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Survivors: Looking For Group

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Seeking a clan/group?:

Attention lone players or those that are seeking a group/clan to join up with in Standalone. Here is a place to advertise and promote yourself.

This will reduce the time spent by new players going through clan ideas, and instead be approached by the groups/clans themselves whom think you will be a good fit for them.

This will also allow new members to DayzRP to tag along with older members and help teach and guide them in the ways of DayzRP.

The aim of this thread is to promote and advertise 'Survivors' that may be looking for a clan/group to play with in StandaloneRP.

Please keep this thread free from clutter and do not advertise your clan in this thread. Unnecessary posts that are detrimental will be removed so that groups can browse through here efficiently.

The idea behind this is to promote yourself and your play-style in the best way that will match you up with another groups whom will work best with your style and other traits.


Here is a template to use if you wish. Otherwise feel free to create your own or add in any other details that you deem are appropriate.

IGN: (In - Game Name)
English skills:
DayZ Mod Experience:
DayZ Standalone Experience:
Roleplaying Experience:
What kind of In Game role best describes you:
Have you been in any clan/group previously:
Additional notes:
Best way to contact you:



Sell yourself; Why should they pick you? What makes you a good choice? What do you think you can bring to the table?

Be Mature.

Be Honest.

Don't focus on one particular group if they do not want you. Instead, post an honest description of yourself and let those that see you as a good fit ask for you. It will make for a natural RP later on.


//Kudos to Sumos

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IGN: Bar Almog

Age: 17

Country: Israel

English skills: English is not my native language, but I took part in a Germany/Israel expeditions where I the only way to comunicate with others was English

DayZ Mod Experience: I never played the mod

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1 year

Roleplaying Experience: 5 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Medic

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No

Additional notes:

Best way to contact you: Skype- Bar8080


All I did is trying to help, since the age of 16 I was volunteering in the MDA (Israeli Red Cross), when I got to age 18 I joined the I.D.F as a

millitary paramedic and even went to a stupid country/hell hole with the red cross to help those infected. but who cares right?

now all I do is trying to survive this. I can still remember the first infected I saw when I arrived here on October 23rd 2009

its been about three monthes alredy I thinks, but I remember that moment like it happend few seconds ago... well maby because I had to kill one few minutes ago,

it was when I went into a safe room that reminded me the bunker I had in my appartment in case of missles. after the door opend there was

a corpse tied up to a table, I noticed the corpse was about 1 weak old by the rotten of it, there were akot of danger sign and I didnt understood

why untill the same corpse started to move and scream. after a day I got use to the living corpses and started my treatment to the infected.

Few days later the country was already isolated while me and few of the medical staff was trapped in here. from then on I dont counts days

and only gets updated with the dates when I find suvivurs. All I do know is putting all of my skills I got in my life from the MDA and the I.D.F

to survive and help others in hope knowing the world still cares about this place. Now all I need to do is survive...

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IGN: Joseph Griffin



English skills: All I speak is English but i know some Spanish

DayZ Mod Experience: 2 years

DayZ Standalone Experience: 8 months

Roleplaying Experience: I played on other RP servers on the mod a lot. 2 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Fighter/Scavenger

Have you been in any clan/group previously:No

Additional notes:I don't get mad easy.

Best way to contact you:Skype-mrpanders1

Backstory:A young man that has just moved there with a two brothers before the outbreak happened. Me and my brothers grew up on a farm and our father was the man to go to for good crops.I really got good at being a farmer and that's what i wanted to do when i grow but that all changed. I was in high school and the Marine recruiters came and they got me hooked. So I put in an application to join. I was accepted so the year after high school i was shipped off to war. I learned a lot about surviving in bad conditions. I was apart of the Alpha team and we were the fist ones in and the last out. It really changed my life. After the war i came back to America and got married and had a kid. But sadly they were killed in a bad car accident. So my brothers are all i got. But then I moved to the Country Of Chernarus with my two brothers.But I got split up with them when it all started and now i have no idea were they are at. I'm plan on finding them and trying to help others along the way. I plan on helping out the people that need it and protecting the people of this place.

