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Some Ideas for new DayzRP mod?


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Some Ideas for new DayzRP mod.

i dont know how this would work i would have to talk to jukki about if it is possible.

but in short it is new vehicles.

i like the idea of the homemade feel


i found them in the dayz2017 files in editor under the


then looked this up.


but this would be far more logical to be sitting near a house than a little brid or a Mi-17 in some one back yard

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Anything that tones down the heavy weighted "military" feeling the game has (due to it being ArmA, obviously) would be a nice touch for a Zombie Survival RP experience, not saying "military-type-things" should be gone entirely, just brought back to a more realistic existence/level.

Thumbs up (agreed) on idea, if possible.

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