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180.39 Emergency Solace Broadcast

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*Ryan exhales slowly, every part of his body shaking rapidly as he does so. He looks down from the ceiling of the Guard Shack he, and Alan were posted on with a look of unseen horror and helplessness in his eyes. Yet, a spark of hope persists within his irises. His left hand pulls his radio out form his camouflage military jacket pocket. As he speaks into it, there persists hundreds of individual moans and growls in the background.*

*Static* " This is Dr. Ryan D. Black of the Free People's Militia. There is a horde, -- eas---..." | *Static* | " --- Easily over a thousand bodies laying siege upon Solace... I advise anyone within the area to leave and get to a safe location, preferab--" | *Static* | " --ably higher ground with access to food and water. Solace is under lock-down, and we do not know when---." | *The radio then goes dead, only static remains as the lights from within Solace flicker and cut out.*

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