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My own personal "I want I want" idea.


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Melee weapons, what DayZ has at least, are fairly, well, poo to put it nicely. The crowbar, while more accurate than the hatchet (At least in my limited experience with it) is incredibly weak and requires multiple shots to drop a zombie. The hatchet, on the other hand, is powerful, but can be very inaccurate if you don't know what you're doing (especially if you're shaky from being tired/injured).

I'd like to see a wider array of weapons. One example would be, not very surprising given my name, a mace. Something close to the damage of the hatchet, but with an increase chance to break bones on hits. Much like there are tiers of firearms that can be tweaked depending on personal preference, I think there should be some tiers for melee specialists, or at least those who would like to try to be one.

I know, after speaking with Mav, that it is something that is wholly unique to DayZ and would probably be a pain to implement, but should an easy way be acceptable there are many things I could see being used for melee weapons.

Machetes are common items and could be found either in lesser military loot spawns, the mace as I said before could be something more rare and perhaps spawn only within the castles in order to keep with the somewhat medieval theme.

I don't expect there to ever be an amount of melee weapons to rival the firearms, but I think adding in things that are at least not extremely rare would be an interesting change of pace and offer a more varied play style for people who, like me, may not be the greatest shots or simply want weapons to deal with zombies and not other players.

There is, of course, also the chance that perhaps there could be a "fight club" with weapons, even with crowbars, where people are pitted against one another in melee combat for entertainment or even wagering.

As for actual lists, I wouldn't go through that right now for fear of making this post bloated but should it be something that is considered I'd be happy to try to help give ideas that wouldn't be all too off the wall and zany, something that would fit with the theme as much as possible.

Anyway, yeah. Just my two cents.

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Machetes. Yes.

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Idk if you guys know this, but the Hatchet and Crowbar and implemented in the game as guns. they shoot bullets, they just drop instantly but do massive damage.. so theres only a handful of dirrent melee oriented weapons before you go "wtf is he swinging like that for? oh right. its a gun"

*shrug* the Hatchet barely works and the crowbar is Uber bugged... idk about any more melee until stand alone ;_; sorry to rain on parade.

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Idk if you guys know this, but the Hatchet and Crowbar and implemented in the game as guns.

Yeah, I knew. Was thinking machete could be implemented as shotgun with pellet ammo and extremely wide spread.

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Scythes, then.

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Never underestimate the power of a simple utility hammer :D Are they in this game?

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Am not sure if Machetes are common in Russia.

Call this place Russia one more time and I will personally bury my fist into your skull!

More hockey sticks than baseball bats, because both the Czech Republic (on which Chernarus is based on) and Russia both like hockey, so naturally Chernarus should like the sport as well. Personally I could duct-tape a butcher's knife on a metal pole and use that as a halberd.

P.S. Is there any way to make a melee weapon a secondary weapon? It's far better that way.

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Since Arma 2 doesn't have melee weapons, I believe the Hatchet and Crowbar are infact regular rifles, reskinned to melee weapons and weapon range set to 1-2 meters.

I doubt it's impossible to make a secondary weapon melee actually.

But I'm not quite sure if that's anything the DayZRP Devs can create for us..

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