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lockpicks arent save ?

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Maybe you guys already know it and im not till today, however i haven´t found a thread about it yet.

So when you think you lock the door and the stuff inside is safe, you´re probably wrong. I played today, i was fresh spawn and haven´t much loot but i found small hous in the field, probably locked. I thought well, this game is realistic and i tried to open the door with a crowbar and was easily open and i was able to get in...

Does it work on every door or only wooden-doors ?

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You can either unlock a door with another lockpick, or by brute force. Means you just have to hit it often enough (even with your bare hands) and it opens. Currently this works on every door.

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Locking doors is only good against unarmed people/fresh spawns with no decent melee weapon. With fists it takes a long time to bash down a door. That's why it's a good thing to use when you have hostage, no chance of escape without you noticing :D

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The 1 hit melee thing sucks, hopefully that will be adjusted.

I found that I lived in a house in a city, just outside the center, with doors locked, after about a day or 2 I was robbed while offline, so I moved, same city, about 30 second walk from the house, but in a small shed with a door, since then I haven't been robbed. Have about 5 protected cases filled with ammo and abit of food, and a couple guns just sitting on the floor. Strange ly the shed feels more homely than the house. Just make sure to pick up every lock pick you see, so others can't get them, as like me, people mightnt realise at first that you can bash the door down

Also hid a sks in a bush overnight, was still there the next day. So just gotta be creative, don't go for the obvious places, and in my opinion, less remote is better. If you have 1 building in the middle of nowhere, people passing are gonna check it, but hiding in plain sight, where there's so many buildings to choose from, not everyone will check every building, and may miss yours

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