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Journals and stories for other games

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Journals and Stories

So basically as the title suggests, post your journals, characters and stories you've made for other games that you role play in. I'll start of with one from this war of mine.

This war of mine journal, from the point of Roman.


Day 1: Fuck this war, and everything to do with it, I've found two other people and we're setting up in this damaged building, it's not great but it's better than the streets. The two people I'm with are called Arica and Bruno. Arica is pretty light on her feet, I can barley hear her walking around, she's a nice girl but a little shy. I recognize Bruno from the T.V, he used to have a cooking show or something, at least we have someone who can cook for us. I think we're gonna make it

Day 4: A house down the street collapsed due to artillery I could hear them begging for help, I couldn't just sit there, I ran out across the street and helped dig some of the people out, and we dressed one of the survivors wounds, they were very grateful, I'm happy that even in times of war we can still do good things that show our humanity...however now we're out of bandages, I pray that won't matter.

Day 7: We were raided and Bruno got a nasty cut on his leg, so I let him sleep and took watch for the second night in the row, I could barley keep my eyes open, when Arica returned from scavenging she had medical supplies and lots of them, I asked her where she got them...I wish I hadn't. She had stolen them from an elderly couple sitting alone in an otherwise untouched part of town, they won't survive now but we will, is our lives for theirs a worthwhile trade?

Day 13: Arica ran into two bandits at the supermarket, she killed both of them and got plenty of supplies. We had some left over moonshine so we drank it all to celebrate our victory over the evil that roam the streets, perhaps we've balanced out stealing from that elderly couple? I like Arica, I feel a bond with her, she is someone I want to be with, she makes things better and brightens up even the darkest of times.

Day 17: Bastards. I'll kill them. I'll kill them all. They murdered her, they murdered Arica, WHY?! They thought she was stealing, she was just looking for someone to trade with, she wandered into the wrong room...and it cost her life. Her body is still at the hospital, I'll get it back, and we can bury her properly, but I'll justice for what they did.

Day 18:The people at the hospital are dead, guards, doctors and patients alike. I went in with an assault rifle and some ammunition we got from a dead bandit a week or so back. I just shot them down like dogs, they deserved it. I don't care about morality anymore, this is war, not just for the government but for us too. I found her body in the back, they didn't even bury her or cover her up, her face was pale and covered in blood, she can rest now.

Day 22:It's getting cold, really cold. We managed to fix up an old heater and chopped some of the furniture down for firewood, but we won't be able to maintain it long, I hope this cold passes soon. Someone arrived at our door today, by the name of Katia, we've took her in, I won't get attached to her, not like I did with Arica. I just can't

Day 28: Supplies have become a real struggle, for everyone not just us, the radio says people are taking to the streets more in search of supplies, we need to keep our eyes open and be ready for bandits.

Day 33: Another man showed up with supplies, and lots of them. However unlike the ones who usually do, he wasn't here to trade. He wanted shelter,if he didn't have those supplies then we would have turned him down to be honest. His name is Marin, he used to be a mechanic, he's quite handy to have around actually.

Day 36: I went out scavenging last night, I went to a warehouse and watch two soldiers kill someone, he was begging for his life, they didn't care, they didn't even bother using ammo to finish him cleanly, they just beat his head in with their boot. I hid in a door way and when one of the soldiers walked past I buried my axe deep in his skull. Then I snuck up behind his friend swung at him, hitting his leg, he fell to the ground in pain. I stepped on his chest so he couldn't get up. As I raised my axe he begged for his life, they didn't care when the man begged for his life, so I didn't care when he begged for his. It was a small justice, I got some nice Armour and weapons out of it too.

Day 37: We stole again, twice in one night. One got stole a crate of supplies form a crashed humanitarian truck that was intended for another part of town. The others went to a rich bastards home on the outskirts who was basically untouched. It's a good thing because I couldn't that weapons and Armour for as much as I wanted to. At least we have some supplies for a few days.

Day 40: Katia never took well to my killings of the soldiers, I told her it would be different if she was in a life or death situation but she dismissed my claims. Well last night she found herself in that situation, she got in a heated argument with a trader by some apartments. He attacked her and she shot him, clean kill, right through the head, he was dead before he hit the ground. Two people ran out the door, instinctively she shot and killed them both before she properly looked at them. She thought they were coming to kill her, but it turns out they were unarmed. She's struck with grief, she just sits there rocking back and forth mumbling to herself. she came home with almost nothing that night because of it, she panicked and ran away without grabbing anything.

Day 42: Our supply situation is bad, really bad. We have almost no food, and no medicine. All we can do to survive is brew moonshine make some poor roll up cigarettes, we use them to trade at the military camp for food each night, it's how we survive, they don't know we've killed some of their men. Lets hope it stays that way.

Day 44: Katia killed herself, she couldn't take the guilt of killing those people or all the robbing we had to do to survive. Marin also ran away during the night and took some of our supplies with him. He better hope I don't find him, I'll fucking kill him if I do. It's just me and Bruno left. We have no food, no water, no medicine and no way to trade. If things get bad enough there is only one thing I can think of doing, grabbing our last gun and ammo and heading for that military camp. I need those supplies to survive. We'll see how things go over the next few days...If i last that long


Note- I'll finish this once I finish my playthrough. I may also add some extra days/extras to existing days to add to it

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Woah that was actually pretty intense. I like how you can see your character progressing through these entries. In the beginning he feels guilty but as his situation gets more dire, he sticks to a "it's them or us" mentality. Great read, can't wait to see more.

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Ha, awesome.

This War of Mine is so goddamn addicting. xD

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Really nice read Kevin, good job. *Pats on back*


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Guest Tompmal

Very nice kev, lack of breaking old lady legs though

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