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Roping in off helicopters

Do you want this?  

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I will rope you if I get the chance.

But seriously, yeah this would be pretty cool feature, I would use this more than parachutes with my clan. Hate those bloody things they are so slow. Although the rappelling would leave the helicopter more vulnerable.

After a quick Google search, I found this mod that is compatible for arma 2 OA multi-player.


Might give it a test out my self, see how cool it is. Maybe it would be nice to see it added in the future.

Video of that mod in action:


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Veeeery cool.


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  • Emerald

Do agree on this but wouldnt getting reinforcements in a firefight be a little bit OP since u can just drop people off so quickly?

It would be mainly for cosmetic effect, because it looks "cool".

At the moment its not an important feature being considered, because its not particularly important given the small roll of helicopters in DayZRP.

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The beauty of that video is unparalleled in this world. I vote YES.

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