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Noah "Teeth" Bennet, His Story

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Noah "Teeth" Bennet

Past/Origin Story:

When the apocalypse hit, Noah was on an assignment in Chernarus. Having previously served in the SAS in a post-apocalyptic world - Noah was sent in as part of a huge international security team made up of GSG 9, GIGN, SAS and Seal Team 6 as Un Peacekeepers to secure international investigators. These international investigators were sent in by WHO ( World Health Organisation ), being sanctioned by the United Nations, to help combat the spread and document the mysterious retro-virus that was spreading like Wildfire at the time. This retro-virus mutating into the zombie virus in the later stages, giving birth to the walking dead. After the retro-virus began to spread faster than predicted and the outbreak got out of control, Noah and a team of close SAS squadmates were assigned the task of protecting one of the most important retro-virus researchers on the huge scale assignment. As the official United Nation camps fell, with the investigators and their research, Noah and his team were tasked with getting the investigator to the safety of the last ship. They did not succeed. Due to the heavy population density of Elektrozavodsk, they lost the investigator to the zombie threat. During the madness of the early days - Noah was split from his team.

Noah Bennet, an elite member of the Special Air Service (SAS) now roams the wastes of Chernarus, looking for his lost comrades. His nickname "Teeth" being given to him due to his unusual use of his teeth in close quarters combat - despite it being against military protocol.

Noah had lost all hope for the UN investigators and the WHO researchers, instead he now survives day to day - with the goal of one day getting home to Scotland, to find his family or to find out his family's fate.

Current Time:

Now, years into the apocalypse, Noah has lost hope in finding his family - due to the harsh conditions of the world he now finds himself in. However, he has not lost hope in his comrades. He believes that they still live to this day and he hopes to find them - one day.

Noah now also suffers from a mental disorder, due to spending all that time alone in the Apocalypse, only meeting zombies and dealing with hostile individuals. Other factors, such as a frustration, lack of control of the situation he is now in and a long lasting low self esteem - as well as his feeling of isolation have contributed to this disorder. Due to the things he has had to do to survive, his mental health suffered as a result. He now suffers from a rare mental disorder called "Blind Rage" or "Berseker" Syndrome. This syndrome effecting how Noah interacts with others in certain situations. Due to his syndrome, he may lash out at something he sees, feels, hears or experiences in a violent fit of rage. During this violent episode, his violence is usually targeted at someone or something and he suffers from minor amnesia after the episode of violence. This syndrome is dangerous - not only to individuals near him at the time - but more to him. This syndrome causes tunnel vision, inhibits Noah's capacity to logically reason (( for in game examples: not using a bandage while bleeding, not being able to communicate correctly, not being able to process danger in the same ways as other people )). Noah suffers from other physical symptoms such as muffled hearing and hyperventilation. Other dangerous aspects about this syndrome is the adrenaline rush that pulsates through his system - accompanied by a fast heartbeat - helps to numb his pain receptors. This making him more vulnerable to hurting himself more seriously without knowing it at the time.

His psychological triggers to set off his blind rage are few, but they exist.

(( not making this up, it is a real psychological disorder that arises from anger issues, isolation, stress and other factors - the link for the skeptics: http://www.rightdiagnosis.com/b/berserker_blind_rage_syndrome/intro.htm

http://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellor-articles/blind-rage ))

(( May add more to this post in the future, dunno yet but yeah - enjoy!

P.S Photo is of SAS Major Ken Hames ))

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