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A message from Hanser

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This is the story of Hanser, the hunter. In his search for his little daughter, he travelled through Chernarus, meeting other survivors, fighting the undead and writing in his diary every day.

I had the idea to let the RP community be part of the story. If you want your character to be part of it, write me a PM with the role he has in the story (eg. he is a survivor Hanser meets inside Cherno, who needs something to eat; a bandit who robs Hanser; he gets a friend of Hanser ...), maybe I´ll even let whole clans appear in the story. Ofcourse I need some information on how your character looks like, how he behaves, (eg. he is friendly, looking to help Hanser; he behaves suspicious; he is sceptical; agressive ...)

I hope to get a community driven storyline in the end ;)

Searching a deer stand, you find a note attached to a small, wooden box under the seat.

Hello sweety.

I hope you are all right. I knew you would find this box. Please open it, sweety, and take the stuff inside.

You open the box

Inside the box is a key, a necklace and a letter.

You read the letter:

Hey sweety. If you are able to read this, then you really did survive this hell. I don´t know how you did, I don´t know what you had to do to survive it but I know, that you are my strong little girl. The fact, that I haven´t found you yet, makes me sad, but it also gives me hope, that you are out there. Somewhere.

Take this key. It will open the small house nearby at the lake, where we used to fish. Remember, when we grilled the fish over the camp fire? You said someday you are strong enough to hold the big rod. This is this day. You have to be strong now.

I´ll come by every sunday to look for you. There are enough supplies inside to keep you fed for some weeks. Close the door, sweety. Never make any light or any fire and don´t forget to keep yourself warm. There are a bed and blankets inside, too. Oh, and take this box and the letter with you, sweety, we don´t want you to be found by some bandits.

Keep your head up. You are my only hope.


You decide to search for the little house near the lake.

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