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Im still fairly new, so I am not 100% familiar with everything around here.

I was thinking to myself, since alot of items got really rare recently or have always been fairly rare(binoculars, rangefinders, assault rifles and more than anything the mags for them etc etc), why not make a thread where ppl can trade stuff on the forums. You know, offer some stuff you got spare, maybe ask if someone has anything that you currently need.

You often find yourself looking for the same item for days, often dying a few times inbetween. So that at some point you just kind of give up or get really frustrated with it. For some people this is a challenge theyre willing to take. For some people it just gets outright frustrating. Others dont really give too much of a poop what kind of equipment they have. It all depends on personal preference I suppose.

Naturally, those who have arranged a trade agreement would need to come up with some fitting RP to it ingame. That goes without saying, I guess. But I guess if we stick to that, it should be fine, right?

Sure, some people might now say that there are/will be/have been trade posts out there. But usually those can easily be camped by bandits and you dont want to be running around with your precious new gear taken right off of you after you got it, right? So trying to find a trade partner and then arranging a meeting place via PM once youve come to an agreement on what to trade may be a nice alternative for some.

Just throwing that out there as an idea. Let me know what you think about it or if this is even wanted on the forums at all. If there is already a thread like this, I apologize for not searching long enough.

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I think it might be better if you stay IC regarding trading. Or just make a radio frequency and offer some items here and there.

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Because it will promote less IC interactions and more OOC interactions. Dayz, and especially DayzRP is about the improvisations that happens In Game. We used to have a trading section like that you speak of, but it lead to much OOC trading and interactions, and meta-gaming.

It's better to keep it all In Game.

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