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Damn these walkers. It's been three days now, why won't they leave me alone! The light from outside doesn't even shine in anymore. I barricaded the door on the first night, put the fridge and the stove in front of it. It's been holding ever since. I've been running out of supplies, though. Whoever lived here before me didn't seem to be planning for an apocolypse, but they had a lot of shampoo.

And soap, too. The water still runs here. I guess it's time to take a shower.

Something woke me up in the night. I cannot remember much, it was so hazy. The walkers had broken through the barricade. I had to escape from the second floor window. I lost my Mossberg somehow. It's been two hours since I left the city. Elektrozavodsk never was a good place to be, anyhow. I still have my hatchet that I picked up in the fire station as I was heading out. Pried it right out of the head of a walker. Let's hope I can make it with this.

I found an abandoned castle of some kind to the north of Elektro. It should be safe enough for me to sleep for the night. I pitched up a makeshift tent at the top, it should keep off the rain. The clouds to the east trouble me. It may storm a bit heavier than I thought.

It's now two in the morning, I think. Either that, or my watch stopped again. The skies are still dark, and the castle is still quiet. I found a sign outside that calls this place Rog. Silly name for a castle. It's all in russian.

I found some unopened cans of beans in the tower. I think this place used to be a travel sight. One of those historical places like we have back in the states. After I eat these and drink the last can of soda I have, I'll start heading north. I heard a helicopter flying that way an hour ago. Maybe there are more survivors.

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