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Major Tom

TS ban - 2 days (also requesting explanation of posting ban)

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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

Unable to link source of TS ban. Check the logs.

Here is a link to my 12 hour posting ban http://www.dayzrp.com/t-new-leaving-thread-alfie-leaving?pid=891574#pid891574

Why the verdict is not fair:

For the TS ban, I feel as though it wasn't through my fault that an issue was caused. I did create a video, but it was a small South Park joke video that was just poking fun at the 12 hour forum posting ban. It was not overly offensive, I didn't post a video of Rolle as Hitler or Jim Carrey coming out of a rhino. It was a small South Park joke with forum relevant subtitles. If requested, I have the video set to private and can show any staff that need to see it.

I feel as though it wasn't fair because for one, the video is not offensive. The 12 hour ban joke didn't name anyone or even insult anyone. If anything, it ridiculed me. The only slightly offensive thing was putting "*Frisia" as a subtitle when one of the characters said "asspeople". I can see why staff would think this is insulting, but I know Frisia rather well and know he wouldn't be so low as to take offence from such a video.

The video was not intended to be shared. I marked it as unlisted and only showed it to my close friends. It was when one of them joined the RP TS with my name and spam poked it to people that it became shared. They did this without me knowing, so once I knew I joined the TS under the name 'Major Tom1' and set the video to private as soon as I could. I believe this should show how I did not intend the video to be seen by others. If I had wanted that, it would be set to public and I myself would do the sharing.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

I made a few joke comments on my friends leaving thread and got a 12 hour posting ban. I made a small joke video about it to share amongst friends and it got shared to the wider public at which point I made the video private and unwatchable. Regardless, I got a 2 day TS ban.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Well I'd like an explanation of two things. First of all, I want to know how the 12 hour posting ban came about. I was told on the thread that it was 'silly remarks'. If this is the fact that I welcomed my friend on his leaving post, then can I ask why the post immediately after mine doing the exact same thing got no attention? I'd like to know what 'silly remarks' could lead to this ban. I would have appealed it, but I couldn't post an appeal for 12 hours.

Secondly, I'd like to know why the video got me a 2 day TS ban when I made it unwatchable the second I realised it was public. I did not attempt to show others this video except from my friends who I trusted. I didn't make the video public or show any intention to share it with others who may be offended. Why would this warrant any sort of ban? Perhaps a warning would have been better? Telling me to be more careful who I share it with and to take the video down? A ban simply gets rid of me, it does not correct me or help me change anything.

What could you have done better?:

Well the true answer here is I shouldn't have made the video in the first place. That's the only fault I think I did. The posts on the leaving thread were not silly and did not require any kind of warning or post ban. The video is the only controversial thing here. I should not have trusted my friends is the real answer, but the correct answer is I should have not made it in the first place.

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Making a video mocking other members of the community or staff is unacceptable. You displayed a lack of maturity. The fact that you used DayZRP's TS to distribute this directly related to why you were denied access to the service. It doesn't matter if you wanted to distribute it to 1 or 100 people, the fact is it shouldn't have happened in the first place. I am truly disappointed in the lack of maturity it shows.

You were given a posting suspension for the same lack of maturity you showed in the other situation. You were well aware of why the previous thread was closed, but chose to further derail someones leaving thread with such silliness.

You started with.


You were then warned as follows:


You then further derailed things with:


You were asked by Alfie himself to stop with the following:


You then followed with:


At this point the lack of maturity shown was enough, I decided the forums could benefit from you having an enforced break which led you to do the first situation mentioned.

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But it wasn't me that posted the video on the RP TS. I stated that in my post. I never once posted the link myself. It was someone using my name. If you check the logs, you can see that my IP joined with the name 'Major Tom1' and I changed it to my rightful 'Major Tom' name the second the impersonator changed his name. However, he just chanted it to my youtube channel name.

As for the posts, I again wanted more of an explanation. I knew that Certamine had gotten banned in the last thread but I wanted to know why that warranted and entire deletion rather than just the few posts being removed. It would have made much more sense to just delete the few posts that were causing an issue rather than delete an entire page of genuine goodbye's along with them. As for the other few posts, how can you take any of them seriously? Husky's 'warning' was hardly official sounding and Alfie's post wasn't serious at all either. I know both of those users well and if they were being serious, I'd listen to them. I was talking to Alfie on TS at the time, he made that post for fun. As for my final post, I again question why it was the straw that broke the camels back. Direct your attention to the post directly after it and you'll see they are very similar. Why does my last post count as a 'silly remark' when Rockie's doesn't? If I had pursued the questions about thread closure then fine I'd agree with you. Instead, all I did was make a joke in my friends leaving thread. I don't see an issue there.

But anyways, thanks for your explanation on that. There's really no point in my arguing it but I've already typed all that and I'm not gonna put that to waste. I wanted your reasoning and got it, but I don't agree with it one bit. Not that it matters if I disagree with staff.

The TS ban is the issue here, and you're saying I was banned for distributing it? I was not distributing it. Someone with my name was. I made the video unwatchable the second I found out about this. How am I at fault for the public distribution in any way?

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I think the bottom line here is that you did infact make a video having a go at staff. It may have not been your intention to have it spread, however it did and the responsibility falls on you because you made that video and decided to post it to a few friends on our TS. 2 day ban from TS was a fair punishment, which have expired already. Please use a little more maturity and caution when it comes to doing things like that again or harsher punishments may follow.

Appeal denied.

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