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The Long Road Ahead

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Running from house to house , finding fuck all anymore.

Has it only been a month or two? I don't know i lost count already.

Usefull things are running out , nothing to find anymore apart from some scraps.

There used to be camps set up for survivors all over the place.

They have been overrun by the infection just like everything else.

Everyone has lost loved ones or friends.

Some people are on their own , some people have friends with them.

All i have is Me. Nothing else just Me

My family were already turned when i came back home.

I opened the door and they were hissing and clawing at me.

Trying to get to my flesh.

Their own blood.

My wife and daughter.

Dead on the floor of the place i used to call home.

Pulling the trigger was the hardest part. I used to love these people.

I used to be willing to die for them no questions asked.

And now i am here. On the floor infront of their pale bodies.

What is there to live for if you have nothing to love or hold

Nothing to look forward to or nothing to believe in.

Just Death

And that is all i know now.

A man who's lost everything is capable of anything

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// ^wait a few seconds for music to start. The intro is annoying and not going to cut it out

I am sure all of us had to do things we are not proud of.

Stealing , Robbing.

I have lost my feelings for other people in this world.

This new world.

They had supplies , and i needed them.

It was never personal , i didn't even know these people.

It was a man mid twenties , and a kid that looked about 16.

I ran into them when looting a town for left overs after the original owners fled the place , or turned into these infected cannibals.

They were just sitting there , in the middle of the room.

Glaring at the barrel of my rifle

Paralized by Fear

There are some things i am not proud of since the start of this new world.


I lost it. Can't think straight anymore after losing everything i once loved and replacing that with fear.

Fear of other people and the infected. But mostly the fear of myself.

What i am capable of.

I am Broken

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Very nice! Keep up the good work.

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I like it Cojo ... erm... I mean Jeremy. :P

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very nice KoYo

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I'm loving this Cojo. Really interesting to read with the music and very powerful. I can see that your character will be interesting to meet and has an emotional background. Looking forward to meeting him. :)

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The only thing that keeps me from going insane is the thought of a rescue operation.

Even though the chances are slim.

Books keep me comfort too , for as far as i can find them in English.

You drift away into the story , and forget that all this around you is real.

The chaos , death and despair.

And as soon as you close that book.

The nightmare continues , and it never stops.

The infection roams this land. And i ask myself: Why me? Why do i survive? Why does my family and all i ever cared for have to fall apart and leave an empty hole inside my chest?

Everytime i put a loaded gun in my mouth , i remember.

What does my wife and daughter want me to do. Survive? Or join them in death.

Have the struggle to survive over with. Done.

And all that keeps me from pulling that trigger.

Is Fear

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