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From teacher, to killer.

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Gideon Hodak


They ask this man. "How did you come about this life? The up-in-arms attitude, after all this tragedy has happened to this world? How could you still be selfish, and not share your luck with others? What has caused you to become this shell of a man, who does nothing else but think of himself?"

He spits back at them, more annoyed at them, than anything. "Selfish?! You think I am selfish? I am this way- the way I am because of the damned things I've seen! What has happened to me in the last several years, no man in several life times would want to see! Death, decay, rape, robbery, mass-slaughter! I am 'selfish' because I truly only believe in myself, and a few others. Other men- The men who act innocent, as if nothing is wrong in this god forsaken land. 'Waiting for rescue' is what they tell me, 'waiting to go home and hug their family again.'. But what they do not understand that there IS no rescue. There is no hope in that anymore. Only hope in the select few that you've survived with. The men you'd give your life for to protect! That is what is left in this place. What trust you have left, food, guns, ammunition, and death. This land will be the death of all us! And you know it too!"

Gideon. Who is this man exactly? Survivor, bandit, hero? He is but a man who takes care of himself, and what men he has left his trust in. His many brothers who help watch over him, and return, he watches over them.

Another bit of info here: Gideon was a school teacher before this whole fiasco hit. An English teacher with a Master's degree, at that. He'd even taken his time to study abroad at UCLA in California, for that time; only to return to Chernarus to teach young and old alike, English. Since if Chernarus was going to prosper, would be need a population who would need to know English. It was for the good of his people, right? Right. For the first two years of teaching, he was a 2nd grade homeroom teacher, for English. The children enjoyed his class, up until everything began to break down. Parents rushed into his class room, demanding their children- Demanding that they be let go, but before they all knew it. Those beasts, had broken in. Biting, blood, death; bodies of children, adults, thrown about everywhere. The only thing for a man to this at that point, if he's smart enough?: Run. He ran, he didn't stop running until he ended up in a forested region. Probably left Chernogorsk behind. Well, so be it. It didn't take a genius to understand that it was survival of the fittest, and that's why when the opportunity came, he joined NAPA.


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Damn ivan good read! :)

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