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Group no longer needed

Edited by MrP4nda

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Are you allowed to just role out solo?

Yes you are allowed to run solo in game if that's what you mean. This thread is for those who are looking for a group.

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Guest DeadPlaya

IGN: ( In - Game Name) David Rogers



English skills:About 8-9 years of private classes

DayZ Mod Experience: about 2 years

DayZ Standalone Experience:The day it came out

Roleplaying Experience: 4-5 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scout,Scavanger,Front Line

Have you been in any clan/group previously:Kahul Remnants and 501st

Additional notes :I can take the game seriously or joke around 24/7 depends on the situation

Best way to contact you:Forum PM or TS

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IGN: Caduceus Rose

Age: 19

Country: Murica

English skills: I speak the language fluently

DayZ Mod Experience: One Year

DayZ Standalone Experience: About a few days

Roleplaying Experience: Six years of table top games, RP communities, GMing online campaigns for RPGs and Several months of DayzRP

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Medic and interrigator

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Black Cross, Silence

Additional notes: I have mood swings from energetic to incredibly depressed so my emotion can be unpredictable OOC sorry,

Best way to contact you: PM

Backstory: Link to Backstory [updated for SA]

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IGN: Mike Schweitzer

Age: 22

Country: USA

English skills: Only, srry

DayZ Mod Experience: None but do have

DayZ Standalone Experience: 26 hours

Roleplaying Experience: Some what new.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Negotiator/Helper

Have you been in any clan/group previously: None

Additional notes: Willing to learn and try.

Best way to contact you: Skype- mc09111992 or PM


I'm Mike Schweitzer. My friends call me Schweitz or Big Mike. I was on a business flight when shit hit the fan. Not to sour were I'm at. The last thing I remember is screaming, crying, and the blood. Oh and can't forget that horrible thing I saw up there. When I came to I was washed up on the beach and I have no idea where I am. I see some people from my flight but there different and not in a good way. Now I have to do what it takes to live. I don't know who I can trust if there is anyone or where to even hide. I hardly sleep anymore and I feel humanity slipping away. I need to find a friend to help keep me grounded. I search day in and day out for food and supplies. I'm trying to find any form of military to take me to safety. I want to know how far it got and if my family is ok. I try to remember my sons face but I keep getting flashbacks from the plane. I think about taking my own life but I can't bring myself to it. I wonder if there are others like me out there. "I WISH I would have had that drink."

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IGN: Dr. Brandon Tallent

Age: 28

Country: United States

English skills: 10/10

DayZ Mod Experience: Well been playing it since Epoch showed up.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Played it since it came out.

Roleplaying Experience: Well I have been doing it off and on over the years with a multitude of websites. Example Tumblr

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Pacifist/Medic/Scavenger

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Free Medic's, SOBR, Aeternus.

Additional notes: I follow orders.[As long as they don't get in the way of my morals.]I am also a pretty nice guy.

Best way to contact you: Forum or Teamspeak.

Backstory: [Working on the back story for the Standalone as I go along so not much at the moment.] Brandon is a Ex Red Cross Relief Volunteer. Before that he was a scientist. He ended up in Chernarus When him and his team of Volunteers came over to treat and contain the Virus. Sadly there relief camp was over ran by the undead and Brandon was left alone. All the other Volunteers had died or went missing leaving Brandon to roam the lands. His only duties are to look for his team and to provide medical aid for those who need it.

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I'm looking for a group. Anyone?

