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New guy to Dayz RP!

Guest GhostCell

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Guest GhostCell

Hey all!

My name is Will, and I go by "Ghost" in game. I am new to this server, so if you see me on, i just started playing there today! I just got white-listed, so after getting this post done, I'm hopping on (I hope :D).

I'm from Cincinnati , Ohio area (but in Indiana). I am a Firefighter/EMT currently (For about 3-4 years). I am 25 years old, and have played just about any type of video game imaginable. I love to help people. I have spent the past 5-7 years growing my intelligence in various fields to figure out what I really wanted to do career wise. I have learned many a subjects, from Advanced Physiology of the human body to Helicopter Basic training, Firefighting, EMT-Advanced, Engineering, and more. I am hoping to join some type of Fast response rescue squad as a pilot, or maybe as a air crew member on a helo. If not, I'm still looking forward to playing and helping those in need in Chernaurus! I know the map pretty well, although I haven't played in 5-6 months, so it may be a little foggy at first. Anyways, if you need someone on your team, don't hesitate to PM me or reply on here!


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First of all, welcome to the server! I hope you'll enjoy playing with us! :)

If you want to be a medic or a community helper, I suggest you to take a look at the Free Medics and The Outpost Rangers. You should also take a look at Scout Recon Force since they are friendly! Go take a look at the Clan Page, you'll find something! :)

I am in the Red Cross Committee. We aren't on the forums yet: we're waiting for the server reset before creating it officially! Although, if you're looking to be a neutral-combat medic, send me a PM, I'll talk to you about the group! :)

I hope you'll have fun on the server! Stay safe!

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