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So, we know dayz is time consuming, everyone wants to sprint for hours on end to get stuff done quickly(which this game lets you do)

but what if players could only sprint for lets say 5 seconds, and run for 15? then after running out of "stamina" you can only "walk" until you "rest" (sit down on the ground/layprone)

if any of you notice, after running for so long when you go to ADS (aim down sight) your gun wobbles like CRAZY and aiming becomes a joke, especially sniping.

if there was a way to control this, rp would be much more fun and immersive.

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It could be interesting, but it would make the game less fun to play, if your play style involves moving around the map a lot.

The fact of the matter is that the human body evolved for long distance running. While most animals can run faster than us, we can easily outrun almost any animal over long distances. Granted, not everyone's a Masai warrior, but given a little bit of time, and zombies for motivation, most survivors would become excellent marathon runners in a short period of time.

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Exactly what Sin said. I'm no marathon runner, but I can easily run for at least 1,5-2km. Given some motivation, I could run for I think 3-4. And thats almost distance from Cherno to Stary. And we can assume that those not fast enough are already behind us :P

Like in this old joke, "I dont have to be faster than bear, I just have to be faster than Ivan" :P

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