Fill the app form then :P

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IGN: James Wiltshire

Age: 18

Country: United States

English skills: English is my first language

DayZ Mod Experience: 2 years

DayZ Standalone Experience: Since it was started

Roleplaying Experience: 6 years

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Scavenger, close quarters combat

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Mod: Leader of Variance, TWS V1, Legacy. Standalone: RSB

Additional notes: I'm pretty calm and don't really rage if I die

Best way to contact you: PM

Backstory: James Wiltshire came to Chernarus to hunt with his brother, Luke Wiltshire. They got here and hunted deer boar. One day they saw another hunter in the woods stumbling around. They asked what was wrong with him and he turned around and was pale with blood on his mouth. he tried to attack the brothers but they shot them down. They turned on their radios and hear what was going on. An infection started and it was infecting humans. They ran back to their cabin and grabbed their supplies. They got seperated by a hoard and now James is trying to find his brother.

((will be continued through In game events)

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IGN: Lieutenant Aaron Douglas.

Age: 24.

Country: United States of America.

English skills: Fluent, his native tongue.

DayZ Mod Experience: 2 Years.

DayZ Standalone Experience: 2 Weeks (Doing decently, still need to get the hang of finding better weaponry).

Roleplaying Experience: 10+ Years (WoW/Takistan Life/SWTOR, SWG).

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Tactical survivor.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: On the Mod, I was with Free People's Militia.

Additional notes: I'm more of the serious/Heavy RolePlayer, and do my best to get into the situation role while trying to act as a real-life Navy SEAL would do.

Best way to contact you: Either on TS3 under the name: Aaron Douglas / Dr. Ryan D. Black [FPM], or through a private message here on the DayZRP.com website.

Backstory: Aaron Douglas was born in Vancouver, Canada on December 14th, 1990 in the Vancouver General Hospital to a wealthy Canadian born father and a US born mother, who is legalized U.S. citizen, thus almost instantly granting him dual citizenship. The Douglas family, throughout the generations has served in both the US and Canadian Armed Forces, and the family tree can date as early as the British Navy in 1725.

(Going to finish writing this when I'm not so sick and it isn't so late.)

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IGN: Alex Yin

Age: 29

Country: Canada

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Standalone Experience: 180 Hours

Roleplaying Experience: Since High School

What kind of In Game role best describes you:

Scared s***less civilian, explorer, friendly dude, determined. Still learning about the zombie apocalypse and getting adjusted to the brutal realities of survival.

Have you been in any clan/group previously:


Additional notes:

I really like getting into roleplaying - great outlet for creativity and exploring other characters. So if I drag you guys back with it sometimes please let me know - I can get carried away!

Best way to contact you:

PM here on the forum


Alex Yin, a recent university graduate from Montreal, Canada, had saved up enough money to start a backpacking trip across Europe - the plan was to start in Greece, go on through Italy and France, and then finish in Spain. He had traveled a little bit before, but this would've been - by far - the furthest he had ever gone.

On the last leg of his flight, Alex was getting ready to land in Athens... but something went wrong. The pilot announced that they were being diverted due to "minor technical difficulties". For the next two hours news broadcasts were reporting some kind of new and mysterious viral outbreak, and Alex felt the plane change course several times without explanation. Occasional arguments bellowed from up front. Suddenly, there were screams... and snarling... and it wasn't long before several crazed and diseased passengers and flight attendants began swarming the aisles. The plane dipped during the struggle and landed hard into the water.

Alex regained consciousness ashore, surrounded by burning wreckage and a few other survivors, but at the sounds of arriving infected they fled into the wilderness.

For a long and immeasurable span of time, Alex wandered aimlessly; alone, terrified, and unable to make sense of the horror and chaos that surrounded him. Hiding and running from one ditch to another, with only his basic survival skills (learned from his stint in the boy scouts) to keep him standing, his swollen feet have managed to land him in one of the most hellish places imaginable - a place Alex had never heard of.

He couldn't have picked a worse time to travel.

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IGN: N/A. Not decided for SA yet.

Age: 24

Country: Norway

English skills: Fluent

DayZ Mod Experience: Since release. DayZRP: 1,5 year. Former GM and Administrator. Member and high-ranking officer of CLF and Doragonzu.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Not much yet, have just touched bits and pieces to be honest. A decent group might bring me back in. However most of it is straight forward due to DayZ Mod experience.

Roleplaying Experience: Several games in the past, such as Garry's Mod, WoW RP realms, Arma 2 Life and of course DayZRP.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: I usually tend to be the good guy in the bad groups, the doctor and healer. This is a role I enjoy and would like to continue.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: CLF, Doragonzu, TCP.

Additional notes: I can be serious when needed, and have fun when it's not. Looking for a diverse group with some interesting roleplaying aspects that might intrigue me to get back into the game and community as I used to be.

I will not be the most active member however, as I do have a demanding job and kids to take care of. But when I am online I want to be in a interesting group. I do not want to be part of a military or PMC group.

Best way to contact you: Forums.

Backstory: N/A

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b]IGN[/b]: Jeff Leong

Age: 16

Country: Malaysia

English skills: Fluent, but i got a little bit of chinese accent even though english is my mother language

DayZ Mod Experience: 2 years

DayZ Standalone Experience: Been playing since the release, gotta say that the game has change a lot

Roleplaying Experience: Quite good, i played roleplaying mod/games like Takistan Life, Arma Life and some minecraft rpg

What kind of In Game role best describes you: A survivor that is willing to do what's best for himself and other's

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes i been in a clan called BHC which is Bounty Hunter Coalition, but we since then broke up due to inactiviti

Additional notes: I'm quite new to dayzrp so i'm a little bit inexperience but i am excited to learn, also quite a serious roleplayer since i love the feeling of playing the game more seriously

Best way to contact you: Forum pm

Backstory: I am Jeff Leong also known as King Jeff before the apocalypse began. My Kingdom is located north of Malaysia, i owned a land name Jeffington and had a wife and two kids. Before coming to Chernarus my Kingdom have been receiving threat by the United Nations, they claim that my rights to the throne is illegitimate. And they also said that the monarchy i had in my country is not allowed to rule the land, as it is violating humans rights and the only monarchy that is allowed to rule over it's land and people is The United Kingdom. Oh how i despise the British Empire for putting me in this shit hole. So eventually me and my wife decided to hand the land over to the Malaysian authority and well receive a life exile from the country Malaysia. We are exiled in Chernarus a land of horror from what i heard, when we first landed on the airport we heard screaming outside the airport. My family and i decided to go out to the bus station since we thought it was not a big deal, and then we saw tanks and jet's firing at something. It looks like zombie, unfortunately my wife died from the explosive's. Right now i lost both of my kids, i am looking for them in Chernogorsk. Hopefully i am lucky enough to see them.

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IGN: Joe Smith

Age: 16

Country: United Kingdom.

English skills: Fluent.

DayZ Mod Experience: Over 100 hours.

DayZ Standalone Experience: Over 300 hours.

Roleplaying Experience: Not all to much. I have been playing dayzrp for a few weeks now and I have taken to it like a duck to water.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Veteran survivor. Yet I will do anything it takes to survive in a comfortable manner.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope.

Additional notes: If you want to descus anything further with me im more than happy to hop on a TeamSpeak etc.

Best way to contact you: skype: joeispro24 (if you have difficulty finding me you can always pm on here)

Backstory: Joe Smith is a 21 year old residing in the UK. He was brought up in a very small city of Herefordshire; this is where Joe spent most of his life. He was very fortunate to be surrounded by a large family, which he was the oldest boy, this is how he gained the strong, brave and protective characteristics he now posses'. Joe is a man of grate soul and wanting to give back to his community he joined his local police force. This job was perfect for him, combined with hard work and his leader-ship mentality he ascended through the ranks. News came round of the recent violent actions happening in Chernarus, and a news team wishing for support in the most violent areas. The news team were asking for individuals with military or police background to provide protection for the crew. Joe having no wife or kids found it difficult to refuse such a request as the pay was extremely high and he recently ran into some money troubles. He managed to persuade 2 other friends to join him. Once they managed to get into Chernarus things already had span out of control, it was at the hotel they were staying at where things really got out of hand. Joe found he was alone with his friends nowhere to be seen...

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Guest TunnelSnakeIrish

IGN: ( In - Game Name) Hannibal Jones

Age: 18

Country: United States

English skills:10/10 Would speak again

DayZ Mod Experience: Way too much.

DayZ Standalone Experience: #Shweg

Roleplaying Experience: I have been in many of the major hero and Bandit groups in DayzRP along with Role Playing here for almost a year.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Bandit with great RP

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Over 9000 lol

Additional notes: Na fam

Best way to contact you: Forums or TS

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IGN:Ben Pivotard



English skills:Very fluent, slight experience.

DayZ Mod Experience: 1.5 yrs (Epoch, Taviana, Overwatch, etc.)

DayZ Standalone Experience: Since launch

Roleplaying Experience: Since Arma 2 Chernarus Life

What kind of In Game role best describes you:Survivor

Have you been in any clan/group previously:Not really

Additional notes:I can speak spanish.

Best way to contact you:Skype/Steam - Benpivot

Backstory:Born in Argentina, decided to migrate north, due to the lack of possibilities. Ended up in the mexican-american border, where he was mistaken for a beaner and deported to tijuana. Started living on a coastal town, working as a fisherman until a chinese ship showed up looking for workers. He joined the crew and spent a few months in the ship. When one day while the ship was anchored, they spotted something on the coast, a lot of "things" actually. As it turned out a disease had spread all over asia in the last weeks, the dead were not dead anymore and those who remained were not to be trusted. The crew died to disease and undead, only Ben remained. He decided to move inland, towards the lands of Chernarus, where according to some rumours had a strong military force, that held the dead off their bases.

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IGN: Daniel Peterson

Age: 17

Country: England

English skills: Perfect

DayZ Mod Experience: About a year

DayZ Standalone Experience: 5-6 months

Roleplaying Experience: 4 months

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor/Medic

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope

Additional notes:

Best way to contact you: [email protected], skype:this_is_09meadd, steam:ACurlyNinja

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IGN: Connor Hyland

Age: 21

Country: Australia

DayZ Mod Experience: 1800+ hours

DayZ Standalone Experience: 250+ hours

Roleplaying Experience: I've been apart of numerous groups on DayZRP, and I've also been apart of multiple different RP communities in the past before settling in on DayZRP.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, Bandit (Although I wish to leave my bandit days behind me, with the death of the mod)

Have you been in any clan/group previously: Multiple on the mod, to list a few include NAPA, NRF, TAS.

Additional notes: Oceanic Timezone, so I want a group with a few people that share a similar timezone if possible, not required though.

Best way to contact you: Forums/PM

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IGN: Bill Andrews

Age: 19

Country: Norway

English skills: Very, very good.

DayZ Mod Experience: 2 years

DayZ Standalone Experience: 1 month

Roleplaying Experience: Totally new, just started playing DayzRP a few days ago.

What kind of In Game role best describes you: Survivor, scavenger, friendly spirit.

Have you been in any clan/group previously: No.

Additional notes: Open for any type of group to be honest, I can adapt to most situations fairly quickly!

Best way to contact you: PM here on DayzRP.com


Bill is a lone survivor of the zombie apocalypse, after losing his wife and son during the early stages of the outbreak. He's been living life as a hunter, scavenging supplies and hunting to stay alive. He has adapted well to his new way of living, and is an able marksman with both pistols and rifles. Relying on his military background and guerilla tactics, Bill can prove both an able asset and a loyal companion. He's conviced that someday, somehow, all this chaos and reckoning the zombie outbreak has caused, will be over. Until that day, he's sworn to help those with less training and ability to survive, to make sure no-one has to go through his own situation again.

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