The Gamblers, The Chedaki, The Bloods)

Additional notes:

Best way to contact you: PM

Backstory: (I would preferably like to tell it via RP but can go through it in TS.)

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IGN: Mike Pierce

Age: 26

Country: The Netherlands (GMT+1)

English skills: Lived in the U.S.(Oregon) for a year, managed to stay alive so I think I am doing okay ;)

DayZ Mod Experience: Only recently played the mod, found it confusing but fun.

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1 year

Roleplaying Experience: 1 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivalist/Ex-Military (DYING TO BUILD A PROPER BASE)

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No not on this server

Additional notes:

Basically I am looking for people to play with, as my old team(on different RP server) kinda gave up on DayZ for now! My schedule is highly irregular with work school and personal life being super chaotic, but try to play as much a possible, albeit on a Potato (notice the capital P!)

As far as my roleplaying willing to try anything, personally being a bit of a bad (more like ruthless (it is the apocalypse afterall) is more interesting and fun, DayZ shouldn't be all cuddles and patting rabbits, you're trying to survive in whichever way suits you best. (surviving is adapting)

Best way to contact you: PM me here or on DayzRP TS-server


Had one, but not particularly interesting although I do have some cool ideas floating around can make em fit for a group.

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IGN: Dr. Ainsley "Alphabet" Caldwell, Jr.

AGE: Thirty, female.

COUNTRY: United States of America

ENGLISH: Fluent. (sparse Spanish, French, and Russian)

DAYZ MOD: 400+ hours.

DAYZ SA: 200+ hours.

RP EXP: 15+ years; text, table top.

IN GAME ROLE: Medic, mediator, voice of reason/caution. The consummate good cop, to anyone's bad cop.


ADDITIONAL: No combat experience, deep woods survivor, getting close to town for the first time since the outbreak.

CONTACT: Private message. 

BACKSTORYAlphabet soup ; story until now.


  • Born and raised in Louisiana; a stone's throw from New Orleans.
  • Love for all things rhythm and blues.
  • Wanted to be a musician, or an artist, or a writer.
  • Caved to father's demands, went to medical school.
  • Graduated with a specialization in trauma surgery.
  • Spent nine months in Paraguay with Médecins Sans Frontières after residency.
  • When MSF sent a bulletin around about the illness spreading, she jumped at the chance to help. 
  • (and avoid her personal problems at the same time) First wave of doctors over the border,
  • Whole clinic slaughtered, survived with one paramilitary soldier (Jason).
  • Has avoided other survivors/cities/coast since October 21st.
  • Companion missing, has been on own for a while.
  • Getting desperate, considering cities for supplies.

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IGN: Harry Rizzo

Age: 21

Country: United States

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience: ~60 hours (...on a laptop)

DayZ Standalone Experience: ~20 hours, just recently built a proper PC

Roleplaying Experience: Mostly RP'd in high school, not much since 2012 (but obviously wanting to get back into it)

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Mr. Neutral/level headed survivor. Not a fan of loud-mouths, or unnecessary bullshit. Prefers conflict resolution via discussion rather than violence, with zero tolerance for arrogance, and junk-grabbing puberty nonsense.  

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Negative

Additional notes: More of a quiet type- If you desire an outgoing personality, move on. If you desire a rational thinking and observational survivor, That is I.

Best way to contact you: PM

Backstory: No need for irrelevant details. Came to Chernogorsk in search of my father, he is presumed dead. Stranded and directionless